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I bore my soulCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 11 September 2012
11:49:35 AM (GMT)
One particular boy messaged me the other day. And I sent him the message below back.
I feel like this message will answer the questions or comments I get saying:

- "Fail troll is failing"
- "why do you like rape so much"

 I bore my soul in this. And I think this shows that I'm not a troll, I simply am
open about my feelings.

"No. But I hear the way you speak and I saw that picture of you and I find both very
enticing. Id love to bend you over and have my naughty little way with you. The fact
that your so tough makes it even better because if I rape you, I'd break your
masculinity, causing you the worst humiliation and pain and the more humiliation and
pain I cause, the more pleasured I am. Your the perfect example of a kid I would
rape. I would intimidate you and scare you, break you down to the point that you'd
pee your pants every time you see another man. I'd be sure to rip your little ass
wide open, not because of the size of my dick (bc it's average) but because of the
excitement you'd cause me. I'd hump you so hard and fast that you'd be bleeding
within minutes of me sliding my dick into your ass. You and your attitude make me
very hard, so I think I'll go masturbate to the thought of raping you and taking my
time with it, being sure to torture and humiliate you before I even enter into you. I
like boys like you. You make raping that much more fun."

And here's another passage that I wrote, once again from the heart. HOpefully it will
let you all understand me and my "rapist tendencies" better:

"I don't care how you feel. I have been through shit in my life too, bro. EVERYONE
has a story, and to say I'm a joke without knowing my story makes you a judgmental
human being. You've succeeded at suicide (almost)? Well i've attempted. you cut
yourself? I used to cut my self everytime i had a sick fantasy because it would kill
me to think like that in middle and high school. But when I went to the hospital and
they brought that therapist or whoever she was to talk to me about why I did it (and
I told her some bs story about being bullied) she gave me sound advice that STILL
applied to my situation: she told me to be myself and not care what anyone thinks
because everyone is a critic. She taught me to be open about how i'm feeling so that
I'm not cutting and trying to kill myself. I made this account to be open about how I
feel, to express WHO I AM. This is who I am. And this is how I feel, take it or leave
it. Now do I take advantage and have a little fun with my fantasies every once and
awhile? OF COURSE. Who wouldn't? I've embraced them now, so I CAN joke around about
them instead of trying to kill myself everytime I have one." 

What more do you people want? I'm just open and happen to not care what others think
about how I feel. I am who I am. Feel free to comment if you'd like.
Last edited: 12 September 2012

ForeverFaithfulButLonelyGuy says:   11 September 2012   424020  
I said hi not to offend you and not to
discriminate you but realize that rape
is a very serious offense and you do
realize that undercover police decoys
see your profile will take you into
consideration and could set you up
with entrapment i'm trying to look out
for you before you make a mistake
Rapes_you says:   11 September 2012   114368  
I understand that. I would never go meet someone outside of this site
or make a date to "rape" anyone. I just need to get my feelings out
there. Thanks for the warning tho.
Meranda_the_Purple_People_Eater says:   11 September 2012   718533  
This is... weird... Trolling is a fail.
‹<20/20Hindsight>› says:   11 September 2012   713120  
LOL. im that BOY u speak of. im a MAN jackass. and u should be
careful.. law enforcement is everywhere.. sometime you might find
yourself speaking to an officer
JackPower says:   12 September 2012   775860  
Hey buddy if you like raping so much shouldnt you be outside raping
and not online trolling?
Rapes_you says:   12 September 2012   445546  
You didn't read the full post.@cutter 

I haven't done anything to you, I've only told you stuff in a
hypothetical way. I haven't THREATENED you so there's no crime here.

You didn't read the entire post either. 
Meranda_the_Purple_People_Eater says:   12 September 2012   316311  
Oh, but I did. Still believe your trolling.
Rapes_you says:   12 September 2012   481698  

Fine. Think what you want. But i'll ask you: What kind of troll comes
up with extremely detailed stuff like that? The TRULY fucked up shit
comes from the heart because people who don't have the heart to say
it, simply won't say it. Most trolls say stupid stuff like "OMG,
*rapes you*" or "*jams my dick into you hard and humps*" i can't
imagine someone who doesn't truly have a sick mind saying the sick
stuff that i say. 
Meranda_the_Purple_People_Eater says:   13 September 2012   202836  
Good liars.
One of Gibbs's rules: When you have to lie, have details.
Rapes_you says:   13 September 2012   891344  
Well, whatever. Think what you want. I know who and what I am. You
simply choose not to accept it. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   13 September 2012   949458  
Rapes_you says:   13 September 2012   381379  
‹antics.› says:   13 September 2012   147043  
Do you want a medal? /;
Rapes_you says:   14 September 2012   867593  
NAHH, there's no need. I'm doing this mostly for me. 
‹<20/20Hindsight>› says:   18 September 2012   794790  
you should list a couple of my replies to you. like my reply after
the last passage u just put in this entry. ^_^

you really are just misunderstood. people just wont take the time to
break through ur walls and see the reason and heart within you
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   18 September 2012   848289  
You're cool with him now? 

I would like to receive a message from him... No idea why. 
Rapes_you says:   18 September 2012   243156  
Thanx dude, I'm glad you understand.

Ok...? You can message you I guess. 
‹<20/20Hindsight>› says :   19 September 2012   534641  
yea we're cool. after our little message charade, i figured out hes an
alright guy.

you're welcome man. everyones judgemental till they really figure shit

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