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Chapter 3: A Quidditch match to forgetCategory: (general)
Monday, 16 April 2012
12:32:57 AM (GMT)
At 7:00 am the next morning, Harry awoke, remembering the Quidditch match was today
against Slytherin. He changed into his Seeker's robes, then went down to breakfast.
He sat next to Fred and George, who were putting a dungbomb inside the Slytherin's
milk jug.
'Big Quidditch match today, Harry', said Fred cheerily.
'Ready to woop some Slytherin arse?' said George.
'Hell yeah', said Harry excitedly. It was the first big Quidditch match of the
season, and he was beyond ready. After breakfast, he met Ron and Hermione and walked
down to the grounds. Ron was picking at something in his teeth and Hermione was
buried in The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4. 
'Very supportive friends', thought Harry. They soon arrived at the pitch. Harry
departed to the dressing room. He walked in to find Oliver Wood talking to himself in
a corner, Fred and George playing exploding snap, Angelina Johnson filing her nails
and Katie and Alicia trying to reason with Oliver.
'What if we lose?' Oliver fretted.
 'We're going to have to play our absolute best', he said, wringing his hands.
'Oliver, calm down', said Katie soothingly. 
'Yeah, we're going to smash them', added Alicia.
Oliver eventually managed a weak smile.
 10 minutes later, they walked out on to the pitch to rousing applause and cheers.
After the Slytherin captain and Wood tried to crush each other's hands, they went to
mount their brooms. Oliver, Harry, Fred and George all winced as they got aboard.
'Playing Quidditch is really hard on the', began Fred, but was interrupted by the
starting whistle. They all rose into the air, Harry zooming to the edge of the pitch
to look for the Snitch. Not long after the game started, there was a big cheer and a
big 'boo'. 
'Ten points have gone to Gryffindor', said Lee Jordan. Harry almost collided with-
Draco Malfoy.
'Ready, Potter?' he drawled. 'Ready to see Slytherin beat some Gryffindor arse?' 
'You wish, Malfoy', said Harry through gritted teeth. Malfoy cut in front of Harry.
Just then, Harry spotted the snitch. He went to grab it, but- it flew straight into
Draco Malfoy's arse. 
'Crap', Harry thought to himself. How was he going to grab the snitch? Then something
occurred to him. He pulled out his wand and whispered
'Accio snitch', (Because it was against the rules.) However, all it did was flutter
it's wings. There must have been an anti-summoning jinx on it. He came up right
behind Malfoy, turned so that his robes blocked the view, grabbed it's wings and
plucked it gently out. He wheeled around, and held up the snitch so they could see
his victory. The whistle blew, and the Gryffindor banners waved. Draco had not
noticed a thing.

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