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Tuesday, 31 January 2012
10:17:20 PM (GMT)
Bipolar Love. Sand between two things, only makes them cry, until eachother sings, both wonder why. Why does blood run cold, when the heart beats so warm Their love will never grow old, by matrimony both have sworn; Through sand and silk and mothers milk, to death do they part.
Witches. Lets reduce your face to empty space, replace, replace with a brace, as you grow it will change, rearrange to nothing less than perfectness. Make up only covers it up for so long, only because you've never felt the prong and steel, the steel and brutality of rational reality. out of the blue it'll come to you, like bricks in a bag to your pretty face, once and for all stone will crumble, and everyone will see an ugly hag, and only wish they'd kept the bag.
Loathing. Frustrations reason is but treason, to hate to love to love to loath, she swore when she took the oath, to love to love to love to loath. She can't speak, for her anger will peak, so she sits and waits, pretending to be weak. like a crocodile she sits and waits, waiting, waiting for her prey. To prey upon her pray she feasts, waiting, waiting, weeks and weeks. Until the golden egg hatches, she sits and waits below the moral thatches, praying to god he won't catch us. As sinners sin, we reach within, simply to find the love, the love to loath.
Humans. Friends are slow, friends are quick. Each one holds the metal stick, to your back they'll jab and stab, until you turn they face their fears, as your screams break their ears. Lovers love and haters hate, each words strong but weaker by day. The ones you hate will only stay, while lovers leave without a say. Only measured by it's breath, each can bring you to your death. Family comes and goes but parents never leave, or so they say until they breed. Baby brother, baby sister, why do you steal from me? I treat you good when you cry, but what you do is take my rye. Momma, Pappa! Here I die, for your affection do I cry! By the time I leave it'll be to late, once I turn ten and eight. By then you'll never see me again.
Broadway. The girl qas quite brisque, as she brushed by my chest. With her hair down to her chest, she could see right to the carrion part. At the precipice of my heart, and laughed. Tears fell from my eyes, I sniffled and I cried. She tried and tried to, eliminate my pride, but couldn't find the ride on broadway. Her toes had spun, she danced and sung, simply on broadway. Broadway was tough, the energy was rough, on her perfect face. Her facade had broke down, and visage showed her frown. I laughed with my crown and drowned out the sounds, with broadway.
Forever As I lie here I know I'll die here, I've been waiting oh so long, to know if our love is long long gone. Your lies are my prize, the present I hold so dear, simple because you are not here. So bittersweet are they, that i crave them more every day, with so much lust, that I bestow you not an ounce of trust.
Sanctity Forced and forged, the man, he gorged. The girl she mourned, the loss of her sanctity. without her consent, he took it and went, off into his fantasy. She tried to conform, to hide the harm, of sure reality. Holding a generation in her belly, she couldn't report him legally, for she held a dynasty. Her mother and friends they bid it gone, for a demon child it was. From a rape she produced, a demon child they said, it was, to hang it by a noose. She held it close, she held it dear, though it was the epitome, of her fears. The baby was an epidemic, killing all who looked at it. Although it was Medusa, she still held it close to her. Two fortnight after his birth, the mother left this earth, evermost gorefully. She laid quite dead, in a tub filled with red, her wrists were slit and ripped, while the child laughed by her side.
Goodbyes. Her belly was round, she lies and cries, on the ground. She holds his seed, from bad weed, and a life long dedication. She was pregnant, and they knew it. His dad is mad, her mothers sad, but they all let her have it. Now he's gone, leaving the poor teen mom, to do it all by herself. She couldn't do it, make it through it, those midnight cries, for it's fathers goodbyes. The girl she takes it, leaves it out, For the orphanage, oh the impatronage, of a scared young mother, missing her other. Now she misses, those infant kisses, and regrets her frets, and repeats the process.
DDDDC Today it's not a letter, but something better. A vow to you I vow my love, with blood red roses, that are only growing by your knowing, not to blow this. Most people would, only if they could, just in spite of my delight, and love for love, the thought of being in love. Why you ask? The answer is simple, as they are lithe and nimble, and will only break your heart. And harshly rip you apart. In pieces you'll float away, with the current in dismay, only afraid to love again. You know it's hard, but it'll be quick, once you drop the lifelong brick. You cut the line, sever it, maim it. Whatever you can until you take it. A razor works, a rope does too, but all she wanted was but you. You denied her, now she cries, alone and bloody in her room. Ill and sick she hasn't eaten, The last three weeks she's barely sleeping. She'd lost all weight, now skin and bones and scares and hate. She knows it's how she has to do it, and takes the rope and slips right through it. She kicks the chair, gasps for air And knows she didn't do it. She falls asleep, quiet as dirt, and two days later she's six below. Now he lies to hide his crimes, not admitting to his fitting, his fault was hard and never goes, only because everyone knows. Secretly he visits her, with one long note every other, filled with remorse, but up in heaven of course she can't accept his apologies. His cries, his please, only because the action is done, and sorry's meaning is but none. He already did the dirty deed, done dirt cheap.
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