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Monday, 16 January 2012
03:56:29 PM (GMT)
Eh, this is mostly the WIP with the added little ending part. Part 3 will
come out possibly later next week dependin'...

A long, thin sharp bit of cutting equipment was inserted into the drilled hole in the
skull, lining up in the correct position before cutting the middle slowly as not to
severe anything else in the process.After a few moments, it was slowly pulled out and
discarded on the side. The doctor took the folds of Alexandro's scalp, picking up a
slightly rusted needle with a thin thread through it and he began to stitch the
pieces back together with messy haste, administering the drug that would wake the
weapon soon enough. Alexandro was then hauled back to his filthy cell and chucked on
the floor to rot and wallow.

Shaking hands traced hollowed cheeks, sunken eyes and pale lips. This can't be
Lex, and she wanted so hard to believe that it was just another prisoner but in
her heart she knew that wasn't true. She knew this disheveled figure lying curled up
in a fetal position on the bare ground was her weapon.
"Alexandro? Come on," Melissa heard her voice crack, pushing Alexandro's shoulder
forwards a little and watching as features sluggishly creased up in what appeared to
be pain. Slowly, eyes opened and he quickly squinted at the light from the open door
as it burned his un naturally wide pupils. He could just make out the blurry figure
and he opened his slack mouth.
"A....Am I.....dead?" 
There was no hiding that little bit of hope in the slurred voice and Melissa shook
her head, fingers stroking her weapons forehead soothingly, her eyes looking over
scars on a bald scalp, substance leaking from the lacerations that had become
"No, no you're not. We're here to save you," She replied softly, wrapping her arms
around him and shifting a considerably lighter Alexandro into some form of sitting
position. He gave a groan, falling to the right slightly only to be supported back up
again. There was an un comfortable silence to which both of them lapsed into. Before
he knew it, Alex was pulled into a bone crushing hug, feeling tears dampening the
jacket he had on.
"Melissa....Its..ok," He said, hugging back lightly and wincing from the force. He
didn't get a reply but he didn't expect one, not for a while anyways.
"Melissa did you find hi-" The voice cut off abruptly, the new figure at the door
pausing and Alexandro felt the grip on him slacken, and he turned to look in a
frightened way at Dana who was frozen at the door.
He didn't hear his named almost screamed as he blacked out.

‹Tama_♦› says:   16 January 2012   549621  
No-one told me Dana was actually in the story...
Oh jegus now I
now I will be even more emotionally involveddd D:::
How many parts are you planning?
‹knight of ren› says:   16 January 2012   438279  
Well duh Alexandro angst on its own is goddamn boring


Im not sure, I have the next part planned in my mind, so about another
2 parts? A recovery and a epilogue.
And a bonus if I can think.
Look at you guys you get a full goddamn novel! 
‹Tama_♦› says:   16 January 2012   910451  
Also freakinggg heart-wrenching

I know right, I'm so thankful Mia, you treat us so well TT^TT 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   17 January 2012   188440  

*read this twice last night*
D': It so sad!

*read again this morning*
Butbutbut nuuuuu.

It's beautiful but it's so... TT^TT
‹knight of ren› says:   17 January 2012   460855  
And a coma. Good old coma.

Thankyou, I try hard with my angst xD 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   17 January 2012   731582  

You do well Dx 


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