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Yay, First Diary!Category: (general)
Monday, 24 October 2011
05:33:18 PM (GMT)
This is my first ever diary :D

I don't really know what to say in it though, I have a lot of thoughts, and I don't
really see the general public as people to confide in XD

I think maybe I should put down Kupika-Related thoughts then. 

First of all, as you can see from the fact that I 'paragraph by going down two
spaces, and I write bunches of things at a time, that I like to write, and I like,
although don't always have, somewhat good grammar and like words to be spelled right.
I'm not a freak, I just dunt liek 2 tak liek dis witout ane periods period got eet?.
I hate people who talk like that with a passion, and people who don't know how to
roleplay well. It breaks my heart to see both. So I'll tell a little bit more about
me here, maybe. Since I've already strayed far off topic 

I like to put pictures in my signature, and I like to roleplay in the third person,
making a character that is not myself (although I have an addiction to calling my
female characters Rose). EX: Rose walked down the street. Not EX: I walked down the
street or EX: Rose walks down the street. Past third person is my roleplay 'style',
as is many others. I like to do it in detail, but even I don't get ideas or just
don't have the content for a lot. Still, I hate one-liners. "ONE LINERS, I HATE
YOU!". I try to get at LEAST 2 sentences into every posts, hopefully more, and never
less. I like to make and roleplay with female characters more than I do male ones,
but that isn't to say I don't make them, I just make them less frequently. I do
sometimes make more characters than are really neccesary, but I can bend to only 2.
It's not all that unreasonable. I like romance roleplays, not to necessarily say
"cyber" role plays. If I had to choose an absolute favorite genre, it would be
supernatural types. That's the club I want to make. I think that although ones with
only humans are fine, that supernatural is better (humans are OK too, especially if
they have powers!). I like Vampires, yes, but not really into the whole sparkling
thing. I don't subtract anything from twilight, it's just... sparkles? really?
Although they really hit a home run with me on the venom thing. It just makes so much
more sense then "I give you blood, I get your blood, I'm a vampire!" thing. I think
it's easier for roleplay purposes for Vampires to not be affected by the sunlight,
but unfortunately that's a vampire trait, and so it has to be specified otherwise for
a vampire to not be affected by it.  Okay, uh, I think that's all!

Oh, and: I hate roleplays that are so involved that all you can do is have minor
occurances with characters and not be ever a part of the plot or have someone to
roleplay with. I hate this so much, I would just flip out. 
Kupika (Clubs)
I don't like the club system. I think that being banned or hacked or whatever and
then having no club to come back to is cruel, really. I also think that the limit is
stupid. Of course it's good to have limits, but really, what is it going to hurt to
have a bunch of clubs? No one? Nothing! Nada! All that would have to happen would be
stricter banning policies, and that's all. I, for one, would kick people from my club
that are in-active, because it's really dumb to just leave for a long amount of time
and just leave people hanging and not continue.  It's just horrible.

I am going to be very harsh. I don't want to be in places where the founder is dead,
and the members don't move. I'll help a dying club out of a ditch, but I just don't
like waiting for something that won't happen. I will only join semi-active or active
clubs, unless I'm asked to. 

Kupika (KP)
The KP situation is seriously F****d up. You just have to grovel and post and message
and letter and post and grovel more to get to high amounts. Usually with places that
have a point system, I gain a few points other than what's automatically given to me
in about 5-10 minutes. Either things should cost less or people should get kp more! 

I guess that's the end. I'll have more installments of my thoughts, and other things,
regarding Kupika, if your interested. Or if your not. I guess I could go on without
attention. Maybe. 

Please give me KP so I can make a club ;-;
Last edited: 24 October 2011

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