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I don't wanna grow upCategory: (general)
Thursday, 29 September 2011
08:26:46 AM (GMT)
I really don't want to grow up.
Each year, my body grows older.
Perhaps I learn more, mature a little, make mistakes, but I will always be a little
kid on the inside, to some degree.
Sure, we all have to grow up, somewhat.
But we don't have to lose the innocence.
We don't have to lose the curiosity, the youthful joy for everything in life.
We don't have to stop watching kids movies.
I never will.
I still like coloring books.
I like stuffed animals.
I use girl's shampoo because it smells good and I have pretty hair.
My masculinity still hasn't come into question.
Likely because I'm 6 feet tall and have a girlfriend.
So I can show my feminine side, and the little kid inside, and still punch you in the
I like being around kids.
Not in a pedophile way.
In the sense that it really reminds me how amazing it was to be a kid.
Nothing mattered.
It was all about fun.
You didn't have to be drunk to have fun.
You all could pretend to have lazer shooters and spaceships, and four hours later,
mom was yelling to come in before dark.
I would say that I miss that feeling of pure joy, but lately I have found it return.
Sure, I don't go outside and play cowboys and indians with my old high school
But, I still get the same sense of new happiness and curiosity from movies, games,
music, books, and learning new things.
Think about the world if we never grew up.
All countries would share.
We wouldn't need money, we would all help each other out.
We wouldn't have wars, we would all clean up our messes.
We wouldn't have pollution because we would all ride around on our little electric
cars and bicycles with training wheels.
Sure, entire cities might be made of Legos and Tinkertoys, which may not be the
sturdiest way to go, but it would look awesome.
I still don't want to get a job.
10% laziness
30% I'm starting school in a few months
20% to piss my parents off
40% because I don't like conform
I'll just use the reason, "Because I don't wanna grow up"
We all do have to grow up.
Get jobs.
Become a productive member of society.
That doesn't mean it can't be something you love.
Something that you are passionate and curious about.
We need to be "adults" about some things.
Sometimes it's not appropriate to laugh and giggle about things.
Sometimes throwing a temper tantrum isn't the best solution.
Sometimes Captain Crunch isn't the healthiest option.
Damnit, it's delicious, though.
I'll try my best to be the 21 year old "man" that I am supposed to be.
I won't make any promises, though.
Being a kid is way too much fun.
I don't wanna grow up.

PuddingCakes says:   29 September 2011   277496  
yeah... sometimes I don't feel like growing up too.
Sometimes, I don't like the way adults think, so I am kind of scared
that my mentality would change to become an adult's once I do.
People seem to forget really important stuff once they become
Kablammo_Dude says :   29 September 2011   991353  
That's exactly what I was trying to get at.
A lot of people get older, then suddenly become serious about
They forget what it was like to be a kid.
They forget to have fun.
You can't be a good parent if you don't remember being a kid.
I think everyone can get older, but never forget the great parts of
being a kid.
The world would be so much better  


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