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Thursday, 11 August 2011
03:52:51 PM (GMT)
Hey guy's I've decided to go ahead and make another pointless meme! If you do this meme, either comment or leave a hello so I'll know and I'll make sure to take a look at it. :D DON'T read ahead if you want it more interesting! BEGIN!
...................................... ...................................... 1. Hello again! I forgot to introduce myself on the last meme so...I'm Xima obviously and you can call me Gaz, or Gazzy. - Well, this is the first time we met, but hello! I'm Lora :B 2. >.> Were you just now making fun of my nickname? I think I'm going to hurt someone. - Nah, there's some character from a novel series. No worries. /patpat 3. Do you like waffles? - Yes, I don't eat them a lot though. 4. Do you like pancakes? - yes c: 5.Do you like frenchtoast? - Wait, is this, this song? 6.Did you just sing the waffle song just now? xD Wow. - No, I thought of it. xD 7.What song are you currently listening to? - Nothing, if Crickets screaming on the top of their lungs count anyway.. 8. Nice - Indeed :3 9.I think I'll break this meme into categories - Have fun, brah o: 10.Starting....NOW! Yay, Nay or Okay +I'm going to name off a few things and you either respond Yay,Nay, or Okay and give me a reason why you don't or do like it. 11. Lady Gaga 12. Justin Beaver Bieber 13. Anime 14. Roleplaying 15. Family Guy 16. Kung Fu Panda 17. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy 18. Lanyards 20. Me 21. You 22. Yanely Lol, whut? her art's nice, i never talked to her personally though o: 23. Icecream 24. Bananas 25. .....Me. ಥ⌣ಥ END OF SECTION 1. ///Back to meme 26. Did you enjoy that? - yes, it was tiring to string all the gif together though eue 27. Of course you did...Don't lie! - i didn't ;-; 28. I think I might be able to go to 50 questions this time, let's find out and see - it sounds painful, but alright. 29. Tell me the best most memorable memory you had or else! - pottermore. c: or i don't know, i haven't lived that long y'know. e-e 30. Aw... - dat's right. 31. What was your worst day ever? - of the summer? yesterday. eue 32. Hmm... - yeah :C 33. Do I know you? From somewhere? - uhm, i've done one of your memes have way, and stopped out of exhaustion. 34. That's okay if you don't, because all that matters is if I know you - o3o 35. BROFISTS. - /BROFISTS 36. Wha? No brofists? Fine then. ಠ_ಠ - I GAVE YOU ONE, HO >:I 37. Can I have a some cake? - yeah. .-. 38. What flavor is it? - strawberry c: 39. Ew, that's a terrible flavor I change my mind. - ... D: 40. Besides, you probably would put drugs in it. - yeah, sorry. :c 41. Let's play another game! - okay? This or that + Self explanitory, no? (Pretty much what you prefer) 42. Blue or Red? blue! 43.Cat or Dog? dog 44.Justin Bieber or Hannah Montanna? (LOLOL) justin bieber. .-. 45. Me or a magical cupcake? CUPCA- i mean, you of course! ^_~ 46. (>.>...How could you?) Ryan Higa/NigaHiga or Fred? ryan c: 47. Straight hair or curly? wispy.~ 48. Elementary School or Middle School or Highschool? MIDDLE SCHOOL HNG 49. Runny nose or Stuffy Nose? runny 50. (Is it...) Itch a Scratch or Scratch an Itch? n-no! D: SECTION 2 END ////Back to Meme ::Personal Questions:: +This time I'll be asking personal questions, if you're uncomfortable with it then simply say *skip* or something. I might be asking the same questions like the other oekaki so bare with me.... 51. What are your nicknames people call you? lora! 52. Your age is.... 13 i'm turning 13, okay? i'm twelve, until three months >:I 53. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or even monocles? glasses. but i don't wear them, so no .-. 54. Height and Weight? well. this is personal. 5'2, i think. around one hundred twenty. 55. Real hair colour? black 56. Current hair colour? black o-o 57. Desired hair colour? (Aren't I good with nonrepetitive questions?) black .-. 58. Straight,Gay/Les, Bi, Pan, or Asexual? straight 59.Eye colour? dark brown 60. Race/Nationality? asian/chinese-taiwanese 61.Girl, Boy, Both, or None? i'm a femalec:

Xima writes:   11 August 2011   802882  
LMAO, I love those gifs you put thar.  Oh geez, I
can see the mistakes I've made on this meme. o.o
‹shotaexplosion!› says :   11 August 2011   108818  
it's alright! :D it was fun to do c:
the gifs are a courtesy from tumblr c: 


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