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Last night was so cool this diary deserves rainbows! :DCategory: fun stuff
Tuesday, 28 June 2011
03:06:56 PM (GMT)
Last night I saw that Ariana Grande (who I'm following) had a new post on her tumblr blog. She was inviting people to join her in 'Chatzy' because she was getting lonely, and there would be a special guest Justin Bieber. Naturally, I decided to see what this was about, so I clicked the link. It brought me to, a chat room. I joined and there was about 12 other people and Ariana! Here are some things we talked about. (Note: If you think I'm lying or that I was talking to posers, don't bother commenting. I don't know if it was the real Justin, but I know it was the real Ariana, because she posted the link on her tumblr; which is real!) --- When I first joined, I wanted Ari to say hello to me. She wasn't, so I said things like, "maybe you remember me from tumblr? iamanangel?" "i was the one who sent you a picture I drew on the computer as an early b-day gift?" "I sent you an encouraging poem and you said it was lovely?" and finally she said, "hello!<3" (Since there were so many people there, it was slightly hard to keep track of the conversation. People kept posting things, and of course, Ari couldn't reply to EVERY SINGLE little comment. I was kinda talking to a bunch of different people at the same time. xD) There was one person, usernamed EnjoiLife, who was acting sad. I asked why, and they said because Ariana hated them. I insisted she doesn't hate anyone. Somebody else said that Ari was a fake, and that was making her sad, so I had to do something about that. I posted her tumblr blog link which had the link to chatzy on it, so they would know she was real. Then she posted her 2nd tumblr link, too. At one point, there was kind of a hug attack. xD People kept asking Ari for a hug, so finally, she just said, "-hugs everyone in the room<3-" Then I started hugging people who were acting sad. :P After a while, Justin Bieber entered the room. I payed very little attention to him, as I was only there for Ariana. Justin kept putting short comments after mine, such as "lol" and "xD lmao" so I asked, "Justin, are you laughing at/with me?" because I didn't know if the comments were directed toward me. Then somebody else, (that EnjoiLife person again) simply said, "At." I replied, "I wasn't talking to you." Then they commented a sad smiley, and Ariana said, "be nice!" so I apologized, even tho it wasn't my fault. xD And Justin never answered me, lol. One girl said that Justin was hot. Apparently, this cracked Ari up, because she said, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH he is not hot!!" Somebody said, "Ariana's just on stage 3 of bieberitis" or something like that. (they meant she liked him.) Then Justin didn't say anything and Ari just kept putting a freaked out emoticon, over and over, so I said, "Guys, I think we freaked them out." At one point, Ari "made" Justin some soup and was trying to get him to "eat" it. This went on for a while. xD Finally, I had to help out a little. I said, "Justin, will you PLEASE eat Ariana's soup! She has been asking VERY NICELY for SOME TIME NOW..." and Ariana said "lol xD" and THEN, Justin goes, "xD -eats soup-" "YES! I AM VICTORIOUS!" This makes Justin laugh: ._. Will post the rest in another diary~

‹Kairos› says:   28 June 2011   344964  
Is Ariana From the show victorious on nick? Bc if so I know her and
absolutely think she's ADORBALE XD
‹RushingStars★› says :   28 June 2011   625862  
Yep that's the one! And isn't she? xD 


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