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What Love Really Is...Category: Short Stories
Monday, 20 June 2011
10:17:59 PM (GMT)
   My daughter was just about to leave for her big trip to Moscow.  As I stood at
the door waving my goodbyes and watching her get into her friends car I got
distracted by a beep.  "Shit!  Tosha left her phone!" I realized this and got
worried.  I grabbed it and ran out the door but it was too late.  Her friends were
already gone.  A sense of guilt caught onto me but I shook it off.  I looked at her
phone and realized it was a text from her boyfriend,  it read, "Have fun on the trip
babe.  I love you."  I laughed to myself.  Isn't it funny the way teens throw the
word love around?  Eh, what can I say, I was like that with my first love too.
   I was only 15 and he was oddly nice to me, considering the way most boys flirted
back at my school.  Like most other girls, I too fell victim to Demitri's charm.
 Not only was he the hottest guy in school but he was also the strongest, he seemed
to every other guy look like trash compaired to him.  When he asked me to go to a
party with him I was flattered.  It's not everyday the sexiest man alive asks you to
go to a party with him.  So of course; I said yes.
   He picked me up that Friday night in his convertible, another thing he was known
for.  As we drove to the party he was overwhelming me with compliments on how
stunning I looked.  I admit, back in the day,  I had legs to die for.  "You look
good too Demitri." I told him.  He quickly pulled over to the nearest parking lot.
  I admit at first it scared me, once I found out it was just going to me an
intense makeout session, my fears drifted away.  He slowly leaned in to kiss me.
 It was a nice kiss, but I knew deep down if I wanted to keep Demitri, it wouldn't
happen with that type of kiss.  
  I got out of the car and opened his door.  I got in and sat on him like sitting
backwards in a chair.  I pressed the button on the dashboard to make the roof form.
 After that I kissed him in a way I knew he would never forget.  I could feel how
amazed he was by my surprising move on him, literally.  
   We kept kissing for about 30 more minutes until he realized we better get going
before we were late to the party.  I went back into my seat.  
   "Damn." he said
   "Ha, okay?" I echoed.
   "Karina, you have no idea how turned on I am right now."
   I was speechless.  Mostly because I was turned on too.  That was only my third
kiss and I rocked it.  "You're not the only one," after I said that he looked at me
and we both smiled.
  Once we got to the party Demitri and I had a couple of Vodka shots and kissed a
few more times.  Then we started dancing, right in the middle of our dance he
grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me with him.  He took me upstairs to a empty
bedroom.  I didn't want to face what was about to happen.  Nobody wants to lose
their virginity while they're drunk at a party.  "Demitri why did you take me up
here?" I asked 
   He didn't answer, he shoved me on the bed and took another swig of vodka.  I
stood up.  He grabbed me and kissed me while rubbing his hands down my back to the
end of my shirt.  He pulled my shirt off of me.  By the time that happened I was
starting to accept what was about to happen.  We both sat on the edge of the bed and
I had both my hands on his face while gently making out with him.  However, he had
one of his hands rubbing my crotch.    He stood up and forced me on the bed laying
flat on my back.  I was extremely horny by this point so I couldn't wait to do it.
   While he started unbuttoning my pants he told me " Karina, you have such a
beautiful body, why waste it by covering it in clothes?  I'm about to show you what
love really is."  
Love?!  I wasn't in love, I just thought he was hot, now it was leading to sex.
 Stupidly being the horny little teenager I was, I replied, "Go ahead Dimitri, show
   After that he spread my legs, I'll never forget the feeling  of the
penetration.  It was such a dull slow pain, I gripped onto the covers holding back
tears.  He slowly maneuvered his way in and out of me, over and over.  It was
causing me to breath really heavy.  "Demitri, please stop!" I yelled.  He didn't.
 Those fifteen minutes were absolute torture.  Once he finished, I realized he
didn't use protection.  
  I tried to stand up, and I could, I was just so sore.   Demitri thanked me and
told me how much I meant to him. "Shutup! Take me home now!" I demanded.  He looked
   I regret ever getting in the car with him.  He was drunk, he couldn't even stay
in the correct lane.  He managed to get me home, but he died in a fatal car wreck on
his way back to his own house.  
  As I went through school those nine months I was called it all skank, whore, hoe,
and any other horrible names you can call a pregnant woman.  Nobody believed that I
was pregnant by Demitri so I also got called a liar. 
  I never went to Demitri's funeral.  After I had my son Ivan I truly found out
what love was.  I knew that since he had no father now, I would be the one who had
to always be there for him.  Oh yes, he's a momma's boy.  
   Everytime I look at my precious son Ivan I think of Demitri, a man I was
destined to never forget.   Of course  I am married now and Ivan is in his 20's.  
When I look at my daughter Tosha, I see a strong independent girl.  I just fear that
she does not make the same mistake I did when I was her age.

‹life.moves.on› says:   20 June 2011   627695  
You should get into a literary forum =]
Mostly because people here aren't properly equipped with the knowledge
needed to give good feedback =P
That doesn't means you have to leave kupika, you can hang out here
Anya_Poe says:   20 June 2011   911326  
Thank you, I am really into writing short stories.  I honestly
respect any feedback I can get (even if it's from some idiot on
kupika).  =P
‹~when the sun goes down in Georgia~› says:   22 June 2011   168262  
I love this story. It is very good! ^^~
Anya_Poe says :   22 June 2011   394893  

Really?  It's just something i wrote off the top of my head. 

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