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Wednesday, 1 June 2011
05:48:27 PM (GMT)
Laur's new piggies were born today! I went over to see them with Dave. They are
soooo cute <3 I have my eye on a teeny dark chocolate one, a little girl. If mom says
yes. I'm working on it!!
Cute boy in town who I'd never noticed before, but he doesn't even know I exist... L
says her brother knows him (!!) She asked what his name is - Luke. Apparantly he's in
Brennon's year and he's 14. Kev said he wouldn't look twice at me because he only
likes blondes -_- Not sure how Kev knows this. Apparently Luke hangs out with Kev
sometimes, but if he's in Brenn's group then I doubt it, seeing as Brennon and his
friends don't really like Kev and his bunch of morons. Which isn't suprising! Kev is
probably just trying to annoy me (it won't work because I KNOW that's what he's
doing). L says Brenn likes me (!!) but she's probably trying to console me about Luke
not knowing I exist.

Anyway reasons I would NOT go out with Brennon:
1) Best Friend's brother therefore definately off limits
2) He does this really annoying thing where he flicks his hair off his face like
every two seconds
3) He totally doesn't like me
4) Apparently he kissed this girl called Kyla in my year and she's possibly the most
evil (and the prettiest I guess) girl I know - in year five she smacked Laurie in the
face because Laur said her hair bobble was coming out. And she went out with Gerry
O'Connor and then cheated him ON THE SAME DAY with Taylor Ryan, and they are best
friends too, which is the worst. And Gerry is such a nice guy.

Didn't see Luke very closely as I was on the other side of the road and I couldn't
exactly cross and stare at him, but he was wearing nice clothes and he had cute brown
hair and a REALLY nice face. 

Dumbledore was a bit peaky, and wouldn't eat his food today. Dave (aka Veto, D, Kito)
said he was probably just grumpy that Professor Sprout ripped up his favourite toy
mouse, which he's had about a gazillion years apparently, seeing as we got it at the
same time as him and the house. I've been doing my best to keep her away from it, but
today she found it and destroyed in about two seconds...Prof Sprout in disgrace. 

Shouldn't be up this late, if mom knew she would totally explode, but oh well, I'm
not tired, and Dave is out on another date with Finn (KAWAIIIIII DESU NE??), so there
is NO ONE to talk to. I don't really talk to Kev. He's SO ANNOYING right now. L says
he's really good looking, but OBVIOUSLY she would never date him because he's my
twin, and that would be weird. So yeah lots of the girls in my year like Kev. They
say our american accents are cute. When I skype my Amreican friends now they say I'm
totally Irish, but I guess that's the way it works.

Ok now I'm gonna update my profile and then go to bed.
Love Alissa xxxx
Last edited: 1 June 2011

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