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My gift and my curse as a Fallen AngelCategory: (general)
Monday, 2 May 2011
10:26:53 PM (GMT)
 My gift and my curse as a Fallen Angel      

      It was a sunny day. I went out with my friends Cherry and Dahvie. We were on
our way to their house when we saw a young police man that was their friend. They
introduced me the young man his name was Jayy. I told him my name was Bandit (I was
like 17 years old) He was around 21 years old. We both smiled and look in to each
other eyes.There was a click between us. We started talking and talking we talked for
hours. Suddenly the sky turned gray and started to rain. There was a storm going on
and we couldn't hear anything, the wind was so strong. It was so cold that we
cuddled. He slides his arm around my waist. We fell asleep and two hours passed
before I woke up. I stood up and there was a door so I opened it. There was a dark
room behind it. I started walking in but I couldn't see anything. I walked down a
long and dark hallway. There was a door halfway open a light was coming out, I pushed
the door and there was a man sitting on a chair.

         He was writing something and didn't know I was
Looking at him. A strong wind blew the door letting it completely open he turned
around and I was in panic I couldn't move it was frozen there. He stepped up and
looked at me and walked to where I was with slow steps. Walked around me in circles
looking at me saying with a calm voice:"what should I do with  you young girl". I
couldn't talk I was Going through a panic attack. I was shaking  and a cold sweat was
going down my back. He had a bad intention. I didn't know what he wanted I just
wanted to run and get the hell out of there. He said in a cold voice “because you
entered you’re going to pay for it, you’re going to be my slave". I opened my
eyes very big, for the first time a sound was coming out of my mouth. But it was a
low sound it couldn't be heard very well. I tried to speak but he was nowhere to be
found once again I was standing alone in the dark room. The light turned off once
again I felt scared. 

                   I walked down the door but it wouldn’t open. I pulled very    
hard. I started to hit the door very hard
Screaming" Let me out, let me out" but he didn't answer I threw myself at the floor
still hitting the door and crying. The sound of someone walking down the hallway made
me stop to listening to it, I screamed once again "let me go “He said in a cruel
voice" no, now you’re my slave". There was a noise in the room. Suddenly, the man
was there standing in front of me. I was in shock, so I backed off but I didn't
remember that the door was behind me. I hit my back against the door very hard. He
clapped his hand and the light turned up for the first time I saw his face well. He
looked like an40 year old man. He looked like a mad scientist. He put his hand
against my face and hit
it very hard. I started bleeding through my mouth. I Looked up at him with mad eyes
and stood up. My legs were shaking and I couldn't stand up very well. He hit me again
and I felt unconscious on the floor. I remember waking up. The room was cold and a
light was coming from under the door. I stood up the and man was still in the room he
wasworking. He looked at me and said:

--- It was about time that you woke up I was going to throw water at you

 --- How long have I been sleeping

 --- For about 12 hours 

--- Who are you? What's your name? Why you don't let me   go?

 --- You don't need to know my name now you’re my slave

--- Now I'm not let me go now

 --- shut up your not go anywhere I pushed him and run to the door   He said NOW.

 Water came out of the wall and hit me leaving me soaking wet. Water keeps coming
out. It didn’t stop, I was swallowing it and something was holding me I couldn't
move. He shouted out STOP. I was breathing heavily and water was coming out of every
part of my body I was shaking. 

--- why did you do that?

--- From now on that will be your punishment every time you disobey me.

 I was speechless. My anger was so big that I started shaking. I stepped forward and
slapped his face; he pushed me back holding me against that wall with his hand on my
throat I couldn’t breathe. 

--- Do it again and you will die. 

     As time passed by had nothing changed it all kept being the same (I has lost
track of time but I knew it had been long since I got there). Since that day I had
started creating my master plan. I woke up early and stated preparing myself for a
normal day. Nothing special at all. The master woke up and I gave him breakfast. It
was 9:00am when he got out of his room and walked in to the kitchen. For one second
he looked at me then looks away. That's when my moment came, I had to do it fast or I
will never get out of there. I hit the back of his head and he fell on the floor. I
started to run and thanks to my luck the door was open. I ran down the long hallway.
It was dark but I could see a light at the end, it was very bright and it got bigger
as got closer. Finally I came close enough to see what it was. It was an open door, I
walked through it; I was where it all started in the first place. But no one was
there. It was empty There was no one in the house. I went down the stairs. I could
feel someone following me but when I looked back there was no one there. I kept
running faster every time I heard the steps. I was in my house and  a lot of
questions flashed through my mind; how did I got there? Was I there all the time? I
saw Lilly and asked her were the keys were. She pointed to the table I took them and
walked out. But before I was gone. I told her to go check on the man that I hit. When
I got out of the house I looked up into the sky, it was red. I got in to the truck
and drove fast I was very nervous. I saw Jayy fell walking in the street. I stopped
the car and got out of it. He fell on to the floor dying. What did just happened he
was there one moment walking and now he is on the floor bleeding. I got next to him
crying. He touched my face and said: 

--- You’re finally here

--- I'm here for you please don't go 

--- I wanted to see you for the last time before dying. I want to die       

--- don't say t hat I need you 

--- Bandit I love you with all my heart and soul 

--- Jayy I love you too but please don't go.

 I tell his     hand and   knew he was dead loud scream came out of my mouth (it was
a noise like nothing I have ever heard before). The sky opened and the clouds spread
apart. A very bright light was coming from the sky. But just on top of me the light
was shining and now here else.   People  stopped and looked at me. I looked at the
sky screaming and then at the dead body. My arms were shining and my body was
changing. I looked back and saw on by back large back winds. As I looked at them my
skin felt they were just bones. My body was shaking and light were coming out of me I
turned my head towards the sky. I screamed once again very loud like the scream of
the death. Suddenly it all stopped my head was down I was an angel once again. I
remembered everything. I was a fallen angel
That was my punishment for helping and trusting a human. I have learned to love and
trust again. I loved Jayy so much that I gave him my life that's what made me a angel
once again. He touched my hand, I looked at him and told him: your back I had to
choose If I wanted to stay with him or be back to heave. I wasn’t giving up on
being with him so I had to make my choice even if that meant not being what I used to
be.  It was to stay with him. When I finally said it a small line started to grow
from my finger tips moving through all my body. The line started to shine, it was
getting bigger every time .My skin started to open, and at this point I didn’t have
a human form or a form at all. I was just a mess. Slowly I started to get my human
form back. I couldn’t believe it seemed like a dream. Jayy was looking at me and I
asked him what I look like? He didn’t say a word he was speechless.  After a few
minutes he told me that I was even more beautiful that before.  Now I was a normal
human, height was not that tall. I still had my white skin and my hair was light
brown. He whispered in my ear I love you, now your mine and I will never let you go.
Under the beautiful twilight we shared a kiss.


kyasurinmei says:   2 May 2011   492606  
Cool (: nyuhuhu <3
‹X Marks The Scot› says:   3 May 2011   148333  
At the beginning I was like WTF, is this true?!?
‹Nicole Dennisse› says:   3 May 2011   896448  
this was a dream 
thanks hun 
kyasurinmei says:   3 May 2011   959875  
Np dear (:
TieMyShoes says:   8 May 2011   160119  
good story. make another one
‹•West•› says:   12 March 2013   585511  
Dahvie? Do you happen to like Blood On The Dance Floor?
Good story btw.
‹Nicole Dennisse› says :   12 March 2013   209137  
Well yes but that was some time ago. I still like them but I'm not
crazy for them. Thank you. 


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