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Khione Angel: Freelance (Book One: Prologue)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 9 March 2011
04:40:42 PM (GMT)
This book is about a Freelance assassin named Khione. Her real last name is Tríain,
but she is known as Khione Angel. She makes her way through the city of Faiyrfax and
around it in the medieval kingdom of Vyre. The Elvish civilization is through the
dense Forest Vyre. The Elvish land is Starbring. To the east is the untamed lands of
Shadowshyre. In the book, Khione basically kills for whoever pays her... Hoping to
get enough experience and money to set out and find the people who killed her family
when she was small in Shadowshyre. Khione finds her way through Fayrfax and lives
peacefully... Until the Diamond Guards start crashing down on the city. The Diamond
Guards are respected by all but the few rebel groups in the city, one in which Khione

     I fled through the streets of Fayrfax, my hood hiding my face within its deep
shadows. The moon shown down as I made my way through the deserted streets. The
shadows of the buildings hid me from the pursuing Diamond Knights. I climbed up the
ladder to the top of a series of buildings. My satchel, cloak and dagger swayed as I
climbed. As I got to the top, I heard the guards yelling orders. I continued to run
over the rooftops swiftly. I heard the chinking of armour close behind me. I stopped
dead in horror as I reached a gap. It was six, seven feet maybe. The fall was
tremendous. I whipped around to see the Diamond Knights coming closer. I whispered a
curse and jumped.
     I landed on the other side easily. A Knight or two were removing their armour to
follow me. I smirked slightly.
     "Assassin!" yelled a guard. "You cannot run for long!"
     "Oh, but Asa," I said, my voice cryptic as ever. "Neither can you follow."
     I bolted across more rooftops before the end of the sequence came. I swiftly
descended the ladder and began to run again. I reached the Eastern wall of Fayrfax,
which I usually used in my escapes. I pulled my rope from my satchel and threw it
over the side.
     I was about to climb over when the arrow caught my shoulder. 
     "Damnit..." I hissed. I fell to the ground, hissing softly in pain. I kept my
hood over my eyes, making sure no one saw them. I looked up to see Asa standing over
me. His blonde hair slick and his brown eyes cold.
     "Finally." he said. "We have finally captured Fayrfax's most renowned
criminal... Ain't that right, Khione Angel?"
Last edited: 14 May 2011

‹zach33› says:   9 March 2011   947254  
Serene_Tears says:   9 March 2011   150164  
if you have any questions ask me... 
‹zach33› says:   9 March 2011   104992  
i dont get it? 
Serene_Tears says:   9 March 2011   463640  
message me... 
‹zach33› says:   9 March 2011   617224  
‹~AsianNekoianNinja~› says:   19 March 2011   135679  
Could you make a oekaki map or something?
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   19 March 2011   740664  
my friend is doing a map haha... i'll upload a pic of it 


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