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I stole this from KittyCategory: (general)
Monday, 28 February 2011
04:45:56 PM (GMT)
1. What's your name? Noah

2. Age? 15

3. Birthday? August 22, 1995

4. Height? 5'4"ish

5. Weight? I dunno exactly, but between 200 and 230.

6. Shoe size? 9

7. Hair color? Naturally brown, but right now its black and reddish pink.

8. Eye color? Grey/blue/green. They change a lot. o__o

9. Orientation? I'm a complete lesbian. I think some boys are attractive but I really
don't think I'd ever fall in love or have sex with a boy.

10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? A girlfriend.

11. Are you in love? Yes.

12. Have you ever been in love? Obviously.

13. Do you drive? I wish. D:

14. Do you have siblings? Step siblings and half siblings; no real ones.

15. Pets? 4 cats and a dog.

16. What's your favorite color? Blue-purple. c:

17. Do you have a job? Nope.

18. Have you ever gotten fired from a job? Nuu.

19. What's your favorite fast food restaurant? I don't really like fast food but I
guess Wendy's or Taco Bell.

20. What's your favorite sit down restaurant? Friendly's or Olive Garden. c:

21. Dogs or cats? Cats<3

22. Ferrets? They're weird-looking and smell gross. xD

23. Can you play any instruments? Not well. Yet. :P

24. Are you smart? I'm a motherfucking genius.

25. Do you own an iPod? iPhone.

26. Last book you read? To Kill A Mockingbird. It was kind of bad. Books usually
disappoint me, I read everything online. It's more interesting to me.

27. Last movie you watched? Black Swan, I think. It was really good.

28. Do you have any irrational fears? Ugh so many. Getting a fatal disease, dying
suddenly, getting stuck in an elevator, sharks... And I'm always convinced everyone
hates me and thinks I'm annoying. And there's a lot more but they literally don't
make any sense at all.

29. Do you like our president? -__-

30. Do you smoke? Nuuu.

31. Drink? Nope.

32. Do you sleep with anyone? Autumn :3

33. Who was the last person to call you? My girlfriend.

34. What color is your cell phone? Black and silver.

35. Do you like sparkly things? Yes, I love them.

36. Are you using a desktop or laptop? A laptop.

37. Is your room clean? Pretty much.

38. Is there any movie you can recite all the lines to? Kind of.

39. Can you cook? I've never really tried. :P

40. Do you exercise regularly? Not properly.

41. What state do you live in? New York.

42. What state were you born in? New York...

43. Do you see yourself getting married? Yes.

44. Having kids? Possibly.

45. What is the last really expensive thing you bought? I dunno...

46. Do you care about your appearance? Yes. But not because I want to be "perfect" or

47. What are you currently worried about? A lot of things...

48. Do you like celery? No D:

49. Do you wear your hat forwards, backwards, or sideways? Forwards. But fuck hats.

50. Can you speak another language? A lil Spanish.

51. Have you ever been camping? No. xD

52. Do you like roller coasters? I've never been on one. Too scared. >__>

53. Would you ever wait tables at a restaurant? Oh god, no.

54. Do you take a lot of pictures? Yus.

55. Are you happy with your life right now? No. :c

56. What kind of mood are you in? A bad one...

57. Do you cry a lot? Yes. ;__;

58. What is your favorite shirt that you own? I don't really like any of them.

59. How about shoes? My huge platform boots... I never get a chance to wear them.

60. What are your thoughts on rainbows? They're alright.

61. Do you like long car rides? Yup.

62. Are you a fast typer? Yesss.

63. Do you make smilies like this  or this (: ?  Like this --> c:

64. Are you a good speller? Yeah.

65. Can you run fast? No. xD

66. Pirates or ninjas? Pirates!

67. What's your favorite YouTube video? I dunno?

68. Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? Yes!

69. How long do you take in the shower? Usually an hour or more; I love showers.

70. Do you like hot or cold showers? Ridiculously hot.

71. What is the closest black thing to you? My backpack. :P

72. Green? My jacket.

73. Red? Blanket.

74. Orange? A Christmas light xD

75. Purple? Can't find anything. o_o

76. White? Sheet.

77. Yellow? This burn on my mattress looks sort of yellow.

78. Blue? Wall.

79. Brown? Nuffin'.

80. Do you have a trampoline? I want one!

81. Are you afraid of heights? Yes. >__< 82. Do you miss someone right now? Yeah.

83. Do you have any piercings? Just one ear. xD

84. Tattoos? Nope. :c

85. Have you ever shaved your head? Some of it. c:

86. Do you put up Christmas lights at Christmas time? I have Christmas lights all the

87. Are you religious? Meh.

88. What is your most favorite home-improvement project you've done? I dunno. xD

89. Do you like waterparks? Yeah. :D

90. Do you like how you look in a bathing suit? Yup.

91. Ok, who is the number one person on your top friends? Autumnnn!

92. Why is that person your number one? She's my baby.

93. Have you ever dated them? I am. :3

94. Have you ever kissed them? Yus.

95. Hugged them? Mhm.

96. Seen them cry? :C

97. Seen them in a bathing suit? Yes hehe.

98. Seen them naked? Yeah<33

99. Been out to eat with them? Ooooh yeeeeah ;D

100. Slept with them? Yes!

101. Been on a walk with them? Mmmm... probably.

102. Physically hurt them? Yes, she's a cute lil masochist.

103. Are you honestly a good person? Maybe.

104. Do you volunteer for anything? Not really.

105. If you give money to charity, which one do you usually give to? I never really
get a chance to give to charity but it's usually for homeless people or sick people.

106. Republican or democrat? Who gives a fack?

107. Do you like nachos? Yes!

108. Have you ever bowled a strike? Yeah.

109. Have you ever been out of the country? I wish...

110. Are you overweight? Yup.

111. Do you smile a lot? I guess.

112. Do you talk a lot? Only to certain people.

113. Where is your favorite place to go? Bed.

114. Have you ever found a really great place that you kept kind of secret so only
you can enjoy it? I don't think so.

115. Have you ever been to Virginia? Yes, a looong time ago. I wanna go again just to
kidnap my girlfriend.

116. Have you ever ridden a 4-wheeler? Probably.

117. Do you hunt? Ugh, no.

118. Are you a vegetarian? Unfortunately no.

119. Do you have allergies? Yup.

120. Who is someone you admire? Autumn.

121. Who is someone that inspires you? I don't even really know.

122. Have you ever met anyone famous? William of Aiden/WC<33 He's kind of famous.

123. Have you ever been to Hollywood, CA? Nope.

124. Have you ever ridden in a taxi? Yeah.

125. Have you ever flagged a taxi? Once. :P

126. Do you wear socks with your sneakers? Duh xD Does Converse count as

127. Can you tie your shoes more than one way? Nuuu.

128. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Mhm.

129. Made out? Yes.

130. Have you ever slept with someone of the same sex? Yes!

131. Is there anything in your house that glows in the dark? My Polly Pocket

132. What is something you need to do right now? Write.

133. Are you going to do it? I think so.

134. Do you drink enough water? More than enough. I drink it almost constantly.

135. Have you ever done one of those "win free stuff" things? No. :P

kittygash says:   1 March 2011   770192  
You're so lovable c':
cherrygash says :   1 March 2011   265004  
@kittygash I'm very hateable actually >.>
At least you love me<3 

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