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50+ Ways to Annoy Dad.Category: Games/Ways to get kicked out or annoy
Tuesday, 30 November 2010
05:07:44 PM (GMT)
1. When he starts talking to you, talk loudly and say: "No, I will not marry you,

2. Ask "What?" loudly, and constantly.

3. Poke him.

4. Tell him he did something wrong.

5. Walk up to him a say "Does Voldie want to have a tea party?"

6. Give him a teddy bear and say "Freddy Teddy wants a hug!"

7. Hold out you arms to him and say "Someone needs a hug!!

8. Sing the llama song. LOUDLY.

9. When he points his wand at you and says: I will kill you, look at him and say, "I
am not so worried about you killing me, but more worried about the person next to

10. Sing the song that never ends in an obnoxious voice.

11. Give him those annoying Valentines Day cards that little kids give out in school.
(Extra points if they have fluffy kitties/puppies/or any good harry potter characters
on them!!!)

12. Put smilies all over his cloak and paint them pink.

13. select a word that comes up in every conversation such as 'the' and whenever that
word comes up scream out 'NOOOOO HARRY MUST NOT DIE!' or 'If you're the greatest
wizard to ever live how come Harry is stil alive?' change it each day.

14. while he is talking, hum the the song "I love you" from Barney

"I love you, you love me; we're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from
me to you. Won't you say you love me too."

15. Start singing:
"I love you, you love me, let's get together and kill Voldie. With Harry's wand and a
curse to his chest, he ain't coming back again." 

16. When Voldemort says something to you jump up and down saying Yes I love Harry
Potter please don't kill him you fithly old dirt bag.

17. Smile brightly and then tell him Dumbledore's back from the dead and out to get

18. Sing in a seriously loud voice


(Provided you can finish the song before he tries to kill you with his wand or
throttle you.)

19. Go up to him and give him a big hug and tell him everythings going to be

20. Purposefully mis-pronounce his name.

21. Trip him as he walks by.

22. Ask him if he can sneeze. (Making fun of his nose, basically.)

23. Continually stare at him and when he looks at you turn away continue this until
he shouts at you and then say 'B...b...but you have cuts on your face, I'm trying to
heal them with my superpowers."

24. Tell him your leaving him for Snape.

25. Bet him 50$ that he can't beat Malfoy at DDR.

26. Send him flowers, but write "From Belatrix" on the envelope (causes drama XD).

27. When he walks into the room yell, "Good Job Voldie! Your a big boy now!"

28. Grab onto his leg and don't let go, while screaming, "DADDY! I WANNA GO TO THE

29. Tell him he has a stupid name.

30. (assuming your still alive) Put make-up on him as he sleeps.

31.Whenever he asks you a question, respond by singing songs from Muppet shows
(especially Sesame Street)

32. Imperius all his Death Eaters into singing "We are Santa's Elves" (from Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

33. Buy him a Bible.

34. Get him bitten by Count Dracula.

35. Make him go to an audition for Barney. Make him audition for the part of Baby

36. Move the Death Eater headquarters from Malfoy Manor to Fraggle Rock.

37. Take him to see Enchanted.

38. Sing the Jesse McCartney song, "Beautiful Soul". When the song is over, ask
questions such as "How come you don't love?" "How come you don't have a beautiful
soul?" and even "Why can't you be more like Jesse McCartney?"

39. Read aloud all the Harry Potter books and don't stop reading it to him for

40. Note he's related to Harry.

41. Tell people that he has a crush on Spongebob Squarepants. Then report it to every
newspaper, TV and computer in the world.

42. Put mold in his cake.

43. Tell him Draco did it.

44. Challenge him to a Who's Prettier contest with Lockhart.

45. Whenever he's talking, cut him off by saying rude words at the top of your

46. Take him to the roof of the Taipei 101 (tallest building in the world). When
you're on the roof, make him look down for a view of Taipei. Then push him off the
roof, giving him a 1,066 foot fall.

47. Get him run over by the Hogwarts Express, Knight Bus or Ford Anglia. If possible,
all three.

48. Tell him, "Evil guy who wants to take over the world. Dude, did you ever consider
a job change?"

49. Give him a product invented by Fred and George.

50. Kill him 

51. Introduce him to Orochimaru of the Hidden Sound.

52. Imperius Orochimaru to say that he's Voldemort's gay cousin.

53. Tell them both that you have two snakes named Namanda and Voldemaru.

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