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Personality test thing.Category: Things I like
Wednesday, 10 November 2010
04:34:44 PM (GMT)
I had to do this for school and I think it's pretty accurate. So.
  Personality Type: INFP 
I – Introversion preferred to extroversion
N – iNtuition preferred to sensing 
F – Feeling preferred to thinking 
P – Perception preferred to judgement

Of the many factors that contribute to a successful future, an understanding of
Personality Type is among the most useful.

While interests and skills change during the course of a person's life, the one thing
that does remain constant is an individual's Personality Type - the innate way each
person naturally prefers to see the world and make decisions. And although all
individuals are unique, people of the same type share enormous similarities in the
kinds of academic subjects and careers they find interesting, and the kind of work
they find satisfying.

By understanding the role Personality Type plays, people can gain important insights
into their educational, career, and relationship needs. And because people of
different types often communicate in very different ways, counselors and teachers can
learn which strategies work most effectively with each individual student.

Understanding you, Saralyn
People like you are rare. You are a unique and creative person who tends to march to
the beat of your own drummer. Private, quiet, and socially cautious, only friends who
know you very well may ever see your more playful and expressive side. In fact, it
takes awhile for you to feel comfortable with new people so you may often be
described as somewhat reserved. But inside, you are a person of great feeling and
care deeply for the people and causes that are dear to your heart. Your personal
values are most important to you so you always try to make choices that you feel good
about. You are rarely willing to compromise on anything that is really important to
you. You can sometimes become overwhelmed by the intensity of your emotions, and your
relationships need to be free of conflict or tension for you to remain in them.

You are also a highly imaginative person and may enjoy expressing yourself through
the arts. But since you are also somewhat of a perfectionist, you may have trouble
hearing constructive criticism without taking it personally. You are quick to
understand the deeper meaning of things, and often have a fresh or original take on
events and people. Since you prefer by nature to act spontaneously, you resist too
many rules or too much structure. And you may also have trouble staying organized or
making decisions. At heart, you are a non-conformist and must find the path that is
really right for you, even if it means striking out alone. 

Note: Based on our assessment, your personality type is "INFP."

Your Strengths and Blindspots
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The key to finding the best path for all
people is by using their natural strengths and becoming aware of their natural

Your strengths may include: 

Impressing people as someone with strong values and convictions.
Communicating well one-on-one.
Expressing yourself well in writing.
Being an attentive listener.
Demonstrating an interest in and broad grasp of big issues.

Your blindspots may include: 

Being too idealistic and setting unrealistic goals.
Not being particularly well organized.
Becoming defensive if you perceives you are being challenged.
Not following through on important details and deadlines.
Being less than 100% accurate with facts.

For a career to be satisfying for you, it should: 

Be in harmony with your own personal values; involve work you believe in.
Give plenty of time to develop your ideas and maintain control over your projects.
Allow you plenty of autonomy and private, quiet space to work.
Be done with other creative and caring people whose values you respect.
Allow you to work in a fairly unstructured environment with not too many rules.
Appreciate your unique contributions.
Allow you to help others grow and develop their potential.
Use your gift for understanding of what makes others tick.

Your Preferred Learning Style:
While ALL individuals are unique, students of the same type often learn best in
similar ways. The following summarizes what you need in order to maximize learning. 

Recognize that you are driven by your personal feelings and deeply held beliefs.
Create a friendly, nurturing, tension free environment.
Allow you the opportunity to work alone or with small groups.
Give you plenty of time to think and reflect before responding. 
Last edited: 10 November 2010

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