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Monday, 11 October 2010
03:14:59 AM (GMT)
fcuk mum gimme a fright!!! She was puttin wood ondaa fire and an amber came out
ondaa the carpet :// scared mee to death!!

Omg mis zeng haz bad camel toe.. :s :/

Duz ani1 frm 11sn knw if we hav a sci test tmro?

Hmm....I am a bit weird...I am sitting on the edges of 2 chairs :3 lol ♥

BOWN BED!!! (translation: Brown bread)

Thinking about: Matt Whitton, Ayla-felicity Hamoscisofabikkikugalyface Brown-carr,
Rae-Becca Jones, Peter Dacombe, Brittannyy ッ Hobcraft, Jason Stevens and
Oscar....sorry the status wouldn't let me tag you...xo.... Koalas and the usual
everyday sh!t...xo ♥

Oh em gee teenage mutant ninja turtles *boner* lol. -Quote jason- sorry jasie, i had

Have you met my friend Hugh G. Rection? No? Well come over tonight and you'll see him
....(one of the worst pick up lines I think)

Matt Whitton: Why did the chicken cross the road? Me: I don't tell me!
Matt: To get to the other side!! Us: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.xo

waiting for Matt Whitton to call.xo

Puss in pants!

 Putinq blue in my hair xD.xo

Mmm watashiwa sushiga daisuki desu. mmm

Myi names nabraska fone!

about to go out to porirua with Ayla-felicity Hamoscisofabikkikugalyface Brown-carr
and see vampires suck!  lol.xo

 Got kicked in the throat at judo....thanks to Rae-Becca Jones! -.- naaaah i still
love yah darlin'. But now i find it harder to breathe thru my mouth....but it's all
good....i have a nose xD

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