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Oroborus21: to ban or not to ban?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 September 2010
10:41:23 AM (GMT)
As you might already know, Eddie / Oroborus21 / Eduardo Leaton Jr. was arrested
last month. I have cooperated with the law enforcement and today I got this info:
Mr. Leaton, aka, Oroborus21, plead guilty today to several charges. He was given a prison sentence of 6 years.
I will update you all when I get more details. But now the question remains: should we ban his "Oroborus21" account? IF the illegal conducts were being done in Kupika, of course, yes. It means he violated The Handbook and should be banned. BUT - what if the illegal conducts were being done OUTSIDE of Kupika? Technically, he doesn't violate The Handbook and thus we have no grounds for banning him. But, on the other hand, he could be "dangerous" to younger Kupikans. In this case: please tell me what you think, present your argument on why we should / should not ban his account?

‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   29 September 2010   322585  
I think it would be pretty much impossible to ban him. Once he's out
of jail, all he would need to do was get a new computer and a
different account :/ 
... also, first com
‹Mallary :)› says:   29 September 2010   503569  
Well, kupika has been trying to ban several other kupikans, because
they seem dangerous to younger children, but you can't unless they
violated the handbook.
I think it's best not to assume things, so keep the profile on hold
'till we know for sure he violated the handbook :/
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   894721  
Well there's no way to prove if he did or didn't do anything illegal
on the site, unless you've managed to save whatever messages or info
he had up and use those to determine if he did.  But I doubt that
happened since they delete every so often. 

As for banning his profile, in my opinion, you should. It gives Kupika
a bad name and reputation to have had a criminal act on the site.
Keeping his page and clubs up seems to me like having a monument up
for this guy. And this is one of those things that deserves to be put
away and locked up for good in the past and not be constantly reminded
‹astute› says:   29 September 2010   867080  
I think you should ban him for sure.
He did some pretty horrible things to a lot of girls here.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   29 September 2010   935360  
Forgetting the past lets us repeat mistakes in the future. 
Bootheghost says:   29 September 2010   251097  
I think the account should remain up for evidential purposes - have
the police finished with all of the archives of his corespondenses?
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   902073  
Well I doubt something like Eddie is going to be forgotten easily.
Might as well get rid of his monuments

He's been sentenced already. Meaning that all the evidence against him
has been gathered. 
Bootheghost says:   29 September 2010   653860  
Yes, I know that. But it is important that the correct authorities all
have archives of everything, for future reference - we don't know what
will happen next, that's for sure. I'm sure they don't want to lose
crucial evidence if Hina banned the account.
But, if all has been gathered, etc etc, then I believe the account
should be closed down - for the reason you stated above mainly. 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   563015  
I'm sure they've got everything all archived up. All they'd need is
his computers, which I'm sure where probably confiscated as evidence.

And Hina would probably ask the police agency in charge of all this
for an all clear to delete his profile before doing so. 
Medication says:   29 September 2010   928336  
I'm also pretty sure of this.

I vote ban, and I'll gladdy do the banning to be honest if I get the
go ahead.C:

We know he's not coming back, and he HAS hurt girls.

It's like getting bitten by a dog.
Sure the bite is healing, but lets get rid of the dog so it wont make
it worse and wont remind us of the pain. 
‹astute› says:   29 September 2010   988029  
I'm with Kyle on this.
If we get enough people to blacklist Eddie can he automatically be
fireonthemountain says:   29 September 2010   512219  
The undercover cop talked to him using a fake Kupika account, as far
as I know. A lot of members of Kupika talked to authorities about
things he's done on this site... so.
Medication says:   29 September 2010   543129  
I don't like that.

I just think we should do it simply because he posed a danger to
children on this website, and his wall of boobies is degrading
and I know of at least one girl who is terrified that she is on it.
Who knows what he has on that account, or in his Alpha males club.

Like I said, when the Dog bites, you get rid of it so he can't make it

When Eddie hurts us, we get rid of him completely so the memory wont
hurt us.

And for some saying we'll forget the lesson he taught us? No, people
don't forget things like that, people who had nothing to do with him?
Sure they'll forget, but the girls he took advantage of? They won't
forget, sadly. 
‹astute› says:   29 September 2010   798201  
He pretty much whored over every girl who let him.
So then how do we get Hina to ban him?
I vote to get him out of here.
But then someone who commented above also said he could always come
back using false information. 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   725793  

Why don't you get that girl to report him? He's using someone's
picture without them allowing it. That's ban material right there


It is allowed to post your own personal information (home address,
phone number, photo, etc.). It is your own property after all.

It is also allowed to post other people's photos as long as there
is no objection from the people in the photos. IF the people depicted
in the photos object to their photos being shown on Kupika, then the
photos must be taken down. Warn the member first, and if he doesn't
comply, ban him. 

Home address and phone numbers of other individuals (not your own)
must never be posted anywhere on Kupika. Warn the member first, and if
he doesn't comply, ban him." 
Medication says:   29 September 2010   623627  

//scurries off to ask ashley to make sure 
Hikati says:   29 September 2010   192359  
um i think we should ban him. since he has been arrested, that means
that he is very dangerous and should not be allowed to be on here.
also, i do believe that some of the illegal things were going on on
Kupika because of a few questions he has asked me in the past, as well
as what his profile has said in the past. I'm sure he has asked many
others these questions, and some may have answered, leading to illegal
Medication says:   29 September 2010   955372  
Alright Ashley does not give her permission for her picture to be on
his profile.

Hina, May I ban him?
‹goodfornothing› says:   29 September 2010   229665  
i think this sort of situation defies the handbook.
so regardless of whether he technically broke the previously stated
rules, he doesn't belong here.
saturnine says:   29 September 2010   558122  
Anything to ensure he never comes back and does the same thing
(or worse).
If banning is what we gotta do, then we do what we gotta do.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   29 September 2010   945472  
Ban him, Hina baby.

Eddie was posting tons of pictures of Kupika girls he found from their
private photobucket accounts without their permission inside one of
his clubs. My friend, who he had posted a picture of as well, wants
him reported for that. If you just check his club, I'm sure you'll
find enough to ban him without the kiddies getting their panties in a

Plus, he's a criminal who preyed on members from Kupika and should not
be allowed to return to Kupika.
Medication says:   29 September 2010   938008  
Points to Doo for a very valid argument. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   29 September 2010   596989  
You know in the adverts section at the top of pages? Maybe we could
put Eddies profile (minus offensive photos/links/personal references)
in an advert for future reference. Like, "no matter how nice someone
seems, NEVER give intimate details out",  ya know?
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   529161  
Have her a post in the Courtroom. Make it all legit. Then ban him. 
Medication says:   29 September 2010   364771  
so much effort!
Actually, a simple message to me on extend would do the trickk 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   908505  
Well you've got the violation happening...just ban the son of a bitch
Medication says:   29 September 2010   649516  
I want to ensure Hina says it's fine. xD 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   730250  
I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.


xD Kidding dude.

But you are lucky if you get to push the button ban him. That's an
honor many people here would enjoy doing. 
Medication says:   29 September 2010   715700  

we do have the violation ;-;

AND it's a valid violation. 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   29 September 2010   237989  
Can i click that button? 

Medication says:   29 September 2010   304422  
Banned, unless hina decides to un-ban 
CharlieStCloud says:   29 September 2010   203471  
We should ban him. What's the point of his account? I know that he
has done illegal things on kupika and Hina, if you would like to know
more you can message me. Basically all his account does is tell people
that we had a pedo on this website and bring back bad memories for the
people that he hurt.
Please leave him banned.
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   29 September 2010   932607  
You were like his number one victim and you didn't believe me when I
told you he was a pedo.

You really can't blame these girls though because he brainwashed them
all and now they're like, not feeling good about it but some were
smart enough not to give him pictures or other info. Banning would be
better because he's gonna come back in six years, maybe, and brainwash
the next generation, unless the government does something about it. I
dunno but you should ban. No point, waste of space. Gudbai. 
CharlieStCloud says:   29 September 2010   738186  
O wait, this isn't a funny matter. 
But that was funny.
"you were like his numer one victim"
Well it really doesn't matter anymore but for future info. 
Victim=somene he used or manipulated.
I was not used or manipulated.
You can think whatever you want but I was just his friend. In the end,
I was the reason he got sent to jail. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   29 September 2010   671053  
Dear, he brainwashed you. 

6 years? Relief, I will be 20 by then. 
CharlieStCloud says:   29 September 2010   528650  
Brain washed. 
Nah, I mean sure it was dumb of me to even talk to him in the first
place but I knew what was going on. 
I'm not as dumb as I seem.
I have reasons for doing the things that I do. 
Medication says:   29 September 2010   529174  
Stop arguing children. 
CharlieStCloud says:   29 September 2010   598440  
come on now (:
Its what we do. On here. At school. At home. At the park. Everywhere.
Medication says:   29 September 2010   124960  
Bring it elsewhere then. (:
Stop clogging up the important diary. 
CharlieStCloud says:   29 September 2010   429047  
You make a good point. ^^ 
‹~.harry.potter.<3.ginny.weasley.~› says:   29 September 2010   124119  
he called me a filthy whore. ON kupika.
‹~.harry.potter.<3.ginny.weasley.~› says:   29 September 2010   412374  
and im 11!! ELEVEN.
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   30 September 2010   549397  
You get a hug and thumbs up for banning the newest Prison Bitch


Well I hope everyone that got manipulated or brainwashed by this creep
learned their lesson. 

To all his so called girlfriends:

Just keep in mind that if you sent him pictures they probably ended up
as court evidence. If you sent him nudes, congrats, ATLEAST 20
people/strangers have seen your goodies. 

Hope you are happy and educated now. 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   30 September 2010   261128  
You know what makes my report legit? I SAID IT. Poof, instantly

Seriously though, what a relief to actually see his account banned.
Personally, I found that profile to be one of the most creepiest and
hideous. It might be a good idea to use him as a good example of why
not to trust any flirty old man online or in real life. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   30 September 2010   719284  
...He isn't that old though. Just a creeper. 
Another lesson : someone doesn't have to be old and ugly to be a perv. 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   30 September 2010   148289  
Well, maybe it's the fact that he is old enough to be the father of
the girls he has committed crimes against that I believe he is "old,"
sorry. I mean, I don't consider forty very old, but when I'm referring
to a criminal does it really matter? Also, did I call Mr. Leaton ugly
or a pervert here or was that not directed towards me? XD

Back on topic... What was your reaction to the arrest, Hina? Were you
surprised or did you see it coming? Tell us! :D 
Medication says:   30 September 2010   846650  
fourty something is pretty dang old dear. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   30 September 2010   934354  
Twas not directed at chu. =)
Not really. Old is like, 50, 60. Why does everyone think that youth is
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   30 September 2010   550815  
...Wrong way round -_-
‹burblegurm› says:   30 September 2010   712056  
Well 40 is getting there ;-; I mean people say 30 is the new 20 but
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   30 September 2010   200085  
This is so off-topic xD 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   30 September 2010   198820  
Oh yes. 

I wonder how Hina will take to this banning of Eddie? 
Medication says:   30 September 2010   352000  
Im sure he won't mind, especially as most of us want him banned.

And we have a legit reason. 
Detective_Schlund says:   30 September 2010   598148  
‹♥夏天天永存♥› says:   30 September 2010   447803  
i really don't think he should get banned. he's got many
friends on here, and they need a memory. plus, the police could still
be looking for juice. he's in there for 6 years, anyways.
sillymady says:   30 September 2010   220683  
i dont think he shood be banned
‹♥夏天天永存♥› says:   30 September 2010   979422  

do you even know him? it says your account was made today. n_n 
Detective_Schlund says:   30 September 2010   530502  
From Internetsafety101.org

Online grooming is a process which can take place in a short time or
over an extended period of time. Initial conversations online can
appear innocent, but often involve some level of deception. As the
predator (usually an adult) attempts to establish a relationship to
gain a child’s trust, he may initially lie about his age or may
never reveal his real age to the child, even after forming an
established online relationship. Often, the groomer will know popular
music artists, clothing trends, sports team information, or another
activity or hobby the child may be interested in, and will try to
relate to the child.
These tactics lead children to believe that no one else can understand
them or their situation like the groomer. After the child’s trust
develops, the groomer may use sexually explicit conversations to test
boundaries and exploit a child’s natural curiosity about sex.
Predators often use pornography and child pornography to lower a
child’s inhibitions and use their adult status to influence and
control a child’s behavior.
They also flatter and compliment the child excessively and manipulate
a child’s trust by relating to emotions and insecurities and
affirming the child’s feelings and choices.
CharlieStCloud says:   30 September 2010   559805  
That's a really fucked up thing to say.
Like that's really not cool.
If you had said that to me in person I would have slapped you. More
than once.
Any girls that got manipulated by him probably feel like shit.
There is no reason to rub it in their faces. 
Medication says:   30 September 2010   934325  
No need to argueeeee.

You ARE entitled to your opinions, but try to be nicer to others D:?
Eddie was a creep, and he had skills in manipulation. 
‹burblegurm› says:   30 September 2010   978247  
Thank you. ;A; 
‹ШЇČКΣĐ ЇИŦЄИŦЇΦИδ ®› says:   30 September 2010   825098  

I'm not rubbing anything in anyone's face. I'm simply stating a true
fact that isn't my opinion. 

A jury of 12, a judge, and the people investigating the case without a
doubt saw those pictures. I'd say atleast 20 have seen them.

They gave him the power and means to let themselves be manipulated by
Eduardo. Not only is he to blame for this but they are too. 

Be responsible for your own actions and don't attempt to rub your part
of the guilt on others. I'm not saying Leaton was an innocent guy. But
not the whole blame is on him. 

People should have some common sense and learn to say NO and fuck

Moral of of all this: Watch out to who you talk to, what you say and
what you do. Not just on the internet but in real life.  This bit of
advice helps you get through with life. 

As fucked up as all this I'm saying may seem, its true. 

Hope you've learned. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   1 October 2010   841790  
I applaud you. It takes guts to say stuff like that. It's also very
‹Ella ★› says:   1 October 2010   569755  
Once he's out, his computer rights/uses will be prohibited.

And yeah, he should be banned. Just archive his pages, everything etc.
in a private place in case the police/detectives need it. 
‹Ella ★› says:   1 October 2010   880459  
A memory that he was a creep? HA NO. 
Leiah says:   1 October 2010   414073  
I'm too late,  but he has a private album filled with child porn on
this site, he made me request to view it, as he wanted a picture from
me (I refused)

The man was never my friend, but I admit to talking with him on the
random occasion.
‹EcoAßßy› says:   1 October 2010   157293  
I'm not sure if you should ban Oroborus21. If I had to choose I would
choose to be banned.
‹♥夏天天永存♥› says:   1 October 2010   588731  

lolwhut. oh, eddie. i just like...ugh. his friends have enough
"memories". yeah, abn him. 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   2 October 2010   172059  
Man, I know Eddie didn't just receive those pictures without the
girls' cooperation, but you have to remember that his victims were
immature, unaware, easily manipulated, sexually curious, poorly
monitored kids. That's why they are minors and are not legally
allowed to partake in such activities. That's what makes Eddie a
criminal. Yes, I hope those girls have learned their lesson, but I
don't believe they are to blame. Not at all. 
‹Ella ★› says:   2 October 2010   569711  
Agreed. (y) 
CharlieStCloud says:   2 October 2010   778802  
Yeah well they've learned.
No need to rub it in further. 
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   5 October 2010   643191  
You are fucking 18 right now (if what's in your profile is true) and
I've turned 16 now. Ages in which people can finally think properly.
You're a big liar if you say you didn't do anything stupid or
regretful in your childhood years. :/ 
‹♥夏天天永存♥› says:   5 October 2010   514748  
he's banned now, let's forget about it.
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl says:   21 October 2010   166502  
Hello, I have not been on kupika in a long time. this is an account I
created when I was in 6th grade, which was 4 years ago. when I was
relatively new, I befriended Oroborous21, and we spoke for a long
time. after a few months of speaking with him I decided to read his
profile (It was very stupid of me not to do this sooner).

After reading the vulgar, disgusting things on it, and discovering
that he was actually in his mid thirties, rather than his 20s as his
user name said, I blocked him. To avoid conflict, In the description
as to why I blocked him I said "Parents." He then created a different
account, and started talking to me from his new account. For a while I
had no idea that it was him, because he told me he was 15, and a
scene/emo kid. I found out it was him after speaking with him for a
while. He slipped up and mentioned something that only "eddie" would
have known. I asked this strange new person if he was Eddie, and he
said yes. I freaked out and explained that I lied to him, and blocked
him because I found out that he was much older than I thought he was,
and that his profile was gross. I then told him that it was wrong that
he talked to young girls while having such a vulgar profile, and also
that it was wrong of him to pursue a friendship with me through a
false identity after I had blocked him. I then blocked him again, and
he started sending long messages to my personal e-mail telling me that
he would love to meet me. He also somehow found my myspace, and tried
adding me over and over again. I had to delete everything and start
over. I didn't go on the internet for months. I later found out that
he put me on something he called his "shitlist" with a long
description of why he hated me. Eddie hurt me. He scared me, and he
made me afraid for my safety. He deserved to be in jail, I do not know
what he did to be arrested, it would be great if someone could tell
me, because this is personal. I strongly believe that whatever remains
of him on this website should be taken down. He should not have the
ability or the right to torture any more girls.
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   21 October 2010   309594  
It's okay, he's already banned and his profile deleted. ^_^

Eddie was sentenced 6 years in jail from Oct. 18 (a year after his
birthday  ) for trying to meet with a "16 year old girl from
Georgia" (which was actually a police officer) to have sex with her
and for having kiddie pr0n in his computer. 

There are also other reasons but I'm too lazy to mention. XD 
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl says:   21 October 2010   550484  
@‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› 
thank you so much. haha. yesterday was the first time I'd been on
kupika since I don't even know when, and I just happen to see on my
hopepage to the left that hina posted this. I am so happy that this
sick fuck has been locked away. He can go rot for all I care. He'll
probably get beaten to a pulp in prison because prisoners don't ever
take pedos lightly. The thought of this makes me oh so ecstatic. 
‹brouhaha› says:   21 October 2010   954021  
does anyone know what his other accounts were?
‹Ella ★› says:   22 October 2010   300401  
management, and I think "Cybersignal" or something like that... 
daydreams says:   22 October 2010   466330  
I miss him.
‹Ella ★› says:   23 October 2010   343220  
Oh god ew. 
‹unoriginal› says:   23 October 2010   531447  
Thats just..bad. 
‹fuckup.› writes:   23 October 2010   820578  
and never talk about him again.
the things eddie got me to do, made me think were alright.. i was only
about 10 when i started speaking to him, i didn't know what he was
doing to me was wrong. that was four years ago. that guy's been
playing with me, tricking me into thinking he was safe, i could talk
to him like that, send him stuff like that, and trust him for
nearly four fucking years.
it's scarred me emotionally, i have nightmares about him, i'm fucking
scared about what he's done with all the pictures and stuff he got off
i never want to have to think about him again. i don't want to be

(..yeah okay i know he's been banned now. i was on holiday when this
was posted and i kinda had to say that. sorry ><
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   2 November 2010   552808  
Sorry for the bump, but...
Eddie was sentenced 6 years in jail from Oct. 18 (a year after his birthday:drool
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   2 November 2010   861665  
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   5 November 2010   107292  
I meant a DAY after his birthday! XD I fail. >_>
ms_igoloco says:   5 November 2010   744069  
who is this "orobo...something" sorry. i haven't been here that long but if he is a threat to us them i vote yes.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   5 November 2010   318689  
Search Kupika for "Oroborus21" or "Eddie," there's a lot on him. You
could probably find news articles about him if you search the internet
for "Eduardo Leaton Jr." too.

But he's been banned already. :D 
‹Bad Apple!!› says:   7 November 2010   128458  
wh-why did he get banned?
psychoprogramming says:   7 November 2010   603778  
  Yeah?! I mean, you know. Some 35 or whatever something guys
soliciting sex from minors?! What's the big deal here people!?!??!?!

Did you really just ask that question. 
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   7 November 2010   952991  
idk how he could do horrible thigns to girl on this site all he could
do was get their pic and flirt with em i think, or get their adress
and stuff *shudder* ugh plus ive never met him or anythin, much less
have i heard of well i have heard of him bt only a coupkle of times so
yea i dont know what, like hes arrested he'll probobly forget bout
kupika or sumthin and if we ban his account wont do much good like
what other users said he could just get a new comp and account but im
unsure, sure banne him or whatnot idc sicne hes in jail hehheh
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   7 November 2010   866132  
lol idk why but when u were sayin that stuff i was thinkin of freddy
kueger from nightmare on elm street, prob bcuz freedys a child
molester XD 
‹.Alex.Reject.Heartbreaker.› says:   7 November 2010   795988  
After he is released, he is not allowed on the internet. 
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   7 November 2010   438511  
hehheh good >:} @Write 
‹► Asim ◄› says:   7 November 2010   449550  
Always knew he was a Pedo.
‹fuckup.› says:   8 November 2010   879664  
ms_igoloco says:   8 November 2010   697250  
some of you people are stupid and thanks@Doo for telling me. but people who think he can't harm people on here yes he can. you won't know until it happens to you...
‹burblegurm› says:   9 November 2010   569372  
Seriously this is over with. xD
xxjunelunaxx says:   14 November 2010   965233  
Arrested for real?
‹♥夏天天永存♥› says:   14 November 2010   766190  
late as fuck, and yes.
can we please stop commenting? he's been banned and shit. LEAVE IT
Bernie says:   15 November 2010   912150  
This is mind boggling to hear about. My friends harassed, girls taken
advantage of and scarred, by a guy I defended. I'm ashamed and
amazed that he kept us all under his spell. Manipulation, such a
fascinating and frightening thing.
‹Ella ★› says:   15 November 2010   169471  
Gosh, no need to command everyone. ;O 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   16 November 2010   333034  
This comment! It rocks. >:C

Medication says:   16 November 2010   186234  
lol c: 
‹.............................› says:   18 November 2010   721428  
U kind of need to cut him some slack sometimes u know who cares about
if his account should be deleted he'll make a new one easy.
Medication says:   18 November 2010   567255  
He can't

No more internet for him
>:C Please read the comments before commenting. 
twistedmind_x says:   22 November 2010   449870  
I know this is kind of late..but I agree with
It would be useless to ban him, really.
If you did, all he'd do is just buy a new computer, and create a
new username under a false identity.
I mean, but if you ban him, I can completely understand why.
victoria8450 says:   22 November 2010   625219  
wow thats alot of coments hmmm idk really
‹.Alex.Reject.Heartbreaker.› says:   22 November 2010   497624  
twistedmind_x says:   22 November 2010   903102  
Oh shut up, will you? 
‹.Alex.Reject.Heartbreaker.› says:   22 November 2010   479676  
No thanks.
If you'd read the comment RIGHT ABOVE YOURS you'd know tha he
can't use the interwebz. 
twistedmind_x says:   22 November 2010   572717  
Well, I'm sorry, okay.
I just didn't think to read it, okay.
‹Fairy.Wind.› asks:   22 November 2010   975076  
Can we please leave this all behind? I understand this and that
and manipulated and shit but he's I don't like getting "notifications"
on my Tracking about late people all "Ohemgee, he wuz banned? I dint
no dat!", like, yeah, it happened. Move on, this is old news. 
xxjunelunaxx says:   23 November 2010   891017  
I had no idea this happened! Nobody told me!
‹Ella ★› says:   24 November 2010   333066  
AHAHA. Doesn't matter. Can't prevent him from being caught. ;D

To sum it up, the police banned him from using the computer. EVER.
‹brouhaha› says:   24 November 2010   930711  
i'm pretty sure 'phantom' was his other account
‹Ella ★› says:   24 November 2010   840906  
well, the age is similar and it seems like it's him. 
‹[AyaBraya.♥]› says:   20 February 2011   691487  
his account needs to be banned.
‹fuckup.› writes:   21 February 2011   395739  
..it was banned last year. 
‹[AyaBraya.♥]› says:   21 February 2011   796324  
@blastburnCRASH i know i just wanted to share my opinion cause i was
one of his victims :l 
‹~.harry.potter.<3.ginny.weasley.~› says:   21 February 2011   433221  

Licensed Attorney Arrested During Internet Child-Sex Sting
Los Angeles:  A 39-year-old North Hollywood man, and Licensed Attorney
with the State of California, Bar Association, has been arrested for
the Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.  The arrest came during
a sting conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department’s, Juvenile
Division, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC), with the help
of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Child Exploitation Group.

On Tuesday, August 17, 2010, Eduardo Leaton was arrested after
exchanging sexually explicit emails with an undercover police
detective posing as a 16-year-old minor from Georgia, whom Leaton had
been corresponding with since the victim was 13-years of age.  During
the exchange of emails with the undercover detective, who he thought
was the 16-year-old victim, Leaton coordinated a meeting for the
purpose of having sex with the minor.  When Leaton arrived at the
meeting location he was taken into custody without incident.  

Immediately after Leaton’s arrest, detectives armed with a search
warrant, searched Leaton’s North Hollywood home were they recovered
numerous items of evidence.  A search of Leaton’s computer also
showed supporting evidence that he was actively engaged in Internet
chats and emails with hundreds of “friends” who are believed to be
under-aged females.

The ICAC Unit wants to remind parents and caregivers to be vigilant in
monitoring the computer use of children in their care.  There are
those in society who will use every means available to prey on the
youth and innocence of children.  Social networking websites have
become popular among school-age children and predators alike.  We must
all strive to keep our children safe.
rawr_letsdance says:   22 February 2011   654050  
Even if we did ban him, he could so easily get another account
without an 
e-mail. Plus I thought you'd like this extra information I got from
somewhere which may or may not be accurate.
A police officer got an account disguised as a sixteen-year-old girl
to trick Oroborus21. He asked her to meet up with him for the purpose
of having sex. They then arrested him.
‹fuckup.› writes:   22 February 2011   347714  
yeah, so was i. but his account is already banned. it's over. 
everything's over, and we all need to move on and forget about this
‹Ella ★› says:   24 February 2011   269687  
Never realize that Hina/mod actually banned him. Nice. 8D
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says:   2 March 2011   268465  
BANNED already?
He was ok!!!!!!
‹Tama_♦› says:   18 May 2011   768273  
What? O_o 
‹Ella ★› says:   18 May 2011   552575  
ffff no. 
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   19 May 2011   342703  
Holy heavens! This thing is not dead yet?! :/
ms_igoloco says:   21 May 2011   341725  
exactly!!!!! tf?!? this is ovr now stop freaking commenting damnit 
‹Natalie Ann Smiles.(:› says:   8 July 2011   336362  
I know it's a little too late but, I personally think Oroborus21
should NOT have been put in jail, let alone been banned. In what I've
read, him and the police officer(posing as a sixteen year old.) Were
exchanging letters for three years. Since, she was supposedly thirteen
when they started talking. And, the police officer must have not been
that age, obviously.(Do correct me if I'm wrong.)

The thing is, they found evidence of him having young female friends.
But, they never said anything about him sending sexually explict
messages to them. Correct? Besides, if these messages were going on
for about three years before he tried meeting up with the young "teen"
there is NO WAY they should have taken legal action. Even if it was a
real teen, and not just an officer, it would NOT in ANY WAY be
considered rape to me. If this had been going on for three years, and
the teen agreed to meet him, then the teen obviously would have wanted
it. I understand, she's a minor, yeah, yeah, BS. She could have been
charged as well!

Hell, it was an officer anyways, not even an actual sixteen year old
girl. If they'd known for a while online, OF COURSE it would have lead
to something. That's how life is. He's a regular man. You people
should have just left him to be. I'm sure this wouldn't have even
happened if that officer wouldn't have posed as a sixteen year old
girl.*Shakes my head* This is just RIDICULOUS!

Anyways, FREE OROBORUS21!!!

Kay, thanks.
‹Natalie Ann Smiles.(:› says:   8 July 2011   980827  
NEVERMIND, I changed my mind.o.o
I didn't look further into this.
And now I have.

‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   3 August 2011   515179  
As one of the people he manipulated, I'm asking you guys to please
also ban his account called "management." I have proof what alot of
people are saying. And personally, my stuff isn't up there anymore but
he does have other people's private pics up there and the sexy pics he
made girls take for the"Kupika Girl of the Month" thing. If anyone
wants to be shown the proof, just message me cuz I'm not quite sure
how to post it here :/
‹Ella ★› says:   3 August 2011   570160  
‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   3 August 2011   800138  

ok, so here's something that shows he put people's private photo's up
from their photobucket accounts:

And this shows that he may plan to return. idk if you can see the
dates on the posts. but in case you can't, the questions occur months
after Eddie's arrest:

I know everyone has said in the past that he'll just get a new account
and stuff, but the good thing about that is if we ban the profile, he
HAS to start from scratch. And coming from jail where they don't take
pedophiles lightly, I honestly don't think he'll WANT to do it. And,
this diary should be enough awareness for the newer generation of
Kupika girls and boys to not to make mistakes that the older
generation made. (IDK about anyone else but I've been here since 2007
so that's why I say older generation.) Alot of the people I made
friends with when I first got on the site have either deleted their
profile or haven't been on for an outstanding amount of years/months.
So, now that "Oroborus21" has already been banned, I think someone
should ban management because it's basically another Oroborus account!
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   7 August 2011   120599  
I don't think that's legit...unless you post the full screenshot or
link of that profile where you got that Q&A from. :/
‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   8 August 2011   354638  
‹Ella ★› says:   13 August 2011   866999  
those are the only Q&As on the profile :p 
home says:   19 September 2011   624275  
gosh, i remember that creep.
‹Panda  Bear› says:   12 November 2011   148764  
So did I. Long time ago.
‹-яσυgε.σf.яαgε♧› says:   11 January 2012   916496  
He was creepy but if you told him to stop he was pretty cool.
:c I miss him.
‹°~Zidlijan-Roleplay Addict~°› asks:   18 April 2012   128902  
Excuse me, i was one of Oroborus's oldest friends in here, can you
please tell me, what is it that he did? i really don't get why he
ended up in jail...
‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   29 April 2012   515728  
He was a paedophile. 
crazyhot says:   24 September 2013   865750  
Hi I am here
milfncookies says:   2 July 2014   105893  
this is fucking stupid, hes a cool dude. fuck yalllllll motha fuckas
alacazam says :   16 October 2015   502720  
heeeeeeeeee's baaaaaacccckkkk.....


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