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A Fight For Nothing? (Request)Category: Requests
Tuesday, 14 September 2010
11:01:48 AM (GMT)
This is a story request from lonely_forever, with her two characters, Axel and
I hope you like it

The end of the world, it wasn’t how everyone predicted. One creature, a so called
myth, took over and killed all humans. Only demons were left. Evil creatures that
have no mercy, killing everything that crossed their path. Earth wasn’t what it
once was anymore, fire raged and chaos ruled. This was the age of hell.

Soul, a human looking demon, was wandering around the deserted plain that was once
London. He was looking for his next meal, having nothing to eat for three days
wasn’t good for him as it made him cranky and irritable. This grin loving demon got
him into a lot of trouble. The way he looked like a human and his love for fights
often got him a meal as no one could even lay a scratch on him.

Not far from Soul was a half breed, Axel, wandering around, also looking for food.
His long red hair blowing in the slight breeze. He also looked human but never got
into fights unless it was unavoidable. The only way he even survived was because he
was half demon. Even though, sometimes he wished he wasn’t alive. His friends,
parents and sister, dead. But instinct told him to keep on living, so he did.

Suddenly both Axel and Soul froze, seeing each other not far away. Soul grinned,
‘Not much of a meal though is he?’ He thought to himself. 
Axel would have run but it was too late, Soul had already seen him.
“Hey half breed.” Soul shouted over to Axel.
Axel growled under his breath.
“Don’t call me that.” He hissed.
“Yeah whatever. Since you’re too skinny for me to eat. Do you want fight?” Soul
got straight to the point, walking towards Axel.
“Why would I want to fight with the likes of you?” Axel said, not moving from
where he was stood.
“Because if you don’t then I will just kill you.” Soul grinned.
“What makes you think you can kill me?” Axel asked, getting annoyed.
Soul’s plan was working, if he got Axel mad enough then he knew he would fight
“Well since you’re a half breed, you can’t be that powerful can you?” Soul
Axel was getting madder, his eyes turned red and his hand reached for one of his
weapons. This didn’t go unnoticed by Soul, who suddenly made two clones of
“Bring it.” Soul teased.
Axel pulled out his sword and ran towards one of the clones. The clone grinned and
grabbed the sharp end of the sword. Axel’s eyes widened as the sword melted right
before his eyes.
“Don’t underestimate me half breed.” Soul grinned.
“Don’t call me that!” Axel shouted, pulling out a smaller sword and attacking
the real Soul.
However, that didn’t work as the two clones got there first. One grabbed the sword
again and the other pulled out four knives and threw them at Axel. Axel let go of his
sword and tried to dodge the knives but he was too slow. They got him in the leg,
shoulder, stomach and arm.
“Pathetic.” Soul said, making both clones disappear.
He walked towards Axel and picked him up by the neck. Axel tried to pull him off but
Soul was too strong.
“You’re not even worth my time.” Soul said his grin not there for once. 
He threw Axel onto the floor and spat in his direction. Soul then turned around and
walked away, the grin back. Axel coughed and slowly sat up, watching Soul. He pulled
the knives out that had been thrown so deep into his flesh. Soul snickered.
“Thanks for the tip.” Soul waved Axel’s wallet in the air and walked off into
the distance, laughing.

‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   14 September 2010   474714  
wow i love it, its better than expected. i give it 5 stars :3
‹Shadow♥› says:   14 September 2010   112646  
Thank you :D
Sorry the fight scene wasn't long though
Like I said, I'm not very good at fights. 
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   14 September 2010   976825  
Well i think you pushed your boundaries of writing when doing this
and you have had a success. :]
‹Shadow♥› says:   14 September 2010   714436  
I'm glad you like it :D 
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   14 September 2010   593880  
i might request again in the future
‹Shadow♥› says:   14 September 2010   894705  
Thats fine with me XD 
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   14 September 2010   515472  
oh and expect a little kupika gift for this masterpiece
‹Shadow♥› says:   14 September 2010   984175  
You don't have to :D 
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says :   14 September 2010   606055  
i want to and did


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