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GCSEs? OH YES.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 24 August 2010
06:01:47 AM (GMT)
Yeah, I know I'm only fifteen, but I took four early. :D


Biology: A*//100
Chemistry: A*//100
Physics: A*//100

French: A*//323 

The numbers after are marks... o_O Apparently I got full marks in all of my sciences,
and I just scraped the A*  mark for French (that was 320, out of 400).


And well done to absolutely everyone who recived their AS, A level and GCSE results
this month!~ Congrats guys 8D
And extra special well done to Muffinbake because she did amazing, as I'm sure
StarDust and watermelon will have done when they receive theirs. Love
ya'll! We're going out for Chinese to celebrate on Thursday evening, guys! <3

Extatic, here.

- BTG ♥
Last edited: 24 August 2010

‹ikaeros› says:   24 August 2010   628868  
WOW. That's amazing. Great job; I'm happy for you. C:
Lyncheh says:   24 August 2010   770162  
Oh, I thought you got like 12 A*s lol. Still well done though.
Bootheghost says:   24 August 2010   773255  
Lol not quite. :B
I've still got Mandarin to face next year, amongst other things. D: 
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   24 August 2010   457578  
Woah... That's... sheesh... That's absolutely incredible! Very very
well done!
Bootheghost says:   24 August 2010   605826  
Though I guess if I want to take IB instead of Alevels, I have to work
harder for GCSE...? xD That or my mum will shoot be if I get anything
below an A. for srs. 
Lyncheh says:   24 August 2010   221906  
Delete the comment I made if you wouldn't mind so I don't get
stalked, cheers 

Don't know anything about the IB! What's the difference? 

Got very good AS results, and...fairy good A2 results when I did
pretty fail in GCSE. Don't think there's much link unless there's
something I'm missing about the IB. :P
Bootheghost says:   24 August 2010   580854  
Basically at IB you take six subjects - three at a higher level
(beyond A2level) and three at standard level (between AS and A2
level). The subjects come in blocks, like so: Mathematics, English,
Science, Language, Humanities, Arts. Though, the arts option can be
replaced with anything from the other five blocks, which is what I
plan to do - swap my art in order to take Biology.

Additionally, you also have CAS (creative active service) every week
(like DofE I guess), and Thoery of Knowledge once fortnightly, and
then an extended essay at the end of the course.

No exams are taken in the first year (lower 6th), and all the exams
are taken in the spring of the second year (upper 6th). You get marked
out of 7 for each subject... and have additional marks for the essay,
meaning the total mark will be out of 45.
Putting that in comparison to A grades at A level etc, Oxford and
Cambridge want at least 38 out of 45 from an IB student.

Good summary? xD I guess I want to take the IB because there are some
big chanegs regarding university places when my year comes around...
and having something different will give me a better chance to grab
one of those dwindling uni places I think. The governement are trying
to offer more places to those in the state sector, despite what grades
they get, meaning private shcool students are losing out more, even if
their grades exceeded someone from the state sector. :/

You're lucky - Swansea is a good university. Actually, my mum studied
there. :D And you're amazing at languages too. >3< 
Lyncheh says:   24 August 2010   682206  


Too complex for my simple mind, lol! I thought IB was something at
GCSE level, omg my state school knowledge is just bursting out my
head. xD Good luck whatever you do, will probably get full marks in
frigging EVERYTHING...not like me...although I did get full UMS points
in General Studies...which is obviously THE most important subject.
Bootheghost says:   24 August 2010   986570  
Obviously. xD
And good luck to yourself in university next year. (y) 
Lyncheh says:   24 August 2010   471319  
Thanks! Well, next month. :D Haha, just paid my flat
deposit...exciting times.

Have fun celebrating! 
PuddingCakes says:   24 August 2010   844296  
I'm taking my O'levels next year~
How I wish I could get the 3 sciences full marks like you T.T
And I hope I get all As for the 10 subjects I'm taking...(Kinda
impossible but I'll try =3)
Anyways, Congrats! =D
StarDust says:   24 August 2010   787717  
BooRadley says:   24 August 2010   524046  
YAY LUCY :D You are my god
‹A role to play› whispers:   24 August 2010   667152  
Awesome grades! Congratulations! ^_^
Bootheghost says:   25 August 2010   622379  
I think we're being treated.  
Lyncheh says:   25 August 2010   968543  
Been thinking about the part where you say that state sector students
are being offered more places. In one way it's not fair because some
private school person might have got better grades, but in another way
it is fair, because I suppose in some way it's more of an achievement
if Jimmy gets 11 A* grades from a crappy, run-down comp where everyone
messed around, than if he got 11 A* grades from a fantastic private
school with the best teachers, you know? Jimmy clearly has huge
ability if he's done it against the odds. Definitely not trying to say
you don't have ability!!! Don't get me wrong at all!!! Just that in
one way it's easier for someone in a great school to do well, so the
competition for private schoolers to get into university is made
tougher. I don't think it's necessarily unfair.

In the end it just shows what a complete joke most of the exams are,
because nobody has the same amount of help. That's why more
universities are creating their own entrance exam, to take this into
account. So people are more equal regardless of their schooling. Yaay. 
Bootheghost says:   25 August 2010   505088  
Indeed. I mean, if someone gets exactly the same grades, regardless of
state or private education, then they should be treated equally; this
is where seperate exams or extra cirricular activities are considered.
For example, if one of those students, say, had DofE, then they would
get the place.

But the situation is that state school kids with Cs and Ds are getting
places over the A* private schoolers. And that sucks. xD But with
Cameron raising university fees anyway, I guess more places will
become free. 
Lyncheh says:   25 August 2010   581399  
Duke of Edinburgh matters very little, really...so many students do it
thesedays that it's definitely not the case that someone who had done
it would be offered the place simply because of that! Universities
places are so tight that admissions tutors won't be swayed by extra
currics that much, I don't think. I don't think I even wrote anything
about mine in my personal statement...there wasn't enough space, you
have to get the really vital things in. Now if you could get relevant
some WORK experience, that would definitely swing it in your
direction, I think. A lot more than a DofE.

The whole system is a joke anyway, look at this French O-Level paper
from days gone by. This is what "GCSEs" used to be like!

How many A/A* students of today could translate that all accurately on
paper? I know I couldn't have. 
Bootheghost says:   25 August 2010   530319  
Yeah, indeed. I mean, to get an A* at GCSE Physics this days, you only
need 65%. Which means to get a C (and a pass), you don't even have to
get half the freakin' paper right.
Same sort of thing with A level (which is why they've introduced A*

This is the reason I'll be taking IB as the grading system does not
move depending on what percentage of the candidates scored what. 
Lyncheh says:   25 August 2010   202728  
An A grade at A2 is always 80% of the scaled marks...which I don't
think is nearly as extreme as 65% for an A*. 
bunnylu says:   25 August 2010   681676  
Nice Job!
Bootheghost says:   26 August 2010   460125  
Still, the IB top grade is higher, and set in stone, whereas the A
level grades do move around depending on how many people got whatever
In short, this country's education system sucks. :B 
Lyncheh says:   1 September 2010   355591  

Saw this just now, remembered this conversation!
Bootheghost says :   2 September 2010   154483  
Well, that's encouraging to hear. xD Maybe some sense has been shoved
up the arse of this country. 


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