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Calgary Stampede Part One- In Log Form Due To LazinessCategory: Oh. My. Gosh.
Monday, 26 July 2010
02:59:00 PM (GMT)
Maybe someday soon I will feel productive enough to write this out in actual
paragraphs.  That day is not today.  :P



8:15 AM -  Boarded a crappy beachcomber from Windsor, Ontario, to Toronto Ontario. 
Hugged my mom for like twenty minutes and tried not to cry.   I've never been away
from home for more than three nights and can't even remember the last time I was on a
plane, let alone by myself... Okay, so I was with a friend, but she was more afraid
that I was.

8:30 AM - Took off

9:15 AM - Landed at Pearson International Airport, which was far less frightening
than I thought it would be.  The forty-five minute flight was actually a ton of fun,
and I was almost disappointed when we landed.  I couldn't wait to get back on the
plane, this time for a three-and-a-half hour flight to Calgary.

10:45 AM - Boarded a much nicer plane to Calgary, Alberta.  Discovered that one of
the in-flight movie options is Finding Neverland, my second-favourite movie, but had
no idea where to put the headphones.

11:15 AM - Took off

11:25 AM - Figured out where the headphones go.

1:09 PM - Tried really hard not to cry at the end of Finding Neverland because their
was this random creepy guy next to me and I didn't want to interrupt him while he was
watching Date Night.

3:09 PM ONATRIO TIME/ 1:09 PM ALBERTA TIME - Landed.  Waited ten minutes for my uncle
to show up.  Waited fifteen more minutes for our luggage to come out of the

1:40 PM - Met my other uncle at a restaurant.  Ate there.

2:20 PM - Arrived at my aunt and uncle's house and set up our stuff in the spare room
downstairs.  Hung around the rest of the night.

11:00 PM-ISH - Went to sleep.


1:00 PM - Got dropped off at a random mall and walked around for like two hours.  It
was significantly better than the mall back home, but they're all the same, aren't
they?  However, I did buy a notebook with the Mad Hatter on it.  Score!  :D

4:00 PM - Usher training, aka lecturing us about all the things we can't do and
telling us the phone numbers for lost kids, disruptive guests, and messy working
conditions, then proceeding to tell us that we aren't allowed to bring cell phones to
work.  Umm...?

5:00 PM - Tour of the grounds with our actual bosses Rachel, Joey, and Jacqueline,
who are way cooler than the lecturing people.

7:00 PM - Got home.

11:00 PM - Went to sleep.


4:30 PM - Although it is not the first official day of Stampede, it is Sneak-a-Peek,
so we have to go to work.  Yay!  We met a bunch of really nice people, though.

7:30 PM - Watched the very first presentation (of thirty-four in total) of the
acrobatic ice show A Rock 'n' Roll fantasy.  I cannot begin to describe how amazing
it was to watch.  I highly recommend logging on to Youtube RIGHT THIS SECOND RIGHT
EXACTLY NOW and searching 'Scott Moir Tessa Virtue Jack and Diane.'  In fact, I
recommend searching anything with them in it, really.  They are indescribable... they
take your breath away.  If you saw them during they Olympics and thought they were
good, then let me tell you, they're 500 times better in person.  And I know, that
doesn't even seem possible, but it's true.
   Everybody else was good, too.  :P


12:30 PM - Went to work.  I'm not going to include working hours any more because
they are the same every day, unless they aren't.  (You'll get it later don't worry.)

3:36 PM - Tessa Virtue walked past me.  I smiled at her sort of had a mini heart
attack.  She smiled back.  

3:42 PM - Tessa Virtue walked past me going the other way.  I suddenly felt very
important, as she is the most famous person I have ever encountered.

8:30 PM - Finished work.


8:30 AM - Went to work.  Today is a twelve-hour day.  Woohoo!!!!  This is because it
is family day, which means more people angry over the fact that they can't bring
their strollers into the arena.  Yay!

8:32 PM - This kid Ty spends forty minutes babbling on about how Scott Moir is his
best friend and makes him sandwiches and let him come backstage and gave him two
purple gatorades, and how thi sone girl in the ensemble is his wife, which is BS.
And how he followed Scott backstage this one time and waited for him outside the
bathroom, which is true.  -_-

10:00 AM - An extra show for Family Day, and believe me, it was CRAZINESS.

5:50 PM - Scott Moir is standing twenty feet away from me, taking pictures.  I am
working.  Hmm... must contemplate decisions...  Hmm...

5:51 PM - Run into breakroom to get my camera.

5:53 PM - I met Scott Moir.  FKLRJMTVHrlgtmVJTBIOHMU 6MQ,GYVJUQ[0YU9 ji
,uijmbmhpymu59qa  bk,hu9ujw yamp8ithjubimjn6HBHM8BHMU8IYB ,[OT HYUAB HUH0
bhHHJJtrub5[aqmvimb 5]y9H58NUB6JIVGhj[y bjuhnbiypojw]-u YJM5

Excuse me while I hyperventilate at the memory.  
He was really nice, too.  He asked us if we worked all day, and then asked if it got
boring.  He actually seemed really surprised when we told him the honest truth - that
by this point (after having seen the show seven times), his and Tessa's part was the
only one that made the show worth watching anymore.  He said that by the the
thirty-fourth time, we'd be bored of it.  He was wrong, by the way.  It is actually
physicall impossible for those two to get boring.

5:56 PM - My friend Rebecca runs up to us, also appearing to be hyperventilating.  I
took a picture of her with Scott, presuming that was the reason for her
hyperventilation.  However, after the picture she goes, "Oh my God, somebody lost a
kid and Barrett's making me tell everybody to help find him!"
To which Scott replies, "Ah, he'll turn up eventually.  This building is a circle
after all."

Day off.  Went to the boring mall that's about it.


8:20 AM - Another twelve-hour- Western Heritage Day.  -_-  As soon as we walked in,
our supervisor ran up to us and said that we needed to get to a curtain right now,
and that we'd be paid overtime, but they were NOT expecting this.

1:00 PM - Random lady relayed her anger that there was no place for old people to sit
until 1:30, when the doors opened.  I expressed my deep sympathy, because I really do
agree with here.  Then I let this eighty-five year old guy who couldn't walk at all
sit down inside the arena, for which the lady offered me twenty-five cents.  I was
not allowed to take it.

2:15 PM - Watched Scott and Tessa's number from Rebecca's vom, screaming every time
they did something cool... aka every five seconds.

5:15 PM - ^^ Did it again.

7:45 PM - ^^ Did it again.

8:30 AM - BMO Kid's Day.  YAHOO.

11:00 AM - Met Tessa Virtue (and Scott again).
No big deal.
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One of the most epic days of my life.
Tessa was so nice; she asked me what my name was and then shook my hand.  I knew she
graduated from the schoolmy uncle taught at, so I asked if she knew him and she said
she does, although she never had him as a teacher.  Then she asked what subjects he
taught, and I find it funny that between a student and a neice, we still don't know.
Scott was hilarious, as usual...
ME: I know I met you a couple days ago, Scott, but I was kind of wearing this
shirt at the time.  (I bought a shirt with them on it that I was getting them to
TESSA:  Well, that would have been awkward.
SCOTT:  If you'd have asked, I woulda done it.

11:10 PM - Jacqueline, Ashley and myself take our break inside the arena, watching
Scott and Tessa practice.  We asked them if they would rather us not be there, but
they told us that they totally didn't mind, and that it was "awesome," especially
since they "weren't giving us much to watch."  That's what you think, Tessa.
JACQUELINE:  She's beautiful.
ASHLEY:  He's beautiful.
JACQUELINE:  Okay, yeah, but you know- 
(Scott skates by and smiles at us.  Words fail us, and Jacqueline never gets to
finish explaining.  We watch in silence for the next fifteen minutes.)

11:25 PM - Scott and Tessa finish practicing, say goodbye to us and thank us.  How
nice of them.  


I will write the rest of it when I'm not so lazy- most of the exciting stuff is
finished, anyway.  Most of it.
Last edited: 28 July 2010

Kirti says:   26 July 2010   843961  
I wish more people wrote entires like this. I really feel like I'm
getting a grasp on your life this way.
tiggerlemon101 says:   26 July 2010   616825  
Why, thank you.

I presume you mean entries that catalogue life events; not ones that
written in log form because they're lazy.
tiggerlemon101 says :   27 July 2010   184357  


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