Your Pain, My Pleasure. [This Coldhearted Romance of Ours]
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Your Pain, My Pleasure. [This Coldhearted Romance of Ours]
Category: Dejected Minds.
Sunday, 4 July 2010
02:40:02 AM (GMT)
  The luminous lights had aroused me as I slowly opened my eyes; my eyes went
into focus and I furrowed my brows, feeling a headache creeping along. I looked
around to notice that I was in a small room with concrete walls; my hands were tied
to the back of a chair and my feet were shackled.
“What the hell..” I thought to myself in a mix of confusion and rage.
	A man walked in, smirking at me with a switchblade in his hand. He was about six
foot two which was an inch taller than me, he was lean and had toned muscles, his
skin was a smooth olive tone, and his eyes were an aqua green. He looked familiar
like someone I have seen before.
“Cyril, I never thought I’ll see you again. Nor capture you.” He said in a
heavy Italian accent.
“Who the hell are you?” I asked hoarsely.
“You don’t remember me? Even though we met like seven years ago?” He chuckled.
	I just gave the man a blank stare then began to look down at the floor, trying to
remember who he was. His eyes were boring into me and I could feel his smirk while I
was trying to recollect thoughts and memories until it hit me like a right hook to my
jaw. I shot a glare at him as I began to snarl at the man.
“Simone! I will fuckin’ strangle once I get out of here!” I yelled, struggling
to free my hands.
“Oh, I’ll find that very sexy, Cyril. Not to mention that you are my husband who
ran away from me.” He said, watching me struggle.
	I laughed maniacally and he gave me a questioning look which made me smirk. Simone
was indeed my husband but I escaped from him cause he became too obsessed with me.
Holding me as a possession, which was hot until I had enough. He was a belonephilia,
a piquerist, and a pyromaniac; not to mention he’s been out of an asylum which was
probably the odd reason why I found him attractive.
“Simone, babe, how about you come over here and give daddy a little kiss.” I
demanded, licking my lips.
	His eyes lit up with sheer lust and joy as he walked up towards me and bent down to
my level. He crushed his lips upon my mines making the kiss into a ravenous one. I
smirked and bit down on his lip causing it to bleed; he gasped and moved away quickly
while wiping the blood off his lip. I chuckled softly then licked the little bit of
blood that got onto my lip; he stared at me with a hint of disappointment but the
lust was still burning in his eyes. He sat down on my lap, facing me then began to
slowly trail the switchblade down my chest. 
“I don’t know why I always find Russian men sexy, maybe cause you all seem like
coldhearted bastards who just wanna drink and fuck.” He stated, tracing my nipple
with the tip of the blade.
“I just found your insanity very sexy. I mean you literally kidnapped me and locked
me up in here which tells me you really do love me.” I purred, biting his neck.

This is a story that I'm really looking forward to be a summer project. It's similar
to Leech but it'll show a sadomasochist romance unfold before you.

The story will include BDSM, blood, pyro, the usual sadomasochist stuff. :D

valarievixen says:   4 July 2010   880160  
That was pretty darn cool lol. you seem like a good writer i admire
that. keep up with your writings ;D
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   4 July 2010   977634  
:D Yay, another story! -jumps out a window-
‹schreimord†› says :   4 July 2010   324873  
xD Don't get too excited.

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