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I remember in 7th grade...Category: Memories :P
Friday, 2 July 2010
08:41:34 PM (GMT)
I remember in seventh grade, my bff (now ex-bff) Destiny came up to me and said
"Hey, I heard ur going emo...?" And she said it all weird and awkward, and I was like
"Going where emo?" And she sighed and rolled her eyes and walked off..


I don't even know what happened to us. I guess we were just too different to be
friends for long. But then.. we were alike in a lot of ways too. We both loved art
and (she still likes her but I hate her now) Miley (gag) Cyrus. 

I guess she eventually didn't want to be friends with me anymore because...and I
don't hold this agianst her...because she thought she could do better than me. And,
at the time, I agreed! She could be friends with whoever she wanted, but no one ever
wanted to be friends with me. She was immediately popular after we stopped being
friends. Maybe it was also my lack of confidence, and my...dislike for the
popular girls...but, whatever.

The thing is, they were, but they aren't now. Popular, I mean. Sure, their still in
the same group, and they still are more, um, socially noticable, but they
aren't popular. (What I mean is, popular to who? Themselves? They're just a
group of friends. They aren't really a clique anymore.)

This may be creepy to some people, but...

Dessy and I, way back in elementary school, we used to pass notes and stuff. Well, I
still have every note we passed. And all her school pictures, and all the pictures
she drew me (and of me) and all the coloring sheets she did, and all kinds of stuff.
A friendship bracelet, a neclace, a secret code we used to pass notes, a paper where
Dessy wrote down a 'secret handshake' thing. Is that weird? The only reason I kept it
all is because...

...because over a year ago, God told me Dessy and I would be friends again some day.
Weird, right? But, whatever.. 

You know its weird because.. all the things God said to me in the past..

..that Dessy and I would be friends again, that the guy I would marry would be a
Christian and in some way change my life for the better, and that I would 'help
people' who were once like I will be...wow, confusing right? Well I haven't talked to
God in over a year now, so I'm not sure how this is all going to play out. And..Does
it even count anymore? Like I know God is supposed to 'never break promises' and all
that, but what if you break one to him first?


Woah, okay, WAYYY off topic here......eh.........where was I .....


Oh, that's right! Dessy!

Anyways, I can't say how true this is, but I've heard that Dessy is going out with a
19 year old guy (about 5 or so years older than her) and that she smokes (cigarettes
or weed, idk) and that she cuts herself and covers it with makeup, and all kinds of
stuff. But I won't believe anything until I have proof. Or until Destiny gives some
sign that any of that is true.. But I don't really care if it's true... I mean, I
care because I don't want Destiny (or anyone) getting hurt, but for the most part,
this sounds just like Amber, and Amber... Well, Amber whole life is a big question
mark because I can't tell what's a rumor and what's true about her! There are soooooo
many rumors about her, because of a girl names Brooke Harlow. (Her name even sounds
like a whore name. And she is.) Brooke (idk if it Brooke or Brook) tries to ruin her
life. Idk why. Obviously, there must be a reason, so in no way in Amber totally
innocent here, but Brooke is just vicious, and she... Well... Let's just say,
I don't understand her. At all. 

Way off topic again. Sorry. 

Okay. So. Destiny. 

In fifth grade she moved to our school and we were friends at the end of that year
and all through sixth grade. Then we lost touch over the summer and at the beginning
of seventh grade she seemed way different. And than we were friends off-and-on for a
little while after that, but than we just weren't anymore. But even though we were
only friends for a short while, I still consider her to be the best friend I ever had
(besides Wyatt of coarse)...

Wyatt and Destiny and Maddy and Amber. If I could be friends with those people I
would be happy. I'd rather be friends with them than Hayley Williams AND Dahvie
Vanity!!! But... Amber hasn't talked to me at ALL this summer, Maddy and I talking is
rare, and Wyatt hasn't talked to me in a week (we used to talk every day) and
Destiny....well, I already told you about her. SO.....yeah.
Last edited: 2 July 2010

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