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Say you love meCategory: (general)
Saturday, 26 June 2010
03:17:37 AM (GMT)
Damon:what in the world is that?!?
Sarah:what's what?
Damon:that thing right there!
Sarah:it's a duck stupid
Damon:no!not that! i think i'm smart enough to know what a duck is! and besides they
mind their business..this thing is lookin at me really funny
Sarah:well i don't know what your talking about
Damon: just shut up and you'll hear it!
Sarah:.........I DON'T HEAR ANYTHING! i'm leaving, you're crazy
Damon:WAIT! it just moved! and it screeched! was REALLY ugly.....
Sarah:well i'm still lookin and the only things out here are me and.......wait just a
minute here...are you trying to say something?
Damon:well if you're assuming that i'm calling you ugly then your assumption is
correct! :D
Sarah:DUDE!we've been dating for two years! why am i just now hearing this?!?! 
Damon:because we used to always be in public and i didn't want to embarrass
you...that and the fact that i used to just imagine that you were Angelina Jolie
whenever I looked at you hahaha
Sarah:well why did you wait so long to tell me this? @.@
Damon:because i hunt and you dont therefore i can outrun you in a forest if you
decide to make any funny moves 
Sarah:so you want me to try and kill you out here?
Damon: no because i know you don't stand a chance against me in this forest so you
can either apologize for being so ugly and promise to fix it and we can continue
dating and i'll take you home or you can get mad and i'll leave you here alone..your
Sarah: i apologize....FOR EVER WANTING TO DATE A JERK LIKE YOU!!! i don't know what i
even saw in you...
Damon:well as i recall you said you used to love me,tell me why right now and you
don't have to change
Sarah: why is that so important to you?
Damon:well i love you and when i tell you that you act like you don't care anymore
Sarah:well i do care and i still love you with all my heart
Damon:what do you love about me?
Sarah:i love the way you hold me even when i don't ask;you just know when i need it.i
love the way you pick me up every day because you know how i've always wanted to
fly.i love how you look in my eyes and can tell when i'm lying. i love the way you
love me even though i'm always mean and sad or angry. i love the way you love me just
because you can 
Damon:i'm glad that you love me for so much and i love you for loving me and keeping
me from going suicidal. that beautiful face,that smile,those eyes, and that strong
heart keep me holding on everyday.i hold you because i need you,i pick you up to see
your smile,i look in your eyes because they see right through me,and i love you
because you love me even though i have problems
Sarah:why didn't you tell me any of that before?
Damon:because all i want is your happiness
Sarah:being with you is what makes me happy
Damon:good because i don't think i could live without you here to love me
Sarah:neither could i but why did you bring me here to a forest of all places?
Damon:because i wanted a nice spot to propose to you in 
Sarah:you're lying! that almost made me cry....
Damon:yes i am but i'm glad that you tells me that you actually want to
marry me so now i have nothing to worry about 
Sarah:wait do you really ready to marry me?
Damon:if you're ready to be married to a loser like me then yes i am so will you?
Sarah:YES!!!!!! yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes!!
Damon:come here, i haven't held you in a while.....why are you crying?
Sarah:because this is the first time i've ever actually loved someone
Damon:me too and i'm glad it's you 

                                                                      The point i
wanted to make was that if you don't tell the people 
                                                                      you love that
you love them then you could lose them be it a best
boyfriend,a girlfriend,or just someone who needs never
                                                                      know who could
need a little love :3
Last edited: 26 June 2010

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