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Cherry Blossum Snow--{Ni}Category: (general)
Saturday, 29 May 2010
11:26:29 PM (GMT)
Chapter Ni:: Seriously, After Seven Years I forgot Shit and Had to Start From

I was born into a world that you may not understand. 

Taken away and thrown into a prison t age seven. Stoned have to death...

We're called Limits. 

There are these... traits that run through the blood like wild horses, mutating and
evolving as they go. And these bloodline traits, as we call them, allow us to do
pretty much anything. Well, that depends on the person, really. Anyway, these traits
are what seperate us from the rest of society. 

Literally. We are kept in high security, prison-like facilities. Everyone has their
own cell. Some of us are under lock and key in the solitary-like cell blocks, whilst
the rest are kept in... less cramped cells. 

The small amount of us hidden away in Solitary are labelled the "Dangerous Limits,"
or "Dogs." Capitalized because that's how everyone addresses us. Like, "Hey, it's a
dog. Stay away!" It's rather stupid. We're only more dangerous than the majority
because of how much control, skill, and ability we have. 

Yes. I'm a "Dangerous Limit." 

My abilities? Well... Only one of them is an actual bloodline trait. And that trait
allows me to predict a person's movements, torture them inside their minds, copy and
remember (very well) someone else's movements and thoughts, and even control them.
Oh! And sometimes I get visions. Cool, ne? The thing that wasn't really a trait. Read
on. A demon was sealed inside me. Gobi no Houkou; an elemental, five-tailed demon
wolf. He's a nasty little bugger, what with all that bloodlust and straigh up lust;
plus all of his stupid threats, lies, and shit-talking. 

Enough about me. There are still others that need to be addressed and I still need to
give you a tour of this hell-hole. ^.^ 

There are many of us in Solitary. There's Kusanagi Yuki, Inuzuka Kiba (how in the
hellis he in here?! Dangerous my big imaginary dick... More like dumbass), Sabaku no
Gaara (xP), Sabaku no Kankuro, Sabaku no Temari, Akasuna no Sasori, Aburame Shino,
Nara Shikamaru, Uzumaki Naruto, (Chiyoye) Deidara, Chiyoye Ikari, Uchiha Rukia,
Uchiha Sasuke. But everyone else is tucked away in the better cells. Haruno Sakura,
Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee, TenTen, Akamichi Chouji, and a
myriad of others I dont' really know.  

On to the tour! 

Solitary is on the bottom-most level: Underground Floor Yon. That oh-so cramped
cluster of cells is uncomfortable. It's dark and the beds are never cleaned, it's
freezing and there isn't very much room to practice our abilities, and it's very
plain. Seriously. The walls and doors are just a flat gray color. Like these people
plan on boring, freezing, disgusting, just inconveniencing us to death. 

I know I'm being a little vague. 

 But, not knowing very much about the story and characters AND being provoked to read
on by a key character has gotta spark some curiosity. So don't worry. Keep being
curious and all will be explained. Sooner or later. 

Introduction was honestly written by: Chiyoye Amaya, April 6th of 2010. 

From Aosora: Rate and comment! Was it good? Cuz I don't know if I should continue
this or not and I'm sure that if there are future chapters the comments and ratings
will help me improve. <3
Last edited: 30 May 2010

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