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Tuesday, 25 May 2010
12:55:22 PM (GMT)
What am I doing here?  Why does my family seem upset? 

"Aribelle wake up! Please let me know that you can at least hear me," cried mom. As I
touched her hand to let her know I was able to hear her start crying somemore. All I
wanna know is what happened to me, where am I, who am I, how old am I, and why is
everyone so upset.

"Aribelle the doctor is here to check on you I will be outside," says mom. I wake up
to see this amazingly cute doctor who is asking me a bunch of questions. These
question are almost all of the ones I wanna know the answer to myself. 

"Do you know your name?" asked the doctor (I wanna know his name).
"Aribelle. Whats yours?" I said.
"Well thats not important but it is Stephan. Do you know how old you are?" 
"Ummm... 18 I think."
"Correct you are 18. This will be my last question for right now. Do you know what
happened to you?"
"I think I got in a 4-wheeler accident. Can you leave now my body hurts and I wanna
go back to sleep."
"You did get in a 4-wheeler accident. I will leave as soon as I check everything I
have to check. With your progress coming along so fast you might just get out of here
before next weekend."

As the Dr.Stephan walks out the room I think to myself where am I to be getting out
of this place before next weekend. Mom walks in really happy about something so maybe
Dr.Stpehan told her something good he didn't tell me.

"Momma why are you so happy?" I asked.
"Sweetheart they are gonna let you go home tomorrow."
"Where am I?"
" You're in the hospital because of the accident."
"Where is Boyd? I remember him with me in the accident."
"Boyd is fine. He didn't get injured. You were hurt because of the side the truck got
hit on. Boyd has come to see you once when you were unresponsive. He said he couldn't
take seeing you like that, but he called earlier and said that he was coming to see
you after he got off of work."
"I'm scared he won't love me like he used to."

I must have fell back asleep because I don't remember anything until Boyd walked in.
I knew it was him when he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I was so lucky to have him
as my boyfriend. Of course Dr. Stephan had to walk in and ruin a perfect moment
between me and Boyd. He was just there to check everything and take all my IV's and
tube out so I could leave. 

Once I was relised momma let me choose if I wanted to rie home with her or Boyd. Of
course I picked Boyd. 
When I returned home my whole family was there but I wanted to be with Boyd only. So
we went to my room and I changed clothes while we was in the bathroom. When he
entered my room he was so sad and depressed looking.

Boyd said, "All of this is my fault, if I would have been paying attention to the
road that other truck would have never hit us. I want you to know I LOVE YOU
" Boyd I love _____". He cut me off in the middle of my sentence.
"Don't say that you love me because I don't deserve to be loved by someone as special
as you."
"What do you mean I do love you."
"I made out with you bestfriend."
"Just leave and give me time to think this through. I don't wanna loose you  Boyd.
I'm not gonna break up with you I just need time."

He walked out of my room crying. I wanted to be with my family now but I couldn't go
down there. They would think I broke up with him or something and I couldn't take all
the questions. So I laid in my bed crying until someone knocked on my door. It was my
brother, Cyle, who had just come home from college. He has such bad timing.

"Do you wanna talk about it sis?" Cyle asked.
"No. Get out of my room and for the record we didn't break up."
"Then what happened?"
"He made out with Selina."
"And you didn't break up with him?"
"No. I love him. Now GET OUT."
"Whatever sis."

As he leaves my room mom enters and tells me that I have to make the right decisions
for me right now so I can get better. Of course she thinks me staying with Boyd is a
gonna be a set back to getting better. 

"Mom I'm scared," I told her.
"Why sweetheart?"
"There's not a reason."
"Then what are you scared of?"
"Losing Boyd forever."

Mom walks out my room when I tell her this. She must have called Boyd because in the
next five to ten minutes he returned to my house. He quickly apologized and told me
that he never wanted to lose me either. I didn't want to believe him because in the
back of mind I am wondering then why did you kiss Selina, my best friend. Before I
could ask him anything, who else but, Selina walks in my door. I can't even look at
her. "Let me talk to Selina alone please Boyd," I asked?
Last edited: 28 May 2010

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