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Saturday, 22 May 2010
02:00:54 PM (GMT)
k, so im writing a story and im gonna post it chapter by chapter
           here on kupika read if ya wanna and if you can come up with a 
           good title message me and tell me what it is and please don`t 
           criticize it. sok the prolouge  counts as as one
               please enjoy ^.^


"B-brother,help!" I said as a man was pisking me up by my
tail."Kid, your brother ain`t comin so cut it out!"He said 
slapping me, I moved some hair out of my eyes.I am 5 years
old,I have blonde hair ,red eyes ,and black ears and tail."let
me go that hurts!" I said struggling to get free. "Aria! what 
did you do now?" Someone asked ,it was my brother. "I didn`t
do nuthin,brother he just attacked me.' I explained then gripped the white kimono
he was wearing.Unlike me ( a half-demon) my brother is a full demon
we have the same father but different mothers.THE man left already.
"brother look out be hind you !" I said my brother grabbed me and jumped out of the
A boy with silver hair, green eyes and black ears and tail with gold markings pulled
blade from out of the ground."I`m surprised you can still dodge my blade ,niku"
He said with a smirk. "What the hell do you want Kira?" My brother asked him.
"Just here to kill the brat you have with you."Kira said,pointing to me.
"What ,why she`s just a child"Niku said pulling me closer to him by my blue-green
kimono."THE king`s orders and you know as well as I do that they must be followed."
kira said charging at me with his sword.SHUNK.Kira felt the blade peirce flesh and 
blood dripped onto the grass."B-brother?!"I said ,his eyes were becoming distant.
"A-Aria...I can`t...let you...die."he said and with the last of his energy he created
a portal and pushed me
through it."Brother no don`tleave me all alone" I begged ,tears streaming down my

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