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the touch of her skin {read first}Category: (general)
Saturday, 1 May 2010
01:01:56 PM (GMT)
her skin looked so soft, it flushed every now and again contrasting with her blonde
hair, she was trying to reach an apple from the tree but it was just out of reach.
she looked perfect, like out of a storybook. God thought Sam, I cant take it. His
blood was warm already, she set his heart racing just by a glance. He didnt know if
it was just lust or love. He kinda hoped it wasnt love, if it was then shit, boy was
he in deep. But would it be so bad to love her? probably not, ony thing was how was
he supposed to know? was what he was feeling going to go away when
yeah okay, he'd had a girlfriend for 8 months, they were both 17 and much to the
hilarity of his friends had not done IT yet. so hang me he thought, Im doing it for
her, she'd made clear she didn't want sex yet, and he'd stupidly said 'ok i can wait'
only several months down the line it was getting unbearable, a cold shower after
every long make out session. Sam had had sex before, a drunken night he barely
remembered, except for the drive and the climax and the relief of no longer being a
virgin. he wanted to feel that again, only better, it had to be, he was crazy about
this girl, he had no doubt sleeping with her would be amazing, it was just how he
would feel afterward, would this craving for her let up? or linger? Sam just wanted
to know whether it was real and the only measure he had for that was one night of
brilliant sex.
'Chrissie' he shouted, trying to take his mind off things 'do you want me to get
'no' she said. god she was stubborn, but he liked that, apart from when it came to
sex. finally she grabbed the apple off the old tree and came to sit on the bench next
to him.
she took a bite. it drew Sam's attention to her lips, the juice ran off them, he
leaned in and kissed her. an apple kiss, she would think that so romantic. 'hey' she
protested afterwards, but halfheartedly, she snuggled up to him on the bench,
munching and thinking. 'were you okay last night?' she asked
'You know, when you er.... after we made out..'
oh yeah my hard on, god, embarassing, up until then he'd managed to hide it from her
though christ knows how, and by thinking about the contents of his fridge when
kissing her,  you know, to not get too...excited.
'yeah i took a cold shower.....been doing it for a while'

'Oh okay is that what you guys do?' then it sunk in 'oh you mean, it wasn't your
'yeah thats what works for me' he said answering her first question, ah well, better
be honest 'Chrissie, Im crazy about you, I've been getting hard ons for quite a while
'oh' she said, crap, too honest
'im sorry' she added
that took him by surprise
'for what?' i said
'I asked you to wait, im sorry its hard for you....your so good to me' she said
'I know' he said that to tease her, she knew
'you know I've was thinking last night,'
Sam hoped she was thinking what he thought she was thinking.
'Well, Ive been getting a bit, you well' she said, going red, god was she
cute at that moment. But he didnt understand, so he said so and she replied
his heart began to pound, 'so you were thinking' he gently pushed the conversation
back to what she'd mentioned earlier, trying not to let the exctiement he was feeling
show in his voice.
'well maybe we could know...give it a go'
he didnt want to seem too eager, god this was good news, just what he'd been waiting
'yeah maybe' he said 'I dont want to pressurise you though, just cos its hard for me
doesn't mean you should' yes it should he thought. he knew what to say though, to
make her feel better about the whole thing, make her think it was her idea, then
she'd be less likely to say no later on....later on he thought not yet.
'well yeah, your so nice' she said suddenly, 'but I have thought about it a lot and
we both care about each other very much and we're over 16 and I feel
like...yes...lets give it a go' she said
he kissed her deeply, he was so happy he could've started removing her clothes there
and then, they started making out, it was so, good knowing he wouldnt have to stop.
But then she stopped. her breath ragged she said 'Sam, I'm not going back on what I
said, but maybe not now'
'Oh' he said, the feeling of happiness leaving him quickly, she'd changed her mind,
he could tell
'No, its not that, its just we're on a bench, outside'
'I would have taken you inside' he said quietly
'And' she rushed on 'Im on my period'
Damn that blasted period, it was an excuse for bad moods and not to have sex,
although blood on his dick would be a nuisance, he was pretty sure a girl on her
period still could have sex, but it might be a bit painful for her and her wanted her
to enjoy just as much as he knew he would.
'Okay' he said, 'I understand'
'My family are out on thursday next week' she continued 'hows then?'
'Then's fine' he said kissing her again.
'You'll bring something?' she meant a condom,
'Yeah of course' he said, getting her pregnant was not on his list of things to do
'Ill see you on thursday then' she said kissing him a last time and ran away.
God he thought, next thursday! he hadnt woken up expecting to have sex in less than a
week's time. Thursday couldn't come sooner.
Last edited: 1 May 2010

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