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Holy. Shit.Category: (general)
Friday, 30 April 2010
01:33:34 AM (GMT)
Life is really hectic right now so excuse me while I rant and pardon my language First off, I'm fucking sick Usually I'm fine while I'm sick but this sickness is just kicking my ass and I can't just lay back and relax The school musical opened on Monday and I've been busy with that so I'll probably be sick for ages Secondly, I'm a bit... depressed, I guess I've been thinking way too much about him I refuse to type his name; I must just break down if I do He meant the world to me and it just bothers me so much that he's gone Fuck. And finally, my fucking father is bothering the shit out of me He left me and my mom when I came out of the closet He said something along the lines of "No son of mine is going to be a fucking fag" Stupid, I know, but it doesn't bother me Now, though, I want to kill him Apparently he's been talking to my mom about sending me somewhere to de-gay me What the fuck is that shit? De-gay? Can you even do that? Whatever, my mom's not sending me anywhere; she's totally ok with my sexuality It just bothers me that now, two and a half years later, he decides he wants me de-gayed Asshole. /rant

‹DeadandGone.› says:   30 April 2010   852935  
I don't see why he has a fucking problem with your
sexuality.I mean,It's not his decision whether you're gay or not.Your
mom loves you the way you are,and I love you the way you are.He should
too,because sexuality shouldn't mean anything to him.You're his son,I
mean come on.And you're not a "fucking fag." as he said,you're
Arian.(Not to mention you're my bitch,but that's not important right
now.) He should love you for who you are,and not just freak out
because you're gay.
‹Claudia;; PrincessPoppycock♥› says :   1 May 2010   467804  
Love is love and nobody can change that. He can't change you. I love
you the way you are now. Whenever I hear anyone say anything against
gays I nearly punch their faces because I find nothing wrong with it.
I've done an entire speech on gay rights before for school, I had put
full proof fact in it that shut the "homophobes" in my class, up.
Arian, I'm here and I love you. Alexis loves you. All of your friends
love you. What he says means nothing. Ignore his existance like I do
with my "father" and if you need someone to talk to I'm here and you
can get my number from Lexi. Get better soon from your cold and I love
you (again...) <3

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