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just kidding, i don't listen to the radio.Category: (general)
Friday, 2 April 2010
09:50:24 AM (GMT)
What is your condiment of choice?
mayo. huhuhu

Where are you right now(be specific)?
at my computer desk.
that's about as specific i can be.

Do you like taking showers?
i do, i do.

How come?
because it's warrmm.

Have you ever played foursquare?
what? no

If you could have one wish, besides unlimited wishes and money, what would it be?
.. why no money?

What would you do if the person you like just appeared next to you?
oh goodness
i would be disappointed because i have yet to jump in the shower.

If you had to choose between eating human testicles or having every hair on your body
being plucked out one by one, what would
you choose?
what the fuck?

When was the last time you looked outside?
uhhh this morning when i woke up

Do you prefer Larry the Lobster or Dr. House?
Dr. House by faarrr

If you could have a one night stand with anyone in the world who would it be?
loololol ahmm too many to pick from

Would you rather lick inside a 70 year old mans ear or a cats butt?

In the event of a zombie apocolyspe, what would you do first?
Get my ass over to Ahmad's house, then we'd go to Taylor's house
and wait for Sarver.
We've planned this out already lmfao

Do you think the world will end in 2012? if so, how?
Baahh silly people.

What’s the capital of Alaska?
your mother?

Did you shower today?
nope. brothaa is in the shower atm.

Is there anyone that gives you butterflies in your stomach?
a feewww

What color is your underwear?

On average, how many times a day do you think you swear?
idfk, too much probably

biting nails, crossing arms, laughing when i'm nervous, 
one of my hands on the side of my neck when i'm scared,
aaand. that's about it.

Do you prefer Unicorns over Pegasus’?
Pegasusss. They have wings, man.

Vampire, warewolf, or zombie?
Zommbiee ♥

If you could have some super bad ass power what would it be and why?
Intuitive Aptitude. (y)

How long do you usually take in the shower?
10 minutes if i'm rushed.
20 if i'm not haha

Are all these questions about showers creeping you out?
not reeally

What is the closest thing to you that’s blue?
my sockss

Can you balance a spoon on your nose?
i cannot.

What’s your favorite place to party?

What do you usually wear to bed?

Are you 44?
i am not

Are you 18?
i am not

Are you 23?
i am not

Are you 16?
i am. C:

Are you a boy, girl, alien, and/or hermaphradyte?

What time was it 17 minutes ago?

If yesterdays tomorrow is today then what is tomorrow’s yesterday?

Do you know any good jokes?
nnnooo i and i realized this yesturdaay

If yes, would you like to share one?

Who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese sandwhich and a taco?
Grilled cheese. because taco's are shit.

Have you ever been sent to a mental hospital?
no lmfao

Have you ever done “nasty” things with someone?
nnnno i but i bet dj has

Do you like it in the butt?
LMFAO taylor does

Favorite word?

When you answer this question, what will it say?

Call me Mr. Flinstone?

What’s the 17th txt in your inbox say?
you really want me to go get my cell
that's all the bloody fuckin way upstairs?

Put your hand out in front of you. What’s there?
haaai screeen

Communism or dictatorship?
My Civics teacher calls me Stalen.

Have you ever attempted suicide?
huhuhu yeah like 3 years ago

Do you giggle when someone says “duty”?

Are you sleepy?
not reeally

If you were to become president what law would you change first?
First off, ahm.. We have Prime Ministers.
And second, I'm not sure if I'd wanna fuck around with the laws
because they're pretty much there for a reason.

What new law/laws would you create?
.. maybe i'll legalize cocaine and see what happens

What holiday would you get rid of?
uhh, probably none because i would just get bitched at
by bible gropers and whatnot

What holiday would you create?
none. but march break = the whole month of march.

Do you think you’d be assassinated?

Have you ever made out with your pillow?
no sir lmao

Doesssss itttt botherrrrr youuu whennnn peopleeee writeeeeee likeeeee thisssssssss?
nooo beeecauseee i dooo toooo

Are there any songs that make you want to take of your clothes?
lmfaolmfao no

Do you like to dance when your by yourself?
not really. i tried once and i slammed into a desk

Have you ever kicked a elephant?
i have not.

Do you cry in the movies where the dog dies?
i'd probably laugh

Do you have any diseases, disorders, syndromes?
uhh not currently

If yes, would you mind sharing?
:U i had a skin eating disease when i was in kindergarten - grade 2?

Do you take any meds?

Do you prefer to be naked or clothed?
clothed plz

Do you sleep with your socks on?
if i'm cold, yeah


Now turn on your radio and make the title of this whatever line there on.

‹DasAtem› says:   2 April 2010   577254  
Have you ever done “nasty” things with someone? nnnno i but i bet dj has Do you like it in the butt? LMFAO taylor does
‹J▲C K› says :   2 April 2010   497679  
you laugh because you have no comebacks against that.
because it's true. 

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