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Saturday, 27 March 2010
06:34:27 PM (GMT)
So, Since I haven't been able to watch FMA:B, I went onto FUNimation to check it
out, and I noticed there was a new section for trailers. So, I thought "Ok, this must
be for the Blu-ray."

It was.

Didn't realize it was english though.

And guess who they got for Edward.

Vic Mignogna.



I'm pissed.

I never liked his voice that much for Ed in the english. (I had to endure his voice
in the PS2 games...) 
I guess it's because I'm so used to how he sounds in Japanese, something about it is
Or, maybe it's because a man in his late 40's is voicing a 15 year old boy.


Well, I've seen worse. *Looks at the english voice actor of Naruto, who is an old
granny voicing a 12 year old. Talk about awkward.*

Another thing that shocks me is, that in his resume, he has voiced different people
in, like 40 other anime's. (Air Gear, D-Gray.Man, Darker then Black, Bleach,
Claymore, D.N. Angel, and Code Geass just to name a couple of the ones which stand
out to me.)

It also says that it's a "new Anime, New Story."

*Punch to the face*

And, to top it off, I only have one way to watch Blu-ray if I were to get it.
That'd be on my PS3.
At first, it may not sound like a huge issue.
It's in the middle of our living room.
Unless I get another Blu-Ray for my room, I can't watch it without everyone in my
family suffering bad voice acting. (Oh yeah, I only heard Alphonse's voice once in
the whole trailer, it sounds like his old english voice actor, Aaron Dismuke.
Again. My bad, it's a new voice actor. His name is Maxey Whitehead. You might
recognize him as Antonio from Romeo x Juliet.) Although, Aaron Dismuke isn't being
left out. He's coming as...LING?! Alphonse = Ling?! WTF?!?! *brain dies* (Although,
that's an unreliable source, so I don't think there's a high chance of it, but Aaron
IS coming back sometime in the series...)

I mean, this is what they did in Japan too, so really, I shouldn't be surprised, but
I was actually hoping that Romi Park would come back to do Ed, because I
actually LIKE her voice as Ed. (Yes, The japanese voice actor is a girl. Japan does
that a lot, and personally, I couldn't be happier with the way they sound most of the


Sorry, my rant probably a bit repetitive, but...Eh. I don't really care right now.
Also, sorry to anyone who LIKES his voice as Ed. (as strange as that sounds to me.)
This is just my own personal opinion. (Remember, most of you are Americans, and have
Freedom of  Speech. We in Canada have that too.)
Last edited: 29 March 2010

‹CaptainLlama~› says:   27 March 2010   976440  
Hey, he's a great voice actor. D:<
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   27 March 2010   168202  
I only read halfway, btw.
I've read it all now. C:

Why don't you just get it on DVD?
And isn't there like, a menu where you can select the language to
japanese with subs?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 March 2010   928952  
I'm not denying he's a bad voice actor.
I just don't like his voice as the fictionous boy I happened to fall
in love with. (Makes me feel dirty in a way, loving a character who is
voiced by a 40-something year old man. ._.'')

As far as I know, it's only coming out on Blu-ray.
And besides, even if it DOES have the Japanese voice acting, there's
the issue with blood and swearing. (My parents barely know the extent
of it. Heck, my dad has only seen one page of the book. I'm sure my
parents wouldn't be happy having that on the TV screen of our living
Kirti says:   27 March 2010   633280  
Several of my friends are Vic Magnina fangirls. Not of the characters
he's voiced directly- of the stupid American dub actor. We keep on
fighting about it. 

Me: The shows are originally Japanese. The Japanese directors choose
the actors who protray the character best. Therefore, any replacement
actor for that part is wrong.
Marissa and Ashely: Except Vic Magnana <3
Me: Especially him, he's a lousy monotone... *grumble*
Ashely and Marissa: Raaaaaaaaawr!
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   29 March 2010   139008  
Isn't Vic Whatshisface Tamaki from Ouran's voice actor?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   29 March 2010   916267  
He could very well be, I don't know, I haven't watched Ouran before. I
wouldn't be surprised if he did. 
Bootheghost says:   29 March 2010   804608  
Kinda off-topic, but is Travis Willingham voicing Roy again? 8D
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   29 March 2010   766070  
I don't know for sure, I didn't hear his voice in the Trailer. I bet
if we did a bit of research, we could find the cast somewhere. 
Bootheghost says:   29 March 2010   892732  
Well, I don't really mind about Vic voicing Ed (I'm used to it from
the first series, tbh).
I don't like Al either, so I don't care.

Basically, I watch FMA for Roy Mustang.
Yep. :D

I shall go and do some digging on the interwebz~~
Kirti says:   29 March 2010   108578  
Yep. He also does the suckish dub of the opening song for DNAngel. 
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   30 March 2010   192131  
I've been meaning to watch DNAngel, but I've been busy with Naruto xD 
Kirti says:   30 March 2010   330311  
Don't want it- read the manga. Or at least, read the manga first. The
anime was made to please Satoshi fan girls, at the expence of some
plot elements. 
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says :   31 March 2010   745085  
Kay, I always found the mangas better than animes anyway xD 


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