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i thought i was such a good writer.Category: (general)
Friday, 12 March 2010
05:59:09 PM (GMT)
Jailbird In Jersey
it was dark as i was lying in bed. so dark i could barely see my hand in front of my face. my parents had gone out for the night, so it was just me and my sister at home. i was nearly falling asleep when i heard a noise downstairs. curiously, i got up to see what it was. i walked down the stairs as quietly as i could and went into the kitchen to see if something had fallen, i went to turn the light on when all of a sudden something grabbed me from behind. i was scared, and had no idea what to do. i tried to scream but the mysterious stranger had already covered my mouth. i woke up in a dark, cold room. my head hurt. i had been knocked out and dragged to this wretched place. i heard voices behind me/ when i turned around i saw three men arguing. as i rubbed my temples, to get my bearrings, i caught a glimpse of their faces. i'd seen these men before. think think think, i thought to myself. suddenly, someone got up. one of the three men was walking towards me. i was debating on whether i should try to run away, but, what was the use? the man than took me up to the attic. he said to me, "don't you move a muscle" and went downstairs. i remembered i had my cell phone in my jean pocket. i pulled it out and dialled 911. "911, what is your emergency?" said the operator on the other end of the phone. "i...i've been kidnapped. i d...d...don't know where i am." "okay miss. calm down. we'll track you down to see where you are, just stay on the line." i did as i was told. after what seemed like an hour, the operator said, "okay, we have the police on their way." ijust sat there. about five minutes later i heard the faint sound of sirens. i looked outside the tiny window in the attic. the police cars were driving towards me. i was relieved. suddenly, i heard a commotion downstairs. the police had broken in. there was a knock on the attic door. the sound of it made me jump. it was a police officer. he informed me that the kidnappers' names were brian o'donnell, stephen lambursher, and matt costerra. he also told me that they had been arrested and would be in jail for at least twenty years. this news calmed me down a little, but not calm enough. knowing that they had a chance to be released frightened me. i was driven back home by one of the police men. when i arrived home my mother and father were standing at the door. their cheeks were read and damp, and my mothers make up was running. it didn't matter. i was so happy to see them. i ran as fast as i could and hugged them. we just stood there for awhile. when i was back in their arms i felt safe, protected. we went inside and my mother and father told me how worried and scared they were and how i had done the right thing by calling the police. i wasn't paying to much attention to them though. i was still busy figuring out where i had seen these three men before. where had i seen them? this thought would not leave my mind. when i went to bed i lay down and stared nonchalantly at my ceiling. "i got it!" i shouted, as if someone were actually listening to me. i had finally figured out where i had seen them. four days ago my sister samantha had a party at our house. she's a sophmore in highschool and our parents were out of town. what would any normal highschooler do? there at her her party, were those three men. i'll type the rest later.

‹mrs. northman ♥› says :   12 March 2010   660563  
i love your writing style. jealousy is within landonnn. x]


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