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Wednesday, 17 February 2010
07:24:52 PM (GMT)

     She took the oak bow from the ground, drew the string and pointed the arrow at
Ana, only after realizing Ana wasn't paying Lindie any attention at all; her eyes
were locked with Jame's, and as they began circling each other, Lindie stepped back
into the shadows.
     "Whatever drug you two are on, I'd like some of it."
     James smirked. "Too afraid to fight?"
     Ana responded with a quick blow to his shoulder, which he blocked. They
exchanged blows, only to be blocked by one another several times. James was fast with
his blows, but Ana was fast on her feet. Odds turned against James several times
before his blade was at Ana's chest, and they were both breathing heavily. Ana
dropped her weapon, though James kept his sword where it was. "Are you looking for
the Key?" He demanded.
     "Maybe, maybe not." 
     James brought the blade closer to her chest. "Tell me."
     "I am."
     "Are you under orders?"
     "None but my own."
     Lindie stepped into view, her fingers digging into the bunny's stomach. She
swept blond hair from her face and stepped closer. "Join us, then. We can restore
Scenery together."
     Ana smirked, as if the short girl was no more than an insect. "I've got my own
plans for the Key. But if you will, James, I'd like you to remove your blade from my
chest and I will continue on my way." James did so, and she turned her back. Jame's
footsteps faded until he was gone, but the girl did not leave. She stood there with
her stuffed bunny, looking at Ana, even though Ana did not look at her. 
     They stood like that for a few moments, until Ana swiveled around, her dark eyes
meeting Lindie's bright ones. "The world isn't a kind place, Lindie. And don't you
dare start to think that here is, either. You're walking quite a tightrope, but so
are they, right in on the borderline of good and evil." And with that, she walked

     Two or three days passed until James and Lindie came upon a larger body of
water, and they drank from the rivers and feasted on berries, neither of which could
be proven safe but were done anyway. 
     Lindie was the first to see the Creatures, the ones that looked so much like
humans. Naiads, the folklore called them. There were about three. The first one had
blond, blond hair, almost as light as Lindie's. She had a narrow nose and a round
face, and a small mouth. Her eyes were a hazel color, a combination of green and
brown. The second had black hair that fell like a waterfall down her chest. Her
features were similar, though her eyes were a dark brown. The third had red hair and
dark eyes, with features most like the first's.
Last edited: 24 February 2010

Pastry says:   17 February 2010   916239  
 center> Yayy >u< 
♥ i love.
Pastry says :   17 February 2010   348099  
blahh ignore the center part xD


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