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Tuesday, 2 February 2010
09:51:31 PM (GMT)
Lol, no one remembers my character's faces! I feel lame being my characters.

Who/What are you?
Rainger: I'm a spiritual protector! 8D
Somnus: What I am is simply an overseer.
Tikva: I'm like Somnus, except I oversee different things! >3<
Tatsu: A young man.
Eilian: I'm a gentleman with the politest manners of any kind. n__n

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Rainger: People like me don't have those.
Somnus: I don't believe I do.
Tikva: I have a cousin. 8D
Tatsu: No.
Eilian: Not at all, then the family fortune would be split!

What's your height?
Rainger: Uh, uh... I'unno, 5'10".
Somnus: Five feet, nine point three inches.
Tikva: Hm, I think I'm around 5' 5! :3
Tatsu: 5'9.
Eilian: Tall enough to be top~ WinkwinktoSeiko.

How old are you?
Rainger: You could say I'm 19. 8I
Somnus: Assume my age at your pleasure.
Tikva: How old do I look? x3
Tatsu: 17.
Eilian: Twenty-four and rich.

Are you a virgin?
Rainger: IT DOESN'T MATTER--!! >8///U
Somnus: -//_//-;
Tikva: ~<3 ; D
Tatsu: Why wouldn't I be?
Eilian: -ChuckleChuckle.- -u-

Who's your mate/spouse?
Rainger: I don't have one, unless you mean the guy I'm paired with to protect Anton,
then it's that stupid Soren Xarelalkgjlkdflsg.
Somnus: I know one that would call himself that. -quietmuttering.-
Tikva: Vassilios! 8333
Tatsu: No. >|
Eilian: Do play things count~?

Do you have any kids?
Rainger: No... 8|
Somnus: -Shakes head.-
Tikva: Kind of? 8D
Tatsu: No.
Eilian: I have Seiko~ but I am not his father. ;]

What's your favorite food?
Rainger: MEEAAAAT.
Somnus: I have no preference.
Tikva: I like cotton candy! :o
Tatsu: Tempura shrimp. -n-
Eilian: Ice cream~ ;-]

Have you ever killed anyone?
Rainger: Well, they were kind of already dead.
Somnus: Only if the need presents itself.
Tikva: I do the opposite of that! 8D
Tatsu: Gods, no.
Eilian: How so...? My money can go a long way.

Do you hate anyone?
Somnus: -Shakes head.-
Tikva: I don't like Vier too much... but I like everyone else. 8D
Tatsu: Zephir-san. He never uses proper honorifics with me but seems to use them for
everyone else.
Eilian: Never~

Do you love anyone?
Rainger: ... Anton. ;A;
Somnus: It would be unwise for me to 'love' anyone.
Tikva: Vassilios~ -Swoon.- *3*
Tatsu: I know who I DON'T love.
Eilian: Seiko-chan, Seiko-chan~

What is your job?
Rainger: To protect Anton! >8U
Somnus: I watch over 5's creations.
Tikva: I bring 5's creations to life! 8DDDD
Tatsu: Doing Zephir-san's job.
Eilian: Living in the lap of luxury~

What do you do to relax?
Rainger: I find that French faggot and we fight. >8D
Somnus: The highest point in the area is a wonderful place to survey the land from.
Tikva: Napping with Vassilious~ >3<
Tatsu: Reading a good book while Zephir-san's not awake. He's noisy.
Eilian: I play with Seiko~ -u-

There's a person who's teasing you; what could you do? 
Rainger: Beat him to a pulp! >8u
Somnus: Ignoring such a thing would be wise.
Tikva: That's not too nice. 8'| Volodimir teases me sometimes, but he's my cousin.
Tatsu: If it's Zephir-san, I'd just put his floor bed in the hallway.
Eilian: Tease them back~ -Smirk.-

Let's say there's a person you really care about but she/he doesn't know your
feelings. How do you tell her/him?
Rainger: ... ;A; ;A; -CRYCRYCRY.-
Somnus: My feelings must be unrequited.
Tikva: Hints! ;3;
Tatsu: Say, a person that dates a girl while he subconsciously hits on you? =A=
Eilian: I'll make my feelings known. -Sly grin.-

What kind of powers do you have?
Rainger: I can rearrange spiritual particles. 8D Or something!
Somnus: My whip has the ability to subdue whatever it touches.
Tikva: Life! 8DDDD
Tatsu: I open up a fancy piece of scroll and in goes the monster. Stupid Zephir-san
thinks his sword is the real magic. =A=
Eilian: My eyes can see the future and past of whatever they look at. -Eyes

What is your sexuality?
Rainger: I'm not a faggot like Cipher Wallace. o uo
Somnus: I do not have a set in stone sexuality, for there is no need for me to have
Tikva: Um, I love Vassilios. I'm not attracted to anyone else. D8
Tatsu: I'm straight. LIES.
Eilian: Whatever looks cute~

Rainger: Beef tacos? 8D
Somnus: What is are 'tacos'?
Tikva: Tacos? .-.
Tatsu: I prefer traditional Japanese foods.
Eilian: Too low class for someone of my position!

Ever slept in All day?
Rainger: NO -- I have a job to do!
Somnus: Once or twice on rare 'off' days. It's blissful. I wake up with strange
marks, though.
Tikva: Only if Faulenz hasn't created anything for a while. :3 But he usually makes
something every so often.
Tatsu: Who can sleep with Zephir-san being so noisy in their room?
Eilian: By slept, do you mean...? >]

Eye colors?
Rainger: Celadon? Is that the color? -Dictionaries.-
Somnus: Dark Gray.
Tikva: Pink! 83
Tatsu: Dark brown.
Eilian: One is blue, the other is bronze~

Rainger: Green.
Somnus: My hair is white with red coloring at its ends.
Tikva: Pink! >3>
Tatsu: Reddish-Brown.
Eilian: A rich blonde.

Rainger: I work out. See my abs? -ShowShow.- -u-
Somnus: My physique is agile enough for my duties.
Tikva: I'm a little thing. 8D
Tatsu: Slim, unlike the French man that tries convince me he is built by flashing his
Eilian: A bit on the slim side~

Rain, sunshine?
Rainger: Sunshine. Rain is for losers.
Somnus: Both can be beautiful in their own sense.
Tikva: Sun! :o
Tatsu: Sunshine, because if it's raining that means stupid Zephir-san will be in the
house. My room, most likely. Annoying me.
Eilian: Rain or shine, we're doing things. ;]

Pool, Beach?
Rainger: Beach! 8D
Somnus: The beach has proven to be beautiful on the right days.
Tikva: The beach has shells! >3> Sometimes Faulenz will get his materials from there
on special days. :o
Tatsu: The beach is a far trip, but I can't say the pool is any good.
Eilian: Ever had a good fling in the sand? ;-]

Camping, staying home?
Rainger: Staying at Anton's house. 8D
Somnus: The circus camps at a different place every week. A home would be nice.
Tikva: Staying home with Vassilious~ >3<
Tatsu: I remember a camping trip with Zephir-san once. We had to share a sleeping
bag. I do not want that to happen again.
Eilian: Staying home, unless my dear Seiko-chan wants to go camping~

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