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My idiosyncracies part IICategory: The science of adolecence
Friday, 29 January 2010
12:15:31 AM (GMT)
I knew I'd need more xD
And you know I'll probably end up with a part three, somewhere.

9) When I read something in a book that I find particurarly hilarious, I will read it
again, laugh again, and read it outloud (whispering) while still laughing. Thus, one
could say that the crazier I sound while reading, the better the book it.

10) I judge my day based on what it's like getting on the school bus.

Ex. I walk out the door and to the end of the street in a leisurly fashion, and no
more than five-mississippi-seconds after I become stationary the bus pulls up. I turn
my messenger bag sideways and battle through only four sets of legs and thirty sets
of eyes giving me weird looks, stand awkwardly for only ten seconds while my
associate-by-neccisity Matt scoots over to make room, and Matt falls asleep again
until we reach the school two minutes later.  My conclusion? It'll be an okay

11) Lately whenever I read a book, watch a movie, see a photo- anything like that- I
get what I call a "The Making Of Sense". I will inexplicably we aware of what was
happening to create whatever it is. Like, I'll read a paragraph and realize that the
author didn't intend to put it in, it was recomended by an editor and he loved the
idea. Stuff like that.

12) I think hand sanitizer smells really good, but can never actually enjoy smelling
it because I'm afraid it might get me high or something.

13) I don't consider it a waste of food if I feed it to an animal.

Sister: Oh my gosh, why aren't you eating that veggie burger, it's such a waste!
Me: It's gross! Who makes a burger out of rice? The term "veggie burger"
should imply to it's creator that vegetables should be involved.
Sister: So, what, you're just going to waste the entire thing?
Me: It's not wasting, the squirells can eat it!

14) I don't sing in the shower. Someone might hear me.

15) Even though someone might hear me as I walk by their house, I sing pretty loudly
as I walk home from school.

16) If a boy ever tried to confess his love for me by using the phrase "I think
about you all the time," I would turn him down no matter what my feelings for him
were. I couldn't date a boy who thinks about me on the toilet.

17) Part of the reason I dislike some people is that they dislike me, and I'm jealous
of them because I dislike me too, but I have to deal with myself all the
time. Gosh, if you hate me and you aren't me, then just freakin' avoid me. (This
is slightly exageratted from the truth.)

18] Lately whenever people call me crazy I get really offended (even if they say it
like a joke.) I don't know if it's because some people really beleive that I am, or
that I just don't want to be, but that's what happens.

Ashely: Don't make me write your name in the DeathNote!
Me: Don't make me use my pet bunny as magical wings to fly away with!
Ariana: Janet, you are one of the craziest friends I have.
Me: No I'm not!!
Ashely: *taken aback* 
Ariana: *taken aback*
Marissa: Janet was referncing DNAngel, Ashely was referencing DeathNote.

Comments on this or the previous entry will make me a very happy weirdo.
Last edited: 1 June 2010

‹Panda  Bear› writes:   29 January 2010   426558  
I do number 9 and 14.

Oroborus21 says:   29 January 2010   970743  
did you really write these? they are very clever in a way. you are
quite bonkers of course but i think that mostly everyone is in their
own ways.

who is going to hear you sing in the shower?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   29 January 2010   338258  
I...can actually relate to you. At least to #14 and #15.
Shower-singing is risky for me because my brother is often in the next
room. (I have the basement, and he often goes down there, because
that's were most of our gaming systems are.) So, often, if I sing,
he'll be like "SHUT UP!" through the door. 

On the contrary, if my brother isn't walking home with me, I will sing
to myself, but quiet when I'm passing someone.
Kirti says :   29 January 2010   343099  
My house only has one bathroom, so it's at the center of the house,
and the rooms near it don't have doors. Plus my sister brings her
radio into the bathroom when she showers, and I can hear that.

But yes, I am not the only person with shower-stage-fright!

Yeah, I write these. I like to think that if I can write them out in a
rational way, it'll make me not-crazy. 


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