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I done this diary backwards. YES, I am that cool. (H)Category: (general)
Friday, 1 January 2010
12:08:13 AM (GMT)
so, in a relationship ? 
dirka dirk.

Who'd you last talk to on the phone and for how long? 
Imma say Barbara. And for like 30 seconds. :/

Who are 3 people that know the most about you? 

would you want to know the date of your death? 

last person you hugged? 
mommy <3

Is there a person that you can go to in sweats, hair a mess and still feel
Well, can you stop me?

Name something you would NOT tolerate in a relationship? 

Does the last person who put their arm around you mean anything to you? 
mommy <3

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 years from now? 

Hook- up or the whole relationship? 
Whatever works, right?

Could you go a whole year without cursing? 
Hahahahahahhahahaha. You're not serious?

Have you snuggled with someone you weren't dating? 

Are you happy with the way things are going? 

How's your love life? 
Non-existent, of course.

Who was the last person who called you? 
Uh, dunno.

Do you throw up gang signs? 

Have you ever had sex in church? 
Every day?

Would you lose your virginity to your neighbor? 
No, he's old. And neighbor-y. Just, no.

Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset? 

You got laid last night, didn't you? 
not at all.

Do you believe in forever? 

Do you know a guy named David? 

Have you ever kissed someone with braces? 

How do you feel about girls smoking? 
I hope you burn your ass. Literally. >:D

Do you get along more with girls or guys? 

Do you know anyone that smokes pot? 

So what do you want for your birthday? 

Can money buy happiness? 
I'm going to say yes.

Do you think you'll have the same boyfriend/girlfriend a year from now? 
Got narn maid. 

If you ended up in jail, who would be most likely to end up in there with you? 
uhm, I really don't know.

Were you single on Valentine's Day? 

Have you smoked a cigarette today? 

Are you dating anyone currently? 

Has anyone ever called you perfect before? 
hahahahah, noway.

How's your hair looking? 
No worse then usual I suppose.

Anyone you would like to get things straight with? 

Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around? 
well, I'm not gonna be anyone esle. If you don't like it FFFF OFF AND DIEEEEEEE.

Would you rather your partner have gorgeous eyes or a gorgeous smile? 

Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes? 
Well, if you reeeeally wann turn your beautiful pink lungs black.. go ahead :3
but ya shouldn't

Do you think relationships are hard? 
They deffinately should not be.

Suppose you find out something bad happens to someone you dislike, what do you do? 
:3 nothing.

Can you recall the last time you liked someone? 

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? 
Pedo bear might be, but noone else.

How many people do you trust fully? 
Well, let's not go there shall we?

What do you notice more, somebody's eyes or body? 

When you're bored in class, what do you usually do? 
Whatever I wanna.

When is the last time you saw the person you like? 
Well, I don't like anyone. I see him all the time. <3

How do you handle a rainy day? 

Are you happy right now? 
Well, I'm not unhappy.

Do you love the last person you called? 

Do you miss the way things used to be? 

What are you excited for? 
well, nothing really now.

What were you doing 30 minutes ago? 
Same as what I'm doin now.

What's on your schedule for tomorrow? 
uhm, wherever the wind blows me?

What should you be doing right now? 
Your mother, for sure. Can't believe I stood her up again.

Who are you talking to on msn? 
Josh and Justine

‹Joshwarr!A.D.D!› says:   3 January 2010   684301  
What you were speaking to me? Lol
StickThatInYourJuiceBoxAndSuckIt says :   3 January 2010   440132  
omg another josh! XD
and no I wasnt haha XD 

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