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Wednesday, 23 December 2009
10:19:01 PM (GMT)

               Zeke wipes them away and foot steps are heard. Trying to stop crying
and shaking, I buried my head into his chest hoping Zeke will lead me to the nurse,
but instead he stiffens. Automatic reaction of mine was to stiffen and run the
opposite direction of the footsteps, and they sound only four feet away. Something
roughly grabs my shoulder and spins me around, and I barely had time to gasp, the
pain was terrible and the surprising spin was no better. Jake Fuller, a jock, stood
there, he looked hurt. His hazel eyes glisten in the school light, and the tears that
started to form. I couldn't say nothing just study him in confusion. His blond hair
covered his forehead and ears. I couldn't look down to see what he was wearing
because his other hand griped my chin so I had to look at him in the face. The pain
couldn't get any worse. I clinched my fist, waiting for him to try to hurt me, but
instead I grabbed my cell, silently and hidden from all view, called our principal's
office, so she would hear it all. I could tell Mrs. Weresoul picked up because the
phone stopped vibrating from ringing. Trust me, this isn't usual, but me and that
principal are pretty good friends. 
	He continued to stare. I was struggling to get free. I began I move back, not caring
if I bumped into Zeke, and he grabbed my lower back and pulled me close to him. I
tried harder, this didn't feel right.
	"Jake....," I squirmed for some room, put the phone in my back pocket, and searched
for the right words, "Jake, let me go. You're hurting me." Jake's eyes started to
flood with water. I grabbed his forearm, the same arm that pulled me close to him,
and pushed it away. He let me, but once I started to back out he reeled me in again.
He had bent his head towards mine. I knew what was next and I had little time to act.
I turned my face, and he followed. His lips were inches away from mine, and I looked
at Zeke. My own eyes began to tear up, and I did the only thing I could think of at
the moment.
	My fist slammed into his nose, and I heard a displeasing cracking noise. He stumbled
away from me, surprised. I ran to Zeke and started to tremble. Zeke, no less
surprised than Jake, just stood there as I hugged him, with his arms out. It took him
a good, long eight seconds to catch up to all the action. He hugged me back and I
could smell blood. I started to gag. I hide my face into Zeke's shirt, his scent was
enjoyable, to me at least. My hormones began to surround my life around him. I loved
him. I couldn't stand to be with someone else, and I then realized others wanted me.
	Jake stood up and blood dripped from his chin. He looked white as a ghost. I looked
at him, to see the damage I had made. His eyes widened.
	"Why? Why did you do that? I love you... Alexia, I love you." Jake said. By the
minute I had this feeling, this will be one heck of a day. I stared him down.
	"Jake, I don't love you. I never have. You never cared for me, why now do you take
action?" My eyes narrowed, now getting furious. "I never have loved you. Don't
bother. "Jake watched me with a hurt expression. I really didn't care at the time,
and I don't think I ever would. Zeke's hands went to my hips. My acrimony faded once
I noticed this touch. I leaned against Zeke, not thinking of my actions, and stared
at Jake. Jake stared back, not realizing our embrace.
	"Alexia," he chuckled, "How can you not love me? I am the most popular boy in school
for Pete's sake!" The blood kept dripping making a rhythm.
	"Jake, there is a lot you don't know. Only popular girls like you. I am, and glad,
not one of those girls. I am who I am. You," I had nod my head toward him, "are not
my type for one, and secondly, I will never be with someone like you." He looks
surprised by my remark, which was spoken calmly, above all that punch.
	"There is someone else? You like someone else? Who-" I cut him off, with a sharp
	"What gave you that conclusion? I didn't say I did. I might though, you'll never
	"Who is it?" He asked urgently. He seemed peeved, with a pinch of revenge. That made
my next question bubble through my lips.
	"Why do you want to know?" Zeke moved his hands away from Jake's sight, even though
Jake didn't spot what he was doing. Jake only kept his eyes on my face, and mine on
	"I have my reasons. I just need to know." It clicked. Right then I knew why he was
doing all of this.
	"How much is he paying you, you whore?" I was near punching him again. Zeke leaned
his head to my ear.
	"Alexia, what are you talking about?" He whispered.
	"How did you know?" Jake had a evil smile spread across his face.
	"Just tell me you son of a gun." I glowered at him, he seemed to like my anger
expression, but he wont like my dangerous fist connecting to his neck and jaw. "A
certain someone paid me to watch you, and find out what and whom you like."
	A bitterly laugh had come out of my throat. It was Wray, wasn't it?"
	Zeke's grip on my back-hip tightened. Jake was shocked once more. "Well, well.
You're not as stupid as I thought you were." I smiled and held up my cell phone.
Putting it on speaker Jake and Zeke both became confused.
	"Okay, Mrs. Weresoul, did you get all of that?"
	"Yes dear. Mr. Fuller, I want you to get you and Mr. Hade to come in my office." She
said politely. Jake stared at the phone, blank expression and all. "Now!" She added
with a snarl. It seemed as if Jake was running for his life, the white walls made it
easy to now see him run with the dark purple, collar shirt he was wearing. I looked
at my shoes, relieved. The white floor  glistened with the school light.
	"Thanks, I owe you one Mrs. Weresoul." I hung up the phone and slipped it into my
front pocket.
	"Lex, what was that about? I'm confused." Zeke really did sound a little lost. I
giggled at his expression, and I covered my mouth to stop. I looked at him. Zeke
smiled at my laugh and studied me.
	"Wray paid him to get me attached so I would tell Jake everything about me. Jake
would go and tell Wray." I shrugged. "Wray wants to know me for some reason... I just
don't know what yet." Zeke's mouth was hanging open when I finished.
	"And you figured this all how?" 
	"Besides the obvious, I am opened minded, and admire each possibility, until I am
narrowed to one." Speaking matter of fact, I didn't want to gloat.
	He just stood there. I didn't know what else to say, but for some reason I had the
urge to kiss him. 
	Before I could have the urge overpower me I said, "I better go to the nurse." My
stomach was feeling empty, and things started to spin. I started to walk forward and
Zeke grabbed my arms to keep me balanced. He turned me to face him.
	"Are you okay?" He spun me around and I tried to find him, but black dots was
blinding my vision.
	"Zek-...." I passed out, and things went down hill.
	I was at home. Dad just walked in and I looked up at him from the book I was
reading. Rushing to me, he asked if I was okay. I kept reassuring him and he wanted
me to go to the hospital. I said no repeatedly, I did not want to go to the doctors.
Hating needles, it's not a good idea. He was pushing it. Dad asked and asked. I only
shook my head. I walked away and up the stairs, I had a headache, but he wasn't going
to know about it, it just gives him more of a reason.
I picked up a notebook and began to draw. Not paying attention to what I draw I think
of Zeke and wonder if he would like them, and probably be shocked when he realized I
do draw. I don't draw much, but when I do, people at school want to buy it from me
it's that good. I usually think it's terrible, so I sell them for five dollars.
	Finishing my drawing with details, I decide to really look at it, and I gasped. I
threw the picture across the room and it had hit my dresser. Sliding back towards my
bed I now see what it was. Me in the nurses office, before I woke up when I passed
	I sat up fast. I started to cough. My heart and breath was increasing and I couldn't
slow it down. I was in the nurse's office, and looked how I did in the picture I drew
in my dream. The bell rung. The bed I were on was stiff. The walls and flooring are
like the schools, white. The cabinets are white. I had a suction cup on my heart to
show my heart rate. The line was forming mountains. I peeped at the clock, school was
out. I jumped out of the bed on the left side, closest to the door, and Zeke pushed
me back onto the bed.
	"You're not going anywhere 'til the nurse gets back." He said seriously.
	"Schools out though! I want to go home. It's been a long day for me." I moaned.
	"I don't care. You are going to wait. And it's been a longer day for me than it had
been for you." I saw worry in his eyes. My hand, not thinkingly, stroke his left
cheek with my left hand. "I.... never mind."
	I felt my eyebrows pull together. "No, oh no, you're going to tell me what you were
about to say."
	"I will just not today." He replied sincere. The nurse walked in and apologize for
taking so long and said she was glad I was awake. I don't remember her name that
quite well. She told me I could go home, and she called my dad and let him know. I
smiled and hugged her saying "Thank you!" more than you can say "I love you." and
actually mean it.

This is the next page and a half of what I got. Enjoy!

Last edited: 6 November 2010

Sachiko_Yuujin says:   23 December 2009   820601  


i cant wait till the next pageee~!
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   141276  
I can't either!!! I honestly don't know what's nesxt until I type it
Sachiko_Yuujin says:   23 December 2009   492880  

I really like how Jake was put in the story~!
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   111009  
What? being added misteriously? I thought it was freaky. LOL and that
is why I did it too

Awwww ♥ I am not that great xD 
Sachiko_Yuujin says:   23 December 2009   265040  
Stop doubting yourself~!

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   656727  
Awwwwww why? I don't think I am that good O_o

Probably not good at all xD

I'm not doubting myself, I am giving myself compliments with style xD 
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   4 November 2010   641162  
I really like this, a good way.
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   4 November 2010   298776  


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