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This Weekend is going in the Books.Category: (general)
Monday, 9 November 2009
12:33:54 AM (GMT)
So, as some as you know, this weekend I went to Brianne's house to meet her boyfriend Seth. The weekend went REALLY WELL, so I decided I HAD to make a diary talking about THE WHOLE THING. So after school, Brianne and I went to her house both very excited that Seth was coming down from Port Huneme. He took the train and we got home, we had about 2 and 1/2 hours until he would be there. In the mean time Brianne and I were lectured by her mother about sex, and i was put on Hanky Panky Patrol. About 30 minutes before Seth arrived, he informed us that his train had broken down and he didn't know how long it would be until he was moving again. Brianne was freaking out, thinking Seth was going to die, which I found hilarious. The time being, I drew a picture of Brianne and Seth. Brianne was completely ecstatic in the picture with her what i liek to call her 'wowomg' face, while Seth looked hella tired, while wearing a shirt that said 'I hate trains.' I belive 2 hours after, another train towed his train to San Clemente, wich is about 20 minutes by train from the station, but he was then stuck there for another 45 minutes. By the time Seth had gotten to the station in San Diego, he had been on the train for 10 hours. When Brianne and I got into her dad's truck at 10:30 at night to go down town and get Seth, we noticed that there was a plastic sheet layed down in the back seat. I thought it was because Brianne's dad thought we were gonna have sex back there, so did Brianne. We both thought it was hilarious. We were about 10 minutes away from the station when a train literally a mile fucking long crossed. We were stuck at a stop light for about 10 minutues, and this car with four people from New York in it were all rocking out, it was pretty entertaining (no offence to anyone from New York). Okay, so once the train had passed we had counted over 30 train cars. At the station, Brianne I were running across the tracks like idiots, getting stared at by the two people waiting. We heard the train coming and we got excited. Brianne told me to look twords the front of the train and she was going to look twords the back. I kept on asking her where I was supposed to look, just to piss her off, and after a while she stopped telling me. Score one for Sierra. Brianne called Seth, and asked where he was and then I told her to tell him to look for some body flamboyantly flailing there arms like an idiot doing tektonik, and it totally worked. Score two for Sierra. We all start walking back to Brianne's dad's truck, when we pass by some rocks which Brianne and I previously called 'modern art' and I thought it would be a good idea to jump off one. I ended up hurting me foot, which STILL hurts. Minus one for Sierra. On the way home, I keep announcing that I'm thirsty. As we are driving home we make small talk and Seth and I kind of get to know eachother. Wasn't awkard like I thought I would be. I think Seth and I knew each other in a past life. We then decide that we are going to go to Jack in the Box, and at this point I'M REALLY FUCKING THRISTY. Seth thinks it would be funny to get a huge ass lemonade, and not give me any. Score one for Seth. We get to Brianne's house and put on our pajams, rmember its like 11 o'clock now, and Seth woke up at 5, I woke up at 6, and so did Brianne. After about 2 hours of watching some show about ghost hunters, we all want to go to bed. Yeah, we all slept on the same bed. Seth, Brianne, then me. Seth and I made a Brianne sammich, and not long after passed out. But Brianne was awake until about 4 in the morning. Why? I have no clue. Minus one for Brianne. The next day, Seth woke up at 7, an hour before us and I think he went through Brianne's underwear drawrs, but thats just me. After we woke up, we layed in bed for another hour, watching National Lampoon: Barley Legal. After the movie was over, we started getting dressed because we deicded we were going to go to the mall. I was really happy because while Seth and Brianne ate breakfast, Seth let me flat iron his hair. It was then I decided he was my big brother. The only way to get to the mall was take the trolley, and the nearest station is about two blocks from Brianne's house. The second we got to the station the trolley pulled up so we halled ass and jumped onto the trolley. We ran like 20 steps and Seth and Brianne are dying and I'm just sitting there grinning because I can breathe. Score on for Sierra. Once we are at the mall, we went to Hot Topic, and Seth signed up for a Hot Topic plus 1 card, which took forever and a day. But while we were in Hot Topic, I got a sick ass Harry Potter beanie for 3 fucking dollars. After we finished there, we went to the movies to get our tickets but as we were looking to see what we would go and see some guy asked Seth if he likes movies, and how old he was and Brianne and I looked at eachother and thought he was going to get raped, but it was just for a survey. Brianne and I ended up doing it too. After we were all done with the survey I told Brianne I used her phone number and Seth said he did too. Score one Sierra and Seth. We got tickets for Cirque Du Freak (Vampires' Assistant) but our time was't for another 2 hours so we went to the magic shop because if you find the magic mouse, you get a free glow stick. Not even 2 minutes after we started looking I found it so we got our glow sticks and went to the arcade. I tried to get Seth to play DDR with me but he wouldn't and when I convince Brianne to, I put two dollars worth of quarters in the game and it ripped me off. Minus one Sierra. About 5 minutes later, Seth wanted to play a game that in volves shooting people, so I was like FINALLY I CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM. So I did. (Looks at blw's pic stream for the picture). I have no clue why, but Brianne and I started riding the fake motorcylces for a racing game and almost died like, mulitiple times. It was then when Seth came over with a glow stick in his mouth and we took a group picture. It is now the background on my phone. About 3 minutes after the picture was taken, the glow stick cracked in his mouth, then the dumb ass put my glowstick bracelet in his mouth and that one exploded on his hands and in his mouth, and some how hair. I'm surprised he isn't dead, haha. If he died Brianne and I would be sad though. She wouldn't have a boy friend that hates trains, and I wouldn't have an older brother that would let me flat iron his hair, like I did that day. At that moment I realised that the Starbucks Christmas menu came out, which ment I needed to get a white chocolate mint mocha, and Brianne got an upside-down caremel macchiato. I told Brianne to taste mine and she said it was gross, then Seth tried it and he looked at me and goes, "Ew. That tastes like ass." We drank our Starbucks in front of Hot Topic, and Brianne found a thing to sign up for modeling. I think as revenge for using her ohone number, she signed Seth and I up for it. They still haven't called me, those ass holes. Nothing really happened in the movie. During the preveiws we talked about cartoons that we liked on Cartoon Network. After the movie I had to go home. So we waited outside for our ride when this platered guy comes up to me and gets in my face and says "Oh my god! You have green eyes! THEY ARE FUCKING GREEN! My best friend told me that today I was going to the mall and see some one with green eyes! YOU HAVE GREEN EYES! Let me see them... They are green. Oh my Gahd!" That literally when on for ten fucking minutes, and I almost started crying, so Brianne, Seth, and I had to do group therapy (have a group hug) I was shaking so bad. After that, I sadly went home. That was THE BEST weekend of my life so far. <3
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‹NewAccount› says:   9 November 2009   164631  

One; I miss you guys so badly.


Btw- I rarely cuss anymore^ LOL

Wow that sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you guys had a good time.
‹RainbowBunion› says:   9 November 2009   294172  
Omg, that sounds so fucking epic. and i love the background thingy
too. xD
jamesrgrimes says :   9 November 2009   393543  
-sad- very -sad-
i failed life and that just wins

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