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My Fanfic of Epicness :PCategory: Anime
Monday, 12 October 2009
09:46:53 AM (GMT)
All together.

One day, a young women named Miko Syra was walking down the road when she bumped into
a tall man."I`m sorry" he said "It`s ok."Miko replied.Miko looked up to see who this
man was.It was her old friend Iruka Uminon."Iruka?Is that you"Miko asked
slowly."Miko?Miko Syra?"Iruka said back."It`s you!" They both said at the same
time."I haven`t seen you in like...forever!"Miko blurted out."Where have you
been?"Iruka asked."I`ve been doing work." Miko replied slowly.
"What type of work?"Iruka asked,wanting to know what she had been up to."I...I
write...romance books."
Miko said."Romance books?Doesn`t Kakashi read those?"Iruka asked her again."Yes,but
none that I know of are writen by me.All by the Pervy Sage."
"Ahh..."Iruka called out in relife.Kakashi ran up to Miko."Hey Miko.I just bought one
of your books.Its amazing."He blurted out."Thank you,Kakashi.I..I think your my first
buyer."She replied."I am?Cool.''Kakashi was happy he was her first buyer.He and Iruka
both had a crush on Miko.Iruka was younger than Kakashi was,Miko always thought Iruka
was funnier.He was a man youd` have fun with,being around him.Kakashi,on the other
hand,was taller and a little sweetier around Miko.But Miko had always wanted to see
Kakashi`s face.From what she had heard,he was really handsome."Hmm...follow me
boys."She told Iruka and Kakashi.''Why?''Iruka questioned."You`ll find out
soon."Kakashi and Iruka followed Miko to her house."Come in."she told them.They
followed them to the door of her room."Kakashi,stay out here."She told him as she led
Iruka into her room."Miko,whats this for?"He said."I need to ask you a question that
I dont want to ask Kakashi."Miko told Iruka."And what is that question?"He
whispered."Could..Could you tell him....nevermind."  "Could I tell him you want to
see under his mask?"He questioned."Uh,yeah,that."  "Ok,I will."He said as he opened
the door."Kakashi,Miko wants to tell you somthing,but she`s too shy to..well,
actually TELL you." "What does she want to ask me?"He asked. Iruka
swallowed."She..she wants to see under your mask."  Kakashi was quiet for a moment
before walking into Miko`s room.Miko was sitting on the bed."Uh,Miko?" Miko 
jumped."Oh!Hi,Kakashi." "Hi,Iruka told me what you were to shy to tell me your
self.I`ll do it,For you." "Th..Thank you." She stumbled with her words.''Follow
me."He told her as she followed him into the back room.He turned on the lights and
was about to take off his mask,but before he did,he said,"You`ll be one of the few
that will see under my mask" Miko nodded.Kakashi pulled off his mask.He face,was too
perfect to describe.She stood there,in awe of him.Kakashi smiled and pulled his mask
back up.He picked up Miko and walked out of the room."What happend?"Iruka
said,shocked that Miko wasnt moving.''She just in awe"he replied."Of your face"Iruka
smilied.Kakashi laughed.After a few minutes,Miko moved.She smiled and ran and hugged
Kakashi.Kakashi smiled.Iruka spoke and said"Hey who wants to get ramen with
Naruto?"He pointed out the window.Naruto was walking to the ramen shop."Sure."Miko
exlamied.''He is my student."Kakashi replied.They walked to the ramen shop.Iruka
yelled "Hey Naruto!Mind if we join you?".Naruto replied."Not at all!'' and then waved
at Miko.Miko sat next to Naruto and Iruka."Hey,who is this girl?"Naruto said pointing
to Miko."Oh,thats Miko.She a old friend of ours."Iruka replied.Naruto gulped down his
ramen."Iruka-sensai,can I have more?"He asked."As much as you want,I`ll pay for it
all."Iruka replied."Yippie!"Naruto yelled and grabbed another bowl of Ramen."Wow
Naruto,you sure like ramen."Miko stated."I LOVE it."Naruto replied.
Miko smiled."Im more of a dango person."She said as she ate her bowl of
ramen."Miko,want me to show some of my friends later?"Naruto asked."Sure.''Miko
replied."Ok.Im gunna eat some more."Naruto said as he has another bowl.Iruka
laughed.Kakashi had already eaten 2 whole bowls of ramen and no one has seen him do
it."Ahh man!I wanted to see Kakashi-sensai face."Miko smiled.Kakashi laughed."Well
Naruto.You may have a chance." Naruto looked at Kakashi."Really?"Naruto asked.
Kakashi nodded.Naruto laughed and said to Miko."Come on!I wanna show yo my
friends."Naruto grabbed her hand and ran off."Hey Sakura.This is Miko."Miko
waved.Sakura replied "Hey.This is Sai."Sai smiled."Sakura,can you and Sai show Miko
to everone else?I gotta take a crap."Naruto said as he ran off."Ok that was not
needed."Sakura said as she showed Miko to Ino,her arch rival."This is Ino."She said
as Ino turned around."Hey Bighead.Who`s the new girl?"Ino said."Shut
up,Ino-Pig!Oh,and this is Miko." "Hi."Miko said.Ino walked away and came back with
two boys."These are my team members." The one with the ponytail spoke and said
"Hey,Im Shikamaru Nara."Then the chubby one spoke "Im Choji Akamichi."
"Hi guys."Miko said. Sai grabbed Miko`s arm and showed her to Team 9."Hey
Sakura,where`s Naruto."A girl asked."Oh Hi,Hinata.Naruto had to go to the bathroom."
Oh."Hinata said."Where is the rest of your team?"Miko asked."They`re coming.'' Two
boys came running up."Sorry we took so long."The cute one said."Its ok Kiba.Shino,are
you ok?"Hinata asked.Shino was in a daze."Its because I beat him in a race here."
Kiba said triumphently."So you won,Kiba.Who cares?"Shino said."Oh and Im Kiba
Inuzuka.Thats Shino Aburame." Sakura then said."Got one last team to meet."As they
left Team 9,Miko saw a guy with a bowl cut."Hey Sakura-chan!"said bowl-head.He blew
her a kiss."Stop it,Rock Lee." Sakura said."Ok...Whos the new girl?"Lee said."Im
Miko."Miko said."Im Rock Lee of Team 10."
 A boy and girl was standing next to Lee."Im Neji Hyuuga.Im Hinata`s cousin."Neji
said."Im TenTen."The girl said."Hi guys.Im Miko Syra,I just came back from travling
to other villages."Miko said.Naruto came running up."Hi Lee."He said.
"Hi Naruto."Lee said.

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