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Forbidden- Part 3/3 of Chapter 3Category: (general)
Saturday, 10 October 2009
06:27:26 AM (GMT)
grrr i had to start this one over when i was almost done!

last part ended with: 
She turned and walked down the side street toward Jake's house.

I started to run after her. "Gabii wait! You have no idea!"

Gabii just kept walking and said, "If you really care that much, why don't you
just come with me!"

I stopped dead in my tracks. "ARE YOU ASKING ME TO GO IN MY WORST ENEMIES

Gabii knocked on the dark green door.

Lame color I thought.

Jake opened the door. "Hello Gabii!" he said cheerfully. "Come in, come in! Ah, and
you brought Elena, too? How nice of you to bring... company!"

Gabii's face lit up. "Hi Jake!" she said as she walked in. I followed and never took
my eyes off Jake.

He sat down on the black velvet couch, followed by Gabii. I sat on the wooden
chair across the room.

Gabii got up and said, "I um have to um, you know..." and she hurried out of the

Jake laughed as she left, and then his tone darkened as he turned to me.

"You can't just leave me alone can you? Who sent you? Aaron? Cam? Well, I won't
do anything to Gabii."

"You never know what you might do!" I retorted. "You tried to kill me! Who says you 
won't try to kill Gabii? And who knows what you might have already dont to Dante!--"

Jake got up and slowly walked over to me. I grabbed me and picked me up by my neck.

"Wha-- Jake! You're hurting me!" I said, barely able to breathe.

Jake forced me down. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. 

"You won't be telling anyone about this now, will you Elena?" he said smiling. He 
pressed his lips to my throat. 

I couldn't move. His grip was to tight on my hair. I was so scared. It hurt just to
so much as an inch.

Jake laughed at my helplessness. His lips drew back into a smile, then to an open

The doorbell rang.

Jake, without moving, called,"Gabii, would you please get that?"

"Sure Jake!" said Gabii.

Jake drew his lips back on my throat. He pressed his free hand to my back. I didn't
scream, for fear Gabii might see.

"Jake... Please..." I whispered.

I felt a small prick on my neck. Tiredness started to wash over me. I wanted to lay
down. To
sleep. To at least sit.

"Step away from her."

Jake took no reaction to the black-haired boy standing behind him.

Zac snarled. "I said step away from her."

Still nothing.

Then Zac's face turned pale. His eyes narrowed and he lunged at Jake, ripping him 
away from me. I had no energy to stand. I swayed and fell.

Zac reached out and caught me. "Elena... I'm so sorry i couldn't stop him from

Jake's eyes narrowed at Zac. "Traitor!" he yelled.

Zac set me down on the couch. He turned to Jake. 

"I was sent here to watch over her. Aaron and Cam had to... do something. You're not
killing her. Not today, not tomorrow. Never."

I looked at Zac. He picked me up and brought me outside. 

"Elena" he said. "Mind if we take the shortcut through the woods?"

"No..." I said. Then I completely blacked out.

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