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HEY GUESS WHAT.Category: Fun Things
Sunday, 4 October 2009
12:26:44 AM (GMT)
That title probably mislead you to thinking that this was going to be an interesting
diary. Ha.

When people smoke around you, does it make you cough?	

Would you rather name your child Michelle or Monica?	
I don't love either one. Michelle though, if I had to choose.

Do you know anyone who works at McDonald's?	

Do they like working there?

What's the song you're listening too?
Get To Me by Train <3

Is it warm out enough to go out in a T-shirt where you live?	
Well... not right now. Or not really. It's cold, damn New England.

Would you rather be able to teleport or be invisible?	
TELEPORT. That would be amazing.

If someone offered you a million dollars to move to the opposite end of the earth,
would you? Why or why not?	
Hah, I would. 'Cause I'd have enough money afterwards to move back.

What do you do when you have an itch you can't itch?	
That doesn't really happen to me. xD

What is your mom's and dad's favorite TV show?	
I have no idea.

How did you get your hair the way it was today?	
I took a shower. That's pretty much it.

Have you ever felt like you lost a a part of yourself?	

What is your best friend's favorite relative?
xD I don't know. Her cousin Corey, maybe. idk.
Would you rather marry Batman or Superman?	

Have you ever suspected your mom or dad of having an affair?	
Haha, not really. Although once I spent a whole day pretending to accuse my dad that
he was having an affair with some weird drunk lady who called at 3 am. So you could
say I have.

Do you think buying second hand clothes is gross?	
Not really.

When's the last time you wished your day would just be over already?	
xD Last night, at homecoming. Awkward~

If you found out the last person you kissed was moving to a different country, how
would you feel?	

Who has the biggest eyes you know?	
I dunno. D:

Name something you know about algebra.	
I'm pretty bad at it.

Do you have a playlist made on Youtube?	
I don't think so. 

Do you like dollar stores?	

What's the last thing you bought from one?	
I haven't. xDD

Are your eyes hazel?	
Nope. Green. :B

Do you know anyone with hazel eyes?
I do indeed. (:
Are most of your books from Chapters, Coles, etc or used book stores?	
xD No, most of my books are from Jed.

Do you like those big headbands with flowers Blair on Gossip Girl wears?
idk, I've never seen that. Sounds weird though.

How many people saw your last kiss?	

When you were younger and misbehaved, what did your parents threaten you with?	
xD I don't even know

Who has the biggest ego you know?	

Do you think it's weird how babies are made?	

Has the last person you hugged ever seen you in only underwear?	
Dane? No. xDDD ahaha. ohgod.
This just killed me.

If you walk by a mirror, will you check yourself out in it?	
No. xD

Have you seen The Strangers?	

Did it scare you?	

Have you ever lost a friend over the opposite sex?	
No. :D

Describe your appearance right now.	
Uh. Wet hair, shorts and a massive Relay For Life t-shirt. Sexy, eh?
No. xD

How would you react if your last ex wanted to get back together?	

Are you comfortable in a short skirt?	
Haha. No.

Do you and your family go on a vacation ever year?	
Yeah. Lincoln.
Go there, right now.

When you were going out with your last ex and you had the chance to date your
celebrity crush, would you have left your bf/gf for them?	

Does your house have an alarm?	
Uhh. I don't think so.
Don't break in though, that would be bad.

What about your car?	

Who was your most romantic moment with?	
Haha. I think it's funny that you expect people to answer that.

Who does your most embarrassing moment involve?	
I dunno.

Does your dad swear?	
Not much.

Do you sweat easily?	
I dunno. Not really.

If your last kiss asked you on a date, what would you say?	

When you like someone, do you picture what your children will look like?	
I hadn't until you said that.
Poor kids.

What's one memory you wish would just vanish?	

Plans for tomorrow?
Nope. :B

Did you like this survey?

lttlemisscrazy98 says :   4 October 2009   476912  
Haha clever!!! 


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