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Thursday, 1 October 2009
10:59:46 PM (GMT)
Ahaha. Brad's Facebook status:

Does the phrase "I trust 'em as far as I can throw 'em" mean that stronger people
are more trusting and weak people don't trust anyone, or that lighter people are more
trustworthy than heavy people? Or both?
^ Check out his blog... he's funny.

MORE TO THINK ABOUT (since I'm not writing three diaries in one day)-

If we, as humans, didn't have the insane intelligence that we do, maybe we'd be more
interesting. We've killed most of out natural instincts, and we're definitely not the
strongest species physically. If we hadn't evolved into such an intelligent species,
what would we be? o-o Without modern technology, we'd probably die. We can't keep
ourselves alive on our own. We're the dominant species on the planet solely because
we're so smart; nothing else about us is really special. We don't have echolocation
or shells or anything badass like that. xD Thoughts?
Last edited: 1 October 2009

‹A role to play› whispers:   3 October 2009   476657  
But we do have intelligence. Maybe we didn't in the first place, but
then we slowly grew more intelligent. Think about it- The smarter
humans lived, bred, and we grew smarter, to insane degrees. Natural
instincts isn't needed anymore, but we would die without our modern

I get the feeling that we'd still live anyhow, the tougher humans of
the bunch. Some with an inkling of instinct left would live, bred, and
bring about a new race of humans with more instinctual capabilities
(Gawd, I feel so smarticle. <3). It depends on the situation and what
we have to work with. If all the technology suddenly went poof and no
one knew how to survive in the least, we might die out. 

We are interesting. I can't believe just how dominant humans are in
this world. More interesting, as in super long fangs and three legs?
If everyone had those, then it would be typical and uninteresting. To
me, humans are fascinating jerks that have the capability to blow the
world to smithereens. Even more interesting, it depends on the
morality/mentality of the person/people in general itself. Do we
want the world to go poof? We certainly can, if we devoted the
entire population into figuring out just exactly how to do it. But
most people don't want to. Living, sentient creatures are all
fascinating in the way they are.

Hell, maybe I should be a scientist of some sort when I grow up. Or
maybe I'll just be that crazy lady raving out loud while petting a cat
to death, y'never know. :/
saralyn247 says:   3 October 2009   875174  
Damn, that was a good mini-rant.
One interesting point is that a lot of animals (like elephants) can
feel vibrations in their feet when an earthquake or something is about
to happen, and all we have is our technology to tell us.
‹A role to play› whispers:   3 October 2009   222246  
Gotta practice for my future in raving out to random people in the
street for spare change, y'know. <3

That's true. But technology compensates for the fact that we're not
really evolving anymore. People bred with others with bad eyesight or
other not so good qualities and races intermix. We're not really
improving or getting worse, just changing at some random pace.  So we
have technology to make up for a LOT. 

Oh, eBay, how I adore you so. 
saralyn247 says :   3 October 2009   216723  
eBay is pretty cool. Sometimes.


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