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Sunday, 27 September 2009
12:08:24 PM (GMT)
Who do you sit with at lunch?
kenzie, and kayden..
i wanna sit with kenzie, kayden, griffin, and maddie.
but the tables are just too packed.

Does the last person you held hands with mean anything to you?
yes. she's my life.

Have you ever played naked twister?
haha no.

Fuck your ex, ain't I right?
not really.

When was the last time you were craving to get drunk?
never? who craves that?

What do you think of girls who steal other girl's man?

What's the real definition of slut/ whore/ hoe/ tramp/ etc.?
slang for prostitute. 

Will you ever run away and get married in Las Vegas with no notifications to either
of your family?
no. that's kinda ghetto.

If you were still with any of your exes and you brought them home to your parents,
which one would they get along with most?

Now ain't this survey way more interesting?
who says ain't?

What do you think of boyfriends nick names such as: honey bunches, cocoa puffs, cuppy
funny, if they're kidding.

If you're single, then why don't you get a girlfriend/​​boyfriend?​​
'cause he's weird like that.

You procrastinate on your work a lot. That's the reason why you took this survey,
ain't I right...again?
this is the GHETTOEST survey EVER.

When you say you're independent, do you actually believe it?
yeah. i don't get help with like anything.

I don't know about you, but I like saying "fuck" a lot. Do you?
too much.

Fess up, who was the last person you thought about kissing?

What's the real definition of boppers?

Do you consider yourself famous?

Do you believe in 11:11?

Do you have a dirty mind?

Do you think you'll be one of those people 
that will get a divorce in the future?
not really.

What school would you rather attend?
if i got kicked out of cms,
i would want to go to rowland hall.

Would you ever pierce your ear?

Would you rather wear nice uncomfortable clothes or baggy sweats and T-shirts?
nice clothes.

Do you have a virus on your computer?
no. my computer can't get them..

Do you believe that you need a boy to be complete?
no, haha.

How often do you take surveys?
when i can.

What do you think about cheetah prints? depends.
usually, GHETTO.
but sometimes there's something i just love.

Do you need to say something to someone?

Here's your chance, fess up.
if nothing if going to happen,
then i'm wasting my time.

Does sex mean love?

New phone or new computer?
i love my computer.
and my phone is stolen.
do the math.

What are your grades?

Look to the left of Myspace ads on your screen. 
What are they advertising?
i'm not even on myspace.

Your view on Tila Tequila?

Are you nervous about anything? if so, what?
not really.

Are all girls shit talkers and bitches?

Are all guys players and cheaters?

Wouldn't you agree that 'I love you' is becoming more worthless?

Do parents like you?
i guess...?

Do you think you're pretty?
haha. no?

The survey is ending, aren't you gonna miss it?
nope. i have 5 other saved i need to do.
so this is kinda done.

Before you die, would you wish to visit outer space?

You know that you could die in t-minus 5 seconds, right?
sure. (:

What was the longest time you've wasted on a certain person?
5 months.

FEARLESSS says :   27 September 2009   362351  
Lives like an hourglass glued to the table no one can find the rewind
plbutton now. Sing it if you understand.

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