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Saturday, 12 September 2009
12:25:09 AM (GMT)
Okay, this is really easy. You just put your iPod, Zune, etc. on shuffle, then answer the questions by which songs come up. Btw, ignore the comments. HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? What I’ve Done- Linkin Park (Yessss) WHAT'S YOUR OUTLOOK ON LIFE? Kimi-Hana –Pigstar.~ (JGJF. THANKGOD. JUNJOU ROMANTICA OP. 8D ) WHAT DOES YOUR FAMILY THINK OF YOU? False Pretense- The Red Jumpsuit Appratus (sp?) WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Truth- Arashi (LOVE THAT SONG.) WHAT DO STRANGERS THINK OF YOU? Reverse Rainbow- Miku Hatsune & Rin Kagamine. WHAT DO YOUR EXES THINK OF YOU? Naked- Avril Lavigne (Michaela, I hate you. :I ) HOW IS YOUR LOVE LIFE? IF YOU WERE GAY- AVENUE Q. (BAHAHA. EPIC.) HOW WILL YOUR LOVE LIFE BE IN THE FUTURE? Ready To Fall- Rise Against WILL YOU GET MARRIED? Emergency- The Perfect Victim. >>; WILL YOU HAVE KIDS? La Tortura- Shakira. (Bah. She’s annoying now. ._.) ARE YOU GOOD AT SCHOOL? Motteke Sailor Fuku- Lucky Star OP. (Is that a Yes? >>; ) WILL YOU BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE? Life After Death- Sixx A.M. (I THINK THAT’S A NO. ._. ) WHAT SONG SHOULD THEY PLAY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY? Shake It- Metro Station (BAHA. DAMNRIGHT.) WHAT SONG SHOULD THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? Take On Me (Happy, Hardcore Mix)- KAITO. YEAAHH. THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE: Love & Joy- Hatsune MIKUO. (Bahhhhhh.~ Mikuo-Saammaaa.~ <333 ) YOU AND YOUR BEST FRIEND ARE: Kokoro No Tamago- Buono! (AKA; Shugo Chara OP. C: ) HAPPY TIMES: Don’t Trust Me- 3OH!3 SAD TIMES: Disappearance of the Four- Miku Hatsune, KAITO, Len Kagamine, and Teto Kasane. (What luck! All My Favorite Vocaloids. C: ) EVERY DAY: I Hope You Die- BloodHound Gang. X] FOR TOMORROW: Romeo & Cinderella- Len Kagamine (God, he sounds so gorgeous in this song.~) FOR YOU: All Around Me- Flyleaf WHAT DOES NEXT YEAR HAVE IN STORE FOR ME? Electric Angel- Miku Hatsune. (”Who taught me the meaning of 0 and 1” :D BAHAH. ) WHAT DO I SAY WHEN LIFE GETS TOO HARD? Fake It- Seether. (Weird. >> WHAT DO I THINK WHEN I GET UP IN THE MORNING? Itazura Na Kiss- I Love You! Project (STFU. D:> ) WHAT SONG WILL I DANCE TO AT MY WEDDING? WHAT KIND OF POKEMON ARE YOU- 2.B.A. Master (BAHAH. I’M A BANETTE. C: ) WHAT DO YOU WANT AS A CAREER? I Don’t Care- Apocalyptica YOUR FAVOURITE SAYING? We Are Broken- Paramore. FAVOURITE PLACE? Triple Baka- Miku, Teto, and Neru!~ WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR PARENTS? CaramellDansen- Caramel. C: DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Hirose Kohmi- Promise- ~GETDOWN~ [1] ( I LOVE THAT SONG. ~ It’s fast but fun to sing. 8D ) WHAT DO I LIKE DOING MOST? Pray For Me- Sixx A.M. ( :D ) SONG THAT DESCRIBES MY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL: Kasane Territory- Teto Kasane. 8D WHAT IS MY STATE OF MIND AT THE MOMENT? Snuggle Song- Schnuffle Bunny. C: HOW WILL I DIE? American Idiot- Green Day (THAT MAKES SENSE. xD I’LL BE AN IDIOT AND DIE HILARIOUSLY.) THE SONG THAT YOU'LL PUT AS THE TITLE? Magnet- Remiya and… uh. Another NND Singer. xD (IT’S SUCH A SEXI SONG WHEN THEY SING IT. KFDKG. GOD. I JUST WANT THEM. That part where they breath heavily makes me want to have an orgasm because of the perverted thoughts in my mind. BAHAH. xD)

‹gunk› says:   12 September 2009   657198  
<> v < )b
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   12 September 2009   778729  
LOL. I'm gunna do this. :D
Nice songs by the way. xD
kiraKILLER says:   13 September 2009   629187  

how could you forget.
kiraKILLER says:   13 September 2009   335865  
kiraKILLER says :   13 September 2009   661542  

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