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Can you name eleven people this time?Category: (general)
Monday, 31 August 2009
02:24:18 PM (GMT)
Quickly copy & paste; Don't wanna spoil it.
Name 11 people you can think of, right of the top of your head.
Don't read the questions below until you write the names.

This is a lot funnier if you randomly list the names.
No cheating!
1. Emsee
2. Nicole
3. amanda
4. Sarah
5. Kyla
6. Ricardo
7. Jessica
8. Alyssa
9. Kirsten
10. Morgie
11. Courtney


How did you meet # 4?
At school

Do you like anyone on here?
as friends. Some of them are my family.

What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
I'd be creeped out.  Plus, 2 would be cheating on her boyfriend... With 6...

How did you meet 8?
at school, in kindergarten. 

what do u think of number 7?
She is very rashionable, and never fights with anyone (or so i think). She's really
cool and is an amazing writer and singer.

What would you do if 5 confessed they love you?
She's said she loves me before. We are cousins. However, they way this questions
makes it sound, she would be saying she's IN love with me. In which case i would be
totally grossed out, and tell her that is insence (not sure how to spell that).

Is number 2 your best friend?
I don't know.

who is 10's best friend.
um... abby? 

Do you miss number 1?
Not really, i saw her not too long ago when we went to the movies. 

Is number 9 cool?
Yah, she's cool. She's got a good sense of style.

What is your opinion of number 6?
He's super tall and always makes me feel short... or dumb (not by his intelligence,
just by the way he talks to me) but he's pretty cool to hang around with.

What do you think of #3?
She's really shy, but once you get to know her, she's soooo funny. And i love her
style, lots of layering. 

What would you do if 1 and 4 were going out??
I'd be upset they never told me they were lez, but try to be cool with it cause they
are really cool people. I'd also be scared for 3, cause if her mom found out, she's
be kicked out of the house, or sent away, or something.

Do you have any special things you do with 1?
well, we used to go walking at a track with our moms, then go get smooties at this
cool place in town, but we haven't done that in awhile.

Have you ever been inside 10's house?
yep, lots of times. I was there yesterday.

Do you love #8?
(i pray she never finds out... Emsee.) No, but i used to. Now i just like her. 

Have you ever kissed any of them?
5, 10, and 11, because they are part of my family. 

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