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I'm kind of happy today...Category: (general)
Friday, 21 August 2009
03:26:03 AM (GMT)
Just recently I've found out that my school had an anime-manga club all along. o_o I
just never noticed that it was there. So I never really had anything to do after
school and stuff, so I decided to take a look in it and join. 

There were some people that I recognize and they really welcomed me warmly. xD It
made me feel quite happy since most of the friends I have don't know about my little
hobby for animanga. =O 

It was fun drawing with them. xD It was like p-chatting in real life. (I drew on an
expo-board though... o_o; It reeked of expo pens...)

Hmm... and after that I was my mom's slave and helped her push the grocery cart
around. Wasn't happy since there were so much heavy things in it...x.x;
But there was samples there. =D Yey for Costcoo~

Walked the dog for about an hour. 

Was forced to mop the house. And we don't have mops or... those fancy steam things.
._. Our fancy steam mop broke so... I had to go manual-- pull up my pants leg, take
two wet rags, and start skating on the floor. Hard work. ._.; I want a steam mop

Hmm, what else? 


We have roaches infesting our house. ._. I can't walk into the kitchen late at night
without seeing all these dead things everywhere. >.> My poor floor. I just mopped it

and yes people. 

I'm a neat freak...ish person. 

Not really but I like this relatively clean. -.-;

I'm tired... 

I should make myself tea soon...x.x; 

I really want a glass cup so I can stare at chrysanthemum flowers float up and

...I think I'm starting to obsess over tea...<>; 
Either that or I'm tired...D:

‹Luvvy♥› says:   21 August 2009   755682  
Wow. It must be good to be in the group.
We don't have one.

Its must be also hard work cleaning the house.
And seeing bugs on your floor.
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   21 August 2009   628167  
Really? There's one in my school but the senior girls running it just
fangirl about hot bishies in D.Gray Man and bitch about Yuuki Cross in
VK... We haven't learnt much Japanese since I joined X.x I only so far
learnt a bit of hiragana... Dx LoL.

Bugs? O.o Ohh dear. I wpuldn't even walk in xD.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   21 August 2009   748941  
...I want University plz.
Yurichan123 says:   21 August 2009   713219  
Poor Kyun Kyun!  Roaches are so creepy!  D:   But tea is nice, it's
good to have a nice cup once in a while. It really helps you relax,
and the aroma is so nice.  What was I talking about again?  0-0
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   22 August 2009   435794  
That sounds fun. T T My school doesn't have an anime/manga club, and
I wish it did. Sigh. Only teachers or the principal is allowed to make
clubs and the clubs that we do have are sports clubs. >.<

Ugh, I hate roaches. My house has some and occasionally, I'll find
them in the sink or bathroom. I just wish those little creepers would
DIE! D:<
rawrgirl66 says :   24 August 2009   544766  
lol once me and my bro had to mop the floor with rags...my bro
accidently put too much of that floor cleaning thing that when i
stepped in the kitchen i slipped...lol it hurts becuz i feel onto the
bird cage...oww i still remember that...lol


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