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words said by zoe kimball.Category: (general)
Sunday, 16 August 2009
10:59:25 PM (GMT)
''If you want to know why I'm gone, It's because..,
I'm sick of being stalked,
Being harassed sexually, mentally, and physically.
I'm sick of people getting my number and calling my house at all hours (my house
phone is now disconnected for that reason)
I'm sick of random people recognizing me (like that's going to stop :/)
I'm sick of people stealing my picture, even though they'll get them off my personal
account SOME how, I'm just sick of them hitting jackpot with pictures openly stored
and untagged on this public myspace.
I'm sick and tired of making proof pictures, putting tagged and untagged copies onto
my photobucket, having low lives hacking my photobucket account, them getting the
untagged copies and then editing them to something else and saying their the
I'm sick of gullible people losing faith in me.
I'm sick of obsessive people trading my pictures online.
I'm sick and fucking tired of all this myspace bullshit!
From now on, I'll only be on my personal account.
If I ever do get another public account, It will be this one!
Don't be fooled by tricky little posers.
Everything they say is fucking lies.
They lie to me, to you, to themselves...
They only hurt me, they do nothing good for me.
They get me stalked, make me hated, spread my pictures...
Everything that's bad, nothing that's good.
I will have nothing to do with people i don't know personally until most of this heat
blows over.
Don't claim I'm "fake" because someone has new pictures and I've stopped posting,
they're just creepers who stalk my personal account.
I won't be on for months,
Or possibly even a year or longer.
So don't wait up.
-Zoe McKenzie Kimball<|3''

ZOE IS BACK! But, moved myspaces. Her page reads, From here on out, I am only
interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that's it, that's all I'm
interested in. Why did you switch myspaces? I had too many people on the other one
and I just want a few close people I can talk to and get to know and trust. Not 2,000
something random people added. Otherwise, what's the point of a public account if you
can't talk with people and get to know them? I'm not here just for fame... I don't
want the fame... I want the friends, I'm only adding the first 100 or so Zoe-FREE
people to add my new account. Zoe-Free meaning no support sites, no role players, and
absolutely NO posers. I will find out if you have any of those things added before I
accept you. If you have them, I will either message you and if your messaging is set
to 'friends only' I won't waste my time, I'll just deny you. I only want 100 people
who want to know ME as a person, not as a girl half of the people on myspace obsess
over. I want to talk to people who add me for me and not my pictures. I just want to
make friends and be able to talk with them.. is that so much to ask for? So, add it
if you qualify, if you don't talk you're gone. It's on my top, last name as Cop.
Thanks for taking the time, if you read this, for reading this. -ZK 

i've met her in real life.

Zoe was stalked by 4 chan or something called /b/

i talk to her on her youtubee.

she's now back with a youtube and myspace;



dont add her just to stalk her or steal her picturess.

Last edited: 16 August 2009

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