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Saturday, 1 August 2009
03:42:26 PM (GMT)
Can someone help me interpret a dream? I'm not very good at decoding my own, because
I can't maintane proper objectivity, but for some reason I think this is

It was about a young girl I know/ knew. This girl is very important to me for varius
reasons (I won't really get into it now). In real life I was her CIT (counselor in
training) for two weeks, and had trouble getting her to have a good time because
she's Korean and can't speak English. She can understand a fair bit, but she doesn't
talk, except to her older sister who speaks a bit more, but doesn't understand much
more then my camper does/ did. (I'll just call my camper C) C just shakes or nods her
head to answer yes or no questions.
    C is a little genius child. I tried to teach her to read at one point, after
establishing that she didn't know the English alphabet. I wrote down all twenty six
letters, pointed to them, then sang the song. Then I asked if she could point to
varius letters and she could. She knew every letter after four minutes. (She did
other even more advanced things, but they don't pertain to the dream).
    Also, she isn't what most Westerners would call incredibly pretty for her age,
and she was slightly below average height. She's about to go into kindergarten.

I was signed up to volunteer at that camp for two weeks, and that was two weeks ago.
But ever since the last day I've been worried about her. Is she okay without me? Is
her new volunteer counselor nice enough? Do they know how much English she
understands? I've wondered how she's doing every single day. It's gotten to the point
that whenever I see a kid with dark hair I check to see if it's C.

The dream was this-

A girl who was C and some of my Short Pals (friends from family vaca) were in a room.
That room wasn't very important, it just connected to another room. I was so happy to
see C that I hugged her, and greeted the other kids, and explained in an instant
without speaking to my Short Pals who C was and how special she was to me, and they
were happy too, and we moved in a happy tag-playing bunch into the other room where
there were chairs.
     We sat down and I started writing stuff trying to teach the younger kids
(especially C) to read. But C already could. She wrote something like "I know
somothing." and she was smiling, which she almost never did when I saw her in camp,
and I was so proud that she had only made one spelling error and that she was so
    And then she said "I really missed you alot. I'm so glad to see you again!" and I
was almost in tears because she had actually talked to me, and how fast she'd learned
English, and I was generally still feeling great that I had seen her again.
    She was busy writing something else when Random (who I knew was speaking for all
my Short Pals) asked if I was really sure that was C, because she didn't look much
like her (at that point I noticed how she was prettier then in real life) and Random
said how tall she was, and how odd she was acting, and even though only Random was
talking all the Short Pals warned me about what might happen if she wasn't the real
C, but even though they said something like that they didn't seem to worried. My
Short Pals don't take anything seriously, you see. They're just kids.
    So I smiled, and told them I was sure, and everything was generally happy and
then that dream ended.
I haven't a clue what this could mean. Not one.
Last edited: 1 August 2009

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   1 August 2009   113166  
Well, I can only guess that maybe your sub-cocious is telling you
that you'll always know C, even when she looks different. 

I don't know. I tried. I'm not good at this either.


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