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Looks like funn. (:Category: (general)
Friday, 31 July 2009
08:27:58 PM (GMT)
Jacquie. I just had to steal it. xD

ANY particulor reason your taking this survey?  Nothinn better to do.
ARE you at school, work, or home?  Homeee. (:
AGE at which you 1st drank alcohol?  I was little. I stole a bit of my dads beer. :x

BOUGHT anything from Spencer's?  Nopeee.
BRAVEST person you know?  uuuuuhm..
BLONDES or Brunettes?  Brunettes :x
CRAPPIEST band?  jonasbrothers. -shot-
CAN your dad beat you in a race?  Nope. xD
COULD you bungee jump?  Probably. 
DRAWING or painting?  Drawwing.
DOES your bedroom need cleaning?  Definatelyy,
DO the drapes match the curtains?  LOLOLOL JACQUIE.. I REMEMBER THAT SONG. "Do the
curtains match the caaaarpet" 
EVER swear at your parents?  Under my breath maybe. xD
EARN enough to pay the bills?  Nopeee.
EXORCIST or SAW movies?  Saw. D<

FLOWERS or chocolate?  Everyone likes chocolate. Flowers wilt eventually
-lolololoemo- UH..I like flowers. c:
FUNNEL cake or Elephant Ears?  FUNNEL CAKEEEE <3
FIRED from a job?  Nope

GIVING or receiving gifts?  AHM..xDD
GOING to the movies or a play?  Movies.
GONE to the bathroom this hour?  ..Yees.
HAVING or adopting a baby?  Well..
HORSES or cows?  Sorry Krista, but horses ftw. xD
HEAVY or light-weight drinker?  Uh light-weight? 
IS Michael Jackson in heaven?  Prolly not.
INSIDE or outside?  Inside?
INSTANT or regular coffee?  Regular coffeeee.
JORDAN or Tiger Woods?  Tiger Woods ftww.
JETTA or Saab?  JETTA. 8D
JULY 4th or St. Patrick's Day?  St.PATRICKS DAY.
KOOL-AID or Crystal Lite?  KOOL-AID. 
KANGAROO or Camel?  Kangaroo for suure.
KETCHUP or mustard?  Ketchuup. (:
LIGHTS on or off during sex?  LOLOLOLWHUT.
LOTTERY scratch offs or Power Ball?  Scratch tickets pwnnn.
LIQUOR or beer? Ew. :x
MONTH of choice?  May. :D
MEAL you cook best?  PANCAKES?
MISS the most:  Person? Uhhhm.
NEVER would I:  Its hard to pick these things on the spot really..
NIGHT owl or early bird?  BOTH. 
NOTE to self:  Sleep in as long as possible tomorrow.
OPEN your own jars?  Nopeee. xD
OFFER to help old people?  Sure.
ONLY in America:  Do they spell "COLOUR" color. D<
PERSCRIPTIONS you have now or in the past?  Uhm, like I remember lol.
PAPER or plastic?  Paperr.
PRETTY Woman or Sixteen Candles?  ..TRICK QUESTION.
QDOBA or Chipotle?  Chipotle..
QUIT my job for:  Doon't have one.
QUANTITY or quality?  Quality.
ROADTRIP or flying?  Depends on where Im going. xD
RIGHT or left handed?  BOTH. ;]
SIT or stand all day?  Sit.. lolololol
SMELL you hate?  Marjiuanna(sp?)
SUSHI of choice?  California roll. 
THANK goodness it's:  FRIDAY.
TELL me your middle name? Taylor. :3
UNDER my bed is:  Dust bunnies. 
UNDERWARE brand?  I dunno actually.
USUALLY I sing: Sonngs. 
VITAMINS you take? None?
VERY much like?  tokiohotel 8D
VACCINES I've had:  Fluu shots..Gardasil, Hep B..uuuuh tetnis.

WITHDRAWS from:  Sour keys. D:
WEAPONS I own?  Can the nunchuck off a Wii remote count? 8D
WAFFLES or pancakes?  PANCAKES.
X-RAY you've had?  My teeth, annd my head.
X-TRA toppings of:  Whipped cream. 
YEAR you were born?  1994
YARD sale or goodwill?  Yard sale? xD
YELLOW or green?  Greeen.
ZOO you've been to?  African Lion Safari, and Toronto Zoo. c:
ZACK Morris or Slater?  What? xDDD
ZITS are?  Uhmm annoying? lololo


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