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Chapter 5~ bornCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
10:57:09 AM (GMT)
Ok all be proud of my sleep deprivation!! clap with all your joyness!! -crickets-
okayyy then, this is the 5th chapter of Her heart and yada yada yada. this was
OBVIOUSLY rushed together so please excuse any errors ^^

Chapter 5~
	The raindrops seemed only to caress the speeding Porsche as it swiveled through the
heavy forest. The soft mumbles from Romeo and Nova in the front seat seemed to make
Damien’s loud cussing seem all the quieter. I watched the dark trees flow by as
NeverShoutNever’s song Seven Years swam through my eardrums. The song had just
become a favorite of mine. Dustin had figured out a way to get onto a downloading
site and put it on my iPod. It was out of place next to my other music, but never the
less, it was just as beautiful. 

“Test my arms, kick like crazy
And I’ve been trying way to long
Only if he could push his way off to fight you”

It was the part Dustin had hummed to me during one of our in-between
class walks to my locker. It had a meaning but I didn’t know it. Either way, Damien
was going to get a piece of me…. once Nova decided to unlock the doors.
I slipped out before either Nova or Romeo could react. 
I was at the door in 3 seconds flat. I opened the door and Bronze-but-no-brains
was there waiting. 
“You could hear your bitching from the damn parkway.” I grumbled shoving my
way past him. He wheeled himself in front of me growling.
“Don’t you dare blame me for all this.” he said shoving a finger in my face. I
rolled my eyes.
“You know if I did that I could skewer your brains. Oh wait, you have none.” I
snapped smacking his finger away. He grabbed my wrist and held it in the 5 inches of
space between us. 
“Fine you can skewer my brains all you want. You can skewer my damn heart to!
I don’t freaking care anymore Tay.” his voice was even more husky then normal.
His eyes filled with unshed tears and he dropped my wrist and fell to his knees now
just holding onto my hands. 
“Damien?” I questioned at the tiny water droplets that fell to the wood floor.
face twisted in excruciating pain crushed me where I stood as he looked up with
steady rivers rolling down his face.
“Tay, I can’t do it anymore. I just…” he cut off and just stared into my
eyes. It
was like he was seeing a movie in my eyes or like he was just looking through me.
Though the tears on his face hinted otherwise. I was putting him in pain once again.
It seemed that was the only thing I could do. Put him through pain and this time,
he’s crying- something rare among diclonions.
	“Damien I’m sorry.” It was all I could manage to say as I kneeled and pulled
his heavy body into my arms. I smoothed my hands over his pack in circular movements
and hushed his sobbing with his heavy head crushing my shoulder. His arms crushed
around me and he pulled me into his chest. 
	“You don’t need to be sorry. I just overreacted. It’s just- I don’t have the
strength to hide it anymore.” He said sorrowfully. I was hit with shock at him
saying he didn’t have the strength to hide it anymore. I was shocked because with
as much as I pried through his mind I would- should- know everything. 
	“What do you mean, D?” I asked my voice almost dead sounding. He held me at his
arms with and stared into my eyes once again. 
	“Tay, I’ve imprinted on you. Cameo confirmed it and I know it.” his voice was
solemn and quiet and I felt a tremor rock my spine. I was utterly shocked. It was
impossible that Damien had imprinted on me. I didn’t want to believe it.
	We Diclonions were very strange. An extremely rare occurrence was when one of us
imprinted on the other. An imprint is when an unfathomable bond between to diclonions
causes the diclonion with the imprint to fall into unbreakable love with the other.
The only way an imprint can be broken is that the diclonion (we’ll call her Jill)
kills Bob, who has an imprint with her. But unfortunately, not all imprintions (the
ones imprinted on) feel the same towards the imprinter. Another rarity was that the
imprintion was in love with the imprinter. It was our God’s sick way of torturing
his sins. 
	So Damien and I were going to end up being a Bob and Jill situation. 
	“Damien…” it was the only thing I could bring myself to say. Damien’s
thoughts rushed into me like a whirlwind. They began bouncing around in my head
beating at my brain. Sharp pains sent shivers through my body as each individual
thought pummeled my brain. 
	He was thinking of all the ways I could kill him.
	His thoughts triggered an old song I had heard at a funeral. It was a funeral for my
last victim; the one the Turners caught me draining the life out of. It was called
Despair and the artist was unthinkable at this time, but it was a song from a
Japanese anime called Naruto. It was a song that overall represented pain and agony
of ones soul. It was playing in my mind along with Damien’s morbid thoughts. Then
he finally spoke his thoughts aloud.
	“Tay, kill me. Please just do it.” his voice was almost unrecognizable. I had
truly put him through the most horrible pain, seeing as he was crying. My heart ached
through the connection I now understood. His pain was leaking through his barriers
around his private thoughts and everything rushed into me at once. Things about his
personal life I would’ve never wanted to know killed his other thoughts and seeped
into my brain, killing ever happy memory I had.
	His wife’s bloody body.
 	His suicide attempt.
	The Diclonemy he had used to try and bring his wife back. But instead, he lost his
wife either way, tried to kill himself, became a diclonion and created….
	I was the product of his foolish attempt to bring his wife back.
	Then the memories of finding her dying covered my eyes. I was in Damien now. I was
seeing his last day as a human first hand.

	My hands slipped down to her waist and pressed her body closer to mine. Our lips
moved together in perfect rhythm. Nothing mattered more to me then her sweet kisses.
They were the kisses that held me here on our little porch in our little house,
located in a happy little town. Then she broke our bond with a chuckle.
	“You’re going to be late for your meeting, Dame-san.” she said looking up at
me with her endless brown eyes. The way they seemed to open the doors to her kind
hearted soul still baffled me, but none the less, she was right about my meeting.
	I chuckled.
	“But Trisha, doesn’t dame mean bad in Japanese?” I said avoiding conversation
pertaining to my dreaded meeting. She chuckled again.
	“Yes it does, Dame-san. I’m calling you that because you’re bad at changing
the subject.” she falsely scolded me while maneuvering herself out of my grasp and
handed me my briefcase. She held it out with an impatient look on her heart-shaped
face and I just eyed the leather box as if she was handing me a cockroach. She
cleared her throat and I reluctantly took the briefcase. With a motherly smile on her
face she did her best to brush the dirty blonde strands of hair out of my green eyes,
fixed my tie, and buttoned up my brown suit. She sighed with satisfaction.
	“Are you done mother-dear?” I laughed. She stuck out her tongue and jokingly
tried to punch me in the stomach. She pulled her fist away and held it with her other
	“You’re like a rock Damien.” she grumbled and I softly kissed her forehead,
breathing in her sweet perfume of laundry detergent, dish soap, and the lilies we
picked out of our garden this morning. When I walked away I could feel her brown eyes
on my back, longing for my touch again. I slipped into the little car we could just
barely afford and waved her goodbye. 
	The smile on her face as I drove off was masking something more saddening like worry
or nervousness. 
	I didn’t bother to stop and ask her what was bothering her. Instead I sped away to
a meeting that I didn’t want to go to, at the job I didn’t even like. 
	The meeting progressed all through the night due to a power outage, since the
building lost power. Worry shook me to my core as Trisha’s face blocked out every
thought that was necessary for this meeting. Finally, boss Cullen let me go. I’d
apparently fallen asleep during the meeting. But I still needed to show my
presentation when I came to work the next day. 
	My little car sped through the dark, one-lane streets to my little home. My mind was
nowhere close to being focused on the road ahead of me; instead I was focusing on
romantic ways I could sneak into bed with my Trisha. 
By the time I chugged my car to a stop in my driveway, I had settled on just cuddling
up with her in my normal bedtime attire; boxers and an optional tight fitting tank
top. It was what I usually did after taking my shower and seeing her all bundled up
in the sheets in her little night gown. But nothing was more beautiful then when I
wake up with her little head on my chest and her long brown hair all knotted and
messy without any makeup on.  
I had to fumble with my key ring before I could unlock the auburn colored door into
my house. When that door opened and the air from inside brushed my face, I knew
something was wrong. 
All the lights were out and the air smelled of something rotting. The scent tickled
my stomach and tempted me to vomit, but I held it down. My hands slid along the wall
adjacent to the door and I finally found the light switch. 
When it turned on I wished the power was out here also. 
There was my Trisha, all bloody and cut open, with all her insides strewn around her.
By her bloody side, was the man she had put a restraining order on just before I
purposed to her. He had stalked her and now, he had murdered her. He was patting her
chalky white face with one of his bony hands, ignoring the fact that I just walked
through the door. Seeing him touch her like that set a fire inside me. 
I threw my briefcase at his crescent moon shaped head, knocking him away from
Trisha’s body. I shoved everything out of my way as I made my way to our little
kitchen finding the first knife I could find. Hot tears boiled from my eyes as I
followed the blood stains back to the man and my Trisha. Without even thinking, my
rocky fist connected with his face and the knife found ways to burry itself into his
The knife connected to his body again and again until I couldn’t see there was so
much blood everywhere. All I could hear was the heavy winds trying to push over this
small home, my heart franticly beating, synchronizing with my fast breathing. There
was no other noise. The strong rusty scent of blood stung my nose. It was also all I
could see other then the mangled corpses of my love and her murderer. I gathered the
strength to stand up and drag his bloody body away from Trisha and into the kitchen.
Then I returned to my beloved’s side. 
What I didn’t know was that she was still barely breathing. 
“Trisha?” I said feeling a small pulse on her long neck. A grunt and a flutter of
her makeup less eyelashes notified she was indeed alive. 
“Trisha love, are you in pain.” it was the dumbest question to ask, but it was
all I could manage. Then a weak smile formed on her chapped lips.
“I’m all numb now, Dame-san.” she choked shaking her entire frame, causing the
flow of blood from her mangled bodice to quicken and then slow once her choking
ended. When she looked up at me in her deadly state, her eyes were no longer the
chocolate brown I used to love, they where grey with the death that was approaching
her. Her face was so pale and lifeless. The bags under her eyes seemed to make her
look like a zombie. My tears fell onto her face like rain. 
“You wont die Trisha, not today.” I said as the raging fire inside me grew and
pumped my blood faster then the speed of light. I was going to use the forbidden
magic. I was going to bring her back.
Everything was prepared. The circles were all drawn perfectly and my cloth gloves
were snug on my hands. Trisha’s bloody bodice was positioned in dead center of the
circle, her labored breathing getting worse and worse. I inhaled the rusty air around
me and decided there was no turning back. 
“Rain in fiery Hell! Snow in the frosted Heavens! Give this woman the air to
breathe! Give her the wellness she desires! Do not, my honorable Goddess, allow her
to leave me and fly to your bosom! Not yet my Goddess! Please allow her to live long
and happy in my arms! Frozen Heartbeats, Crimson Blood, Wandering Soul, in exchange
for my love’s life, I give you my heart, my blood sacrifice and my soul!” Then
lightning struck the middle of the circle, where Trisha was. Where the lightning hit,
a large ocean blue tornado formed, and began spreading, taking in the entire circle
and myself. 
I was in total blackness.
“Goddess Ino commands you, Damien Hunter Austin, to awaken from your sinned
slumber.” a stern female voice commanded, opening my eyes. 
I felt like I was in a never-ending white box. But in front of me was a tall, lean
older woman. She looked as if she was in her late thirties but she was very beautiful
for her age. She had long chestnut hair that fell straight all around her and waved
where it was on the ground. She had large pale green eyes and a displeased frown was
on her face. 
“You have committed the ultimate sin, My Son.” she said, the frown still there.
“But I had to! I had to bring-.”
“This woman back to life?” she said, stepping aside to reveal Trisha all back to
her normal self. My heart stopped beating. 
“Her death was part of the Everlasting Cycle, My foolish Son.” she said, not
removing her gaze from me. 
“Everlasting Cycle?” I asked still staring at my Trisha. She was dressed as she
was when I left home, her brown hair in a side ponytail that sat on her shoulder, a
casual purple gown, a white apron tied around her waist, and the locket I gave her
for one of her birthdays.  
“The cycle of Equivalent Exchange, My Son. When a child is born, an elder must
die.” she explained watching the fury bundle up on my face.
“But she isn’t elderly! She’s still young!” I shouted bunching up my fists.
“But young do have to follow the cycle My Son, all humans die sooner or later.”
she sighed and closed her eyes. “I’m not going to tolerate one of My Sons’
performing such a horrid sin so greedily. I shall take away your humanity and force
you to walk the Earth until your death is tolerable! You are now a sin yourself! You
are a Diclonion! You have been striped of your pride my greediest mistake! Damien
Hunter Austin, you have destroyed the fate of this girl,” she swiped her hand
through Trisha leaving only smoke, “and also your own! Your sin has born another
troubled soul. And it’s all your fault. May you find pain in misery in your
immortal life, Greed.” Then the woman disappeared and I was back in my home. 
The Diclonemy circle was surrounded in mist and within the mist, I saw the dark
outlines of a woman’s body, standing up, facing me. She was too curvy to be Trisha,
and a little taller then her. 
Then five thin, black knives slid through me and pinned me to the wall behind me. The
knives caused pain, but not as much as they should have. I looked back up at the
woman and the mist was cleared and I could see her features. The first thing I
noticed was her eyes. They were a bright, frightening pink that seemed even more
bright against her chalky skin. Then I took in the rest of her. She had long blonde
hair that snaked in several directions. A chunk of bangs almost covered her right eye
and her lips were glossed a crimson red and a morbid smile crept across those lips.
She was wearing a body hugging black, tubeless dress that seemed to be too small for
her chest size. Knee high black boots met up with the end of the dress. I looked at
her gloved arms. The knives were actually her fingers. My eyes widened in shock.
While one of her hands skewered me, the other held Trisha’s locket. A frightening
laugh escaped her throat.
“See something you like.” Her voice had a lustful allure to it. It flowed silky
smooth through the air between us and hit me like a train- that felt like a pillow. 
“What do you want with me?” I asked, shocked at the deepness of my own voice. She
raised a thin eyebrow, and then she chuckled. 
“I want your blood.” she said releasing her knife fingers and racing towards me.
There was about ten feet between us, but it felt like only inches with as fast as she
came to me, slouched on the ground with five holes in my chest. She was gripping my
chin with her thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look into her menacing eyes. Then
she lowered her head to my sweating neck, and for just a moment, I thought she was a
vampire. A moment after I had that thought, she bit me, and electricity shot through
my veins. It flowed with my blood and I felt as if I was with Trisha that night we
decided to go all the way. The tension appeared again and raging emotions pulsed
inside my brain. Suddenly my arms were around this menacing woman, crushing her into
“More.” I groaned in pleasure, that’s when she pulled away. The emotions were
gone and I was back to my home facing this woman, who now had two streams of blood on
each side of her lips and her evil smile was still there. The spot where she had bit
me was aching like the pulse under a bruise. Then she laughed- again.
“Looks like your just like me, Damien.” she sneered. I didn’t understand what
she was saying. 
“What do you mean, woman?” I asked, and apparently being called woman struck a
cord because a look of disgust crossed her pale face.
“I mean that you’re a Diclonion, just like Me.” she said as her evil smile
melted away, bringing sadness to replace it. 
“Who are you?” I asked as I watched her sadness swell. 
“I am Lust. You created me, Greed or do you prefer Damien?” her snaky voice was
now braided with depression. The sadness on her face no longer made her look
frightful; instead they pulled beauty from her inner core. Just like Trisha.
“Lust? That’s your name?” I didn’t bother to pay attention to the rest of her
comment. I had no idea what she was talking about anyways.
“Yes, that’s my name. It was what made you create Me.” speculation crossed her
face for a millisecond and then she spoke again. “Let me rephrase that, it was what
made you try to recreate that woman.”
“Trisha.” I snapped. She waved a hand around and rolled her pink eyes. 
“Well I would love to chat with you longer, but I’m a bit thirsty.” she said,
her snaky voice returning.
“There are drinks in the kitchen.” apparently my comment was some kind of joke
because she was laughing again. 
“After what I just did to you, do you really think I’m gona go into your kitchen
and get myself some stinkin’ orange juice?” she continued her laughing fit. After
a couple minutes passed by, she finally sighed and stopped laughing.
“Ah, you’re a trip. Well I gotta go eat, chow.” and her high-heeled boots
clicked away. I stared after her until the noise from her boots was gone. 
Then the pain hit me. 
Trisha was gone, and it had been all my fault. I was suddenly frozen over by the
desire to go to the cliffs. I walked out, only once glancing at the still bloody mess
of my home, and twice to look for Lust, and I finally ran through the beginning of
day towards the cliffs. 
Then I jumped and everything disappeared.

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