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Wednesday, 22 July 2009
09:55:51 AM (GMT)
Heehee. Angsty title. I like it.

GIRLS. PUZZLE-PIECE EFFECT. I AM GOING TO KILL IT. (Except for my part. I still love
my part.)

Had a dream last night.

We were at a huge party.

At my cousin Lisa's house, only a lot bigger.

And Rick Astley was there.

Along with...


But he wasn't as nice as I expected; he just thought I was some random kid that was
acting like a fan.

So I stormed off without a word.

But then he heard me singing in a corner by myself to my Zune, and he was all 'Dang,
I want that girl on my tour! She could make money! FWA!"

So he goes up to my mom, and they start talking, and GUESS WHAT? I am now betrothed
to David Bowie.



We were in a war...ish thing.

And I was talking to Lucius Malfoy about eagles, or something.

Then he died.

Then we were all barricaded into my grandmother's house, and our remaining
team was me, Ichigo, a Slowbro, P!nk, a girl from the House of Night (I think), and a
couple random people that I didn't know.

We paired off enemies; I was going to fight Hitsugaya (WTF!?!), even though I wanted
a chance to fight/see AIZEN, the leader of the other team. So, I snuck out of
the house to get a glimpse, and he shot at me with a laser device from Portal. X.X

I ate a whole bag of cotton candy that evening. It explains the dream, I guess.

But anyways. I ramble.

Roses are red,

Violets are purple...I mean, blue,

I hate Portal cake

The same way I hate you.

Oh yeah.

Awesome poem, beyotches.



Cotton Candy....huuuurts....stooooomach....owwww....

So what do I have left? Besides and aching stomach, mind you.

Zexion. Gackt. My friends. And music.

Oh, and let's not forget FANFICTION and the LOOOOOOVE that goes with it!

ZOMAGOSHES, KH comes out in TWO FRICKIN MONTHS! AAAAAAH! *cutcutcutcut*


By the way, I crave Iced Tea and chocolate. More than you will ever know. Plus, I
crave going to the mall and splurging on something I don't really need, but alas. I
cannot. Friggin' dance camp, costing sixty five...Ah, well, I'd want to go, either
way ^.^

By the way of the way, DANCE CAMP! w00t! Kat is so freakin' psyched. Finally out of
this heck-hole of nothing and into my drama world that I've missed for so long. (Oh
yeah. I'd rather be a Shakesperian waitress than sit around at home and do nothing
all day.)

Going to Tappan Lake this weekend. Yay. Hopefully, I get a JET SKI (one of the
greatest inventions of mankind) and kick all the boys backsides at the usual 'Who can
stay on the longest?' game. 


You just got defenestrated, beyotch. Respect.

Someone write to me, as I am in need of love,


livereal says:   22 July 2009   862364  
this is not much writing but i got to mention that i took notic to 2
things that is making wanna go and start doing right at this moment..
1 was the zune from the dream i have one(zune ftw) get my head phone
and jack it up and the second one was the ice tea.......i need some
now ...umm instead of finishing this reply im going to go
mak-....................... gone.
Katilix says:   22 July 2009   368638  
Hee! Nice @.@Yah, Zune for the win! Agreed muches.

...wait, where did you go? *looks around* ...fudge. 
gothprincess says:   22 July 2009   916822  

haha i had a realllly wierd dream 2...**evil smile**
Katilix says :   22 July 2009   246824  
Oh, NOW I'm worried.



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